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Create! When given a choice – and we always are – opt for creating.

I love that we have free choice in this world AND choosing out of the realm of creating, to me, is the only place to choose from.

Imagine a world where everyone is saying, in essence, “I can’t wait to see what I will create next.” That is the world I want to create and inspire others to live in with me. In a collective sense, that is the world I know is possible to be in and I deeply feel that we are moving full tilt in that direction.

The only true choice is, “What would I, as Creator source, choose to create now, in this amazing adventure called life on planet earth?” I am here to consciously create and experience my spiritual essence through a physical capacity, so it’s wise to do what I am best at.

We can create our own bumper sticker for our life. Instead of it saying, for instance, “What would Jesus do now?” it could say, “What is the creative choice now?” Or “What would I, as creator of my life choose now?”

Creation and creativity inspire! I am in awe of nature and all the kingdoms for they are continually creating non-stop. No survival mode there, even though some would say that it is survival of the fittest in the jungles of life.

At the deeper level in nature we can perceive how all moves naturally to create the wisest movement needed in the situation at hand. That creation may mean leaves dying in the fall. What an amazing part of a creative cycle that is. So we can see that hibernation is not just a survival technique but also a creative movement based on the adaptation to the outer environment certain animals live in.

I see that true enlightenment is being the creator of one’s life. Being in command of your life. Then lo and behold you are in love with life itself. And that is certainly what the aspiration of all on a spiritual journey is: to be in love with life itself, as the creative being you are. That is authentic fulfillment for life in this world.

Speaking of fulfillment, I know how vital and life giving it is for me to hold the knowing that all things absolutely work out! Our holding of this knowing in the biggest picture in relationship to the course of this planet to the smallest detail of our life is so valuable in making it so. The gut level knowing that all is working out certainly sets us on a course of prosperity in the creative track of life.

The Universe loves you so much it gave you an endless supply of creativity, the longing to create, inspiration and the ability to inspire.

The Universe sees us as its beloved and its fulfillment.

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Susann Taylor Shier is a dynamic and gifted author, teacher, and intuitive counselor who is committed to inspiring the people of this world to access and live from the magnificence of their soul gifts, strengths and purposes. She offers powerful tools that bridge the soulful and heart-centered self to the vibrant, joyful expression of life. Her mission is to see each individual's Soul destiny known and fulfilled.

She has been gifted with and developed an advanced level of intuitive connection that assists her in working with diverse clients in guiding them to strengthen their intuitive abilities and inherent resources for living a soul directed life. She is a master of intuitive connection for the heart and soul.

Susann invites you to come alive to the power of your magnificent self in her book trilogy: Soul Mastery - Accessing the Gift of Your Soul, Soul Radiance - Bring Your Soul Riches to Life and Soul Reunion - The Return Home from Separation.

Susann Taylor Shier presents Soul Mastery, Soul Radiance and Soul Reunion workshops, book events, trainings and teleclasses, as well as her renowned "Learning to Read the Akashic" records and "Soul Clearing" trainings. She has been featured on numerous television and radio shows and travels across the US and internationally as a therapist and intuitive counselor for clients and groups in person, online and by telephone. 

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  1. Thank you Susann for validating exactly what came to me this Morning as it became clear that I need to just create and stay in the knowing that my physical/survival needs are met in each moment. Take the focus off money and how I am going to………..and do what I came here to do, which is create. For me today that is writing and sharing that writing with whom and where I am called to share it. In Creation, Rose

    1. Thank you Rose for your insightful note. I love it! When we create the Universe has easy access to support our success. When we are in survival our burden makes it much harder for the Universe and Love to support us. I love being where I feel Love is with me in co-creation. I sense you do to!
      Great to be in the journey with you. With great joy,

  2. Posting this for my dear friend, Janet Perez Eckles. She is a subscriber but her blindness prevents her from independently responding. Janet wrote:

    Dear Susann,

    I so agree. We do have that choice. When I was 30 years old, a retinal disease robbed my sight completely. Until then, I was master of my life, director of my plans, and so often consulted to the inner wisdom I possessed
    Only to find out I was not only blind, but empty, lost and utterly confused.
    Jesus, the power of His love and the caring of His nature lifted me to where I now relish on the freedom He gave, the joy He brought and the success He placed in my life.
    Yep, as you say…it’s all in what or “whom” we choose. Great post, Susann!

    1. Hello dear Janet and beloved friend who posted for you!
      You truly inspire me!
      Thank you so much for conveying your story.
      I love what you have done with your choices and bringing Jesus and the power of his love is what makes our life work in the greatest way, no matter whether we can see, or not, walk, or not, dance, or not. The choice to create from love and joy and freedom is one that you have taken to the greatest heights.
      Thank you for taking a moment.
      Blessings of love expanding to you in so many beautiful, bountiful ways!

  3. if we always have a choice, be that a small or larger one, (a) it may not matter that we ‘know’ it &(b)does it follow that any enactment of creativity is, also, small or larger, on scale?
    care to respond, elaborate…..?
    ………………peter verin……………..

    1. Yes Peter
      Thank you so much for your comment! Any time we come from a vibration of creating/ creation, the object of our attention for creating, be it deemed big or small in our eyes, is an act of creation . It automatically magnifies your choice as a creator, and you slip away from merely surviving “automatically”.
      Hope that creates further food for thought for you!
      Creation blessings to you!

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