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Slow and steady really does win the race. When we believe that we have all the time in the world, we start living like we have all the time in the world.

The more we focus on slowing down rather than speeding up, the more we add time to our lives and we create more space to be and enjoy every moment.

What does living like you have all the time in the world look like and how can you begin to create this now?

1. Wake Up In Beauty: When you wake up each morning, do not think of your to do list or jump out of bed. Instead, stretch like a cat. Feel your bones and muscles lengthen. As your eyes open you’ll feel a smile come over your face and say to yourself,  ‘I love you”. Give yourself a hug and as you feet hit the floor say “Thank you”.

2. Hum While You Walk: How wonderful it is to hum while you walk. Everywhere you go, whether it is inside your home, in a grocery store or walking your child to school, hum. Humming does not require that you know the song. You can hum any tune and when you do, it signals to your body there is plenty of time and space for whatever you want.

3. Take One Centering Breath: Practice taking one deep centering breath before doing any task or talking to anyone. You do not have to answer the phone on the first ring or respond to your email or text right away. The boss is calling you down the hall, before getting up, take one deep centering breath and then proceed. Try this often and you will begin to notice a change your mind set.

4. S.T.O.P.: Stop, Take a breath, Observe, Proceed with wisdom. This acronym has been floating around mindfulness circles for a really long time and it is a wonderful way to remember to slow down. Create a really artistic sign of this acronym, post it in several places so you can remind yourself daily to S.T.O.P.

Most of us know the fable of The Tortoise And The Hare, but just because we are moving fast does not mean we are moving wisely. We all have places to be and things to do, but do not miss what is in between. Do not miss the conversation with your child, or the smell of oak trees as you walk to the car. Do not miss the aromas of cinnamon buns and roasted coffee beans at your local coffee shop or the new shade of eyeshadow your coworker is wearing.

“Slow down you move to fast, got to make the morning last, just kicking down the cobble stones, looking for fun and feelin’ groovy”- Simon and Garfunkel.

It is the small things that make the biggest impact in our lives. Slow down, don’t move so fast, why not make your life last. I guarantee you will start feeling fun, free and really groovy.

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Chonteau likes to consider herself a Modern Day Shaman. She was a social worker for many years and had the pleasure of helping teenage girls remember that they are worthy of unconditional love. She founded a Health and Wellness Company, Sangoma LLC, in 2003 because she wanted to share her insights of how to "walk in beauty" and be in right relationship with the natural world.

Chonteau left her social work profession in late 2013 to pursue her passion as a full time Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Community Herbalist. She has spoken at various retreats and conferences in the Southeastern United States, published two books, Have a Monkey Morning and An 84 Day Self Care Journey for Women In Their Middle Years, and has a thriving private practice supporting her clients remember that they are brilliant in every way and loved beyond all measure. She also started an virtual online herbal program and teaches her students about folk and intuitive herbalism.

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  1. Delightful reminders to relax and enjoy life more plus removing tenseness. STOP is a great acronym. I am a big believer in deep breathing – it does center you. Thanks.

  2. I did not know about S.T.O.P. Thank you for that and the rest of your wise, enlightening words. I used to be this crazy person always rushing, tripping, knocking over things, panicking, and making others panic. I was forced to slow down, as it always happens in these circumstances, and life has been so much better, although I’ve had to learn the hard way. The story of the Hare and the Tortoise is such a telling lesson Thank You!

  3. I used to always wonder what great things were just around the corner. Now I know that all the great things are right here, right now – and all I have to do is notice. Thank you, Chonteau, for all of these timely reminders.

  4. Setting the pace for my day, I wake each morning and thank myself, my body and the universe, for a multitude of things. It reminds me to slow down, be appreciative.
    It’s been a challenging month and reading your piece was just the extra nudge I needed…
    So, thank you..

  5. 08/15/2016
    I’ve discovered how 2 be more appreciative of what I already have . And,This puts Me on A New Spritltual Path!

    1. I love S.T.O.P. I have shared with my clients with good results. Try and see how it supports you.

  6. At nearly 80 and with severe arthritis I have no option but to move slowly – when I can walk at all. Yes I do enjoy the many wonderful things around me which so many folk do not notice. But going slowly when you have very little time left to do all the things you WANT to do, and have to fight just to get done all the things you HAVE to do, does not make me feel I have all the time in the world.

    1. Thank you for sharing your truth at this moment in your earth walk. As I honor the 365 views of any one idea this perspective of yours is very valid indeed. I send you love as you continue your journey. Blessings

  7. Nicely written and a very good reminder for me. Know these things but then forget in between all rushing things. Planning to print STOP on my desk at work. Thank you

  8. Going nowhere fast? I rather go slow and “be there” than to race to a finish line that was missed because I ran so fast that I could not stop. Also going slow has its benefits because you use your resources and energies efficiently and you are more productive in the long run. Pace yourself or waste yourself. That’s why speed bumps were created.

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