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Personal passion is the explosive flame you possess inside in the form of strong ideas, gifts and fascinations. It is this passion that propels you towards your very own unique forms of creative expression, fields of interests and adventurous curiosity. It is also your passion that drives you to push beyond obstacles and self-limitation. The question then becomes, how do we tap into this enormous power?

“You Are a Walking Phenomenon”
As of right now, there are over 7.1 billion people on the planet, but only one of you. Down to your very DNA you are a walking phenomenon, an anomaly of sorts… a unique deviation from every other person the world. You were born for reason, designed for a purpose and meant to be here.

Embrace your individuality and know that your dormant talents were given to you as a gift. Determine your uniqueness, your strength and your voice…then begin to introduce it to the world.

“Chasing The Rush of Fascination”
I’ve often described the feeling your personal passions give you as “The Rush”, or that fiery exhilaration you sense inside while engaged. For some, it may be the excitement of competition that comes from playing sports, while for others the relaxation and creative outlet artists experience while performing.

Starting right now, feel yourself returning to those certain experiences that captivated you and moved your heart once before. Reflect back to reawaken the passions you once possessed assures that where you presently direct your time, efforts and focus is directly connected to the youthful spirit you were from the beginning.

The “MASSIVE Power of Mentors”
Now once you’ve taken the time to identify what gifts, talents and experiences that once sparked within you, your next move is to place yourself in situations where you can accelerate your learning and explore everything your passion has to offer.

At this point, mentors become invaluable resources because in most cases they’ve already walked the road you are embarking on and now possess the essential expertise needed to point you in the right direction towards more opportunities for growth, resources and access to other like minded individuals. Now, in those cases where the mentors you require are not within your immediate circle of influence, I recommend using the web to profile those accomplished game changers in your fields through their bios, interviews and wisdom-filled back stories.

“Build a Storm Ready Vision”
What continues to ignite the strength behind your passion as you travel your journey is your ability to create and hold an explosive vision that reflects everything that passion encompasses. This vision is nothing more than a crystal clear mental picture of what exactly you desire to accomplish or become.

Just like a beacon in a storm, this inspired vision helps you navigate your thoughts, actions and behaviors to stay focus. But in order to keep this vision realistic and grounded, you must build into your vision the possibility of adverse circumstances and obstacles that will come along the way. With this in mind, as circumstances occur that attempt to deter your efforts, you will already be prepared with contingency plans and alternative routes to keep progressing forward.

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Brian Heat, Motivational Speaker, Rockstar Educator, Entrepreneur and Radio Show Host has been electrifying colleges, universities and groups across the country as the new face of inspirational speaking delivering life changing messages such as “Living a Life of Extraordinary Significance”, “Igniting Personal Passion”, “Overcoming Adversity Despite the Odds” and “Coal to Diamonds: The Explosive Power of Personal Transformation”.

With more than a decade of experience as a teacher, school administrator and college success program developer, Brian Heat empowers his audiences to fearlessly chase their dreams despite the obstacles and lack of self-belief they may face. From keynotes to workshops, panel discussions to groundbreaking live inspirational stage performances, Heat leaves individuals incredibly strengthened, purpose driven and ready to take on the world.

To create your own passion blueprint, go to For booking or more information on Brian Heat, please visit or follow him on twitter @bheatrockstar.

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  1. I am trying to figure out my purpose and while I “feel myself returning to those certain experiences that captivated me and moved my heart once before” nothing ignites. Can you elaborate on this process? Thanks…………

  2. Good evening DH. It’s going to take time. But, a couple thoughts…this particular journey is one that requires action. As you continue to revisit these experiences…translate them into activities, outings, projects and iniatives activating all your senses, fully engaged. Further make sure you remain open in a constant state of positive expectation and childlike curiosity. Finding our purpose, is really just finding ourselves. Be patient, be active and follow where your intrigue takes you.


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