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1. All that really exists is the word YES. The universe is set up on a YES system, so whatever you choose to surround yourself with, you will continue to get more of. The universe just tracks all of your personal expressions and choices in life. There are no throw-away moments.

Choose your words, actions and thoughts consciously. Choose your friends, partners and media influences wisely, because everything coming from us, and everything coming at us, profoundly affects our ability to be as intelligent and balanced as we want to be.

2. Change doesn’t happen with the snap of your fingers. As cute and special as messages of movies like The Secret can be (and although the message is still completely true), things take time to change… sometimes a lot of time. And the true test of a person’s character lies in their endurance and attitude during the entire process.

So, get the heck over yourself and don’t expect the world to fall at your feet immediately. Winners are the ones who look like they are winning even when they may have just lost something very big.

3. We are basically little computers. Once we are hardwired, it is very challenging to re-code the system (but it is possible with tremendous commitment). A key to bypassing the looping self-pity program that I’ve discovered is using the phrase “binary” with yourself. Emotions are very important, but in order to not get lost at sea, it’s critical to have the self-discipline to go binary and just manually override the system and flip a switch.

Sometimes you simply must force yourself to see beauty, joy and opportunity where previously you did not, then suddenly, it will be true.

4. We are all living in a fantasy land. We are all just making things up as we go, and we can decide to change our vision of the world and our behavior in it at any moment in time.

So, as strange as it may sound and as strange as it may feel at first, just let yourself act as if you were living in what you thought your fantasy land would look like. Because the reality is, it’s not actually a fantasy at all! What we see, what we decide, how we feel and how we present ourselves is the only reality we have – and it’s totally our choice.

5. Lighten up, because pain and drama suck. And in the end, they’re not even worth anything anyway. I don’t think that it’s a cosmic truth that pain is the greatest teacher, but even if it is, it still sucks.

So, if there is an easier way to get the information that you need to become a better person without getting torn up in the process, keep your eyes open for it. Let go of ignorance, intensity and heaviness as quickly as possible. Being light and joyful is the whole thing that we’re all going for anyway, so just lighten up!

Even if you have to live in fantasy land, go binary, and get the heck over yourself. The universe will have much more to work with in its desire to say YES to the light, beautiful life that you are seeking!

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At a time when most second graders’ primary concerns consisted of playground politics, school cafeteria selections and Saturday morning cartoon line-ups, seven-year-old Rebekah Green had her eyes – and heart – set on a different set of issues altogether – issues that would eventually transform this green girl into a reverse environmentalist positioned at the forefront of the Green 2.0 un-movement – where global responsibility is as expected as much as it is commended.

It was an elementary school lesson on the importance of not littering that first set Green’s career in motion. While walking home from school one afternoon, Green watched in horror as a classmate carelessly tossed aside a snack wrapper. Green, ever socially conscious from a very young age, demanded the waste be picked up and disposed of properly before the pair took another step. That insistence in “Golden Rule” fairness, that innate trust and belief in a shared responsibility to do no harm is what propelled Green toward becoming the business pioneer, entertainment personality and common sense-atarian she is today.

CEO of Rebekah Green, Inc., Green first recognized her talents for building sophisticated, successful companies that take environmentalism far beyond the confines of public service announcements and into the worlds of glamour, refinement and upscale appeal at age 18 when she was asked to design the packaging and marketing material for an herbal skin care product line. In 1997 – at age 20 – Green launched “Dolce Vita,” her own “from scratch,” organic food delivery service, and, by 21, had built several homes using 100 percent all-natural building methods. Not but two years later, Green became a leading contributor in the development of foundational materials used in today’s U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design green building certification program.

In 2002, Green – acting as CEO, CFO, designer and construction manager – founded a multi-million dollar, full-service custom design and build company at age 25. By 27, Green had already designed, built and remodeled 17 luxury green homes that were featured in countless magazine spreads and broadcast television segments (including “Renovation Nation” on the Discovery Channel).

In 2007, Green was named host and producer of “The Green Spot,” a weekly segment on all-things green, for her local NBC affiliate. That same year, Green seamlessly integrated the worlds of popular culture, high fashion and sustainability when she joined iTunes as host and producer of her own podcast series, “The Green Scene with Rebekah Green,” going one-on-one with such high-profile personalities and industry experts as fashion consultant Tim Gunn, magazine publisher Eleanor Smeal, bridal designer Heidi Elnora and internationally-acclaimed architect Ed Mazria.

Completing the crossover from environmental tips and tricks to the glamorous luxury brand market, Green's newest venture – a line of fair trade, sustainable and entirely handcrafted jewelry – launches summer 2009. The line, inspired by Green’s love for clean, sophisticated design, features hundreds of variations on six unique design types (each piece hand-cast, hand-set and hand-polished) of the highest possible quality offered at the most economical price points. Green has allocated five percent of all net profits from earring sales to benefit Global Green USA, Charity: Water and Heifer International.

Further capitalizing on her passion for high-design and A-list marketing, Green next plans to turn the world of green inside out, further whetting the mainstream appetite for beauty, entertainment and affordable luxury with her forthcoming Food-Clothing-Shelter triad of merchandising (fine cuisine, high fashion, home improvement) and media initiatives. As businesswoman, eco-pioneer and pop culture aficionado, Green identifies a clear need for the complete reinvention of the present green movement into a common sense-based un-movement – in essence, a Green Killer revolution.

For Green, it’s all about making real progress, pushing the envelope and having fun. Her cutting edge Green Killer enterprises – with their world-class product designs poised to reinvent how the world approaches sustainability – aims to torch the soapboxes of the environmental elite and set the example for accountability by encouraging intelligent, forward-thinking choices without seeking a big pat on the back. And with Green leading the charge into the new Green 2.0 paradigm, getting a wake-up call like this never hurt so good.

Green currently resides in Los Angeles with her two children, Gabriel and Lavender.

For more information, please visit

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  1. you’re right about yes…the universe is ‘rigged to win”…yeah, it might take 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 months, or 5 yrs….mostly i find its like this….”inch by inch, im learning french”…

    good stuff , rebekah!

  2. :This inspiration really stood out as so clear and vivid. If it reflects how you manifest in your life…hmm, I get it! Thank you so much. It was truly inspiring to read this at the start of my day.

  3. Quote:
    the reality is, it’s not actually a fantasy at all! What we see, what we decide, how we feel and how we present ourselves is the only reality we have – and it’s totally our choice. – Unquote.
    Yes, and Thank you. Love:)

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