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After two decades of working with TV celebrities, movie stars, sports stars and the general public, the most profound discovery I’ve made is that people need a technique that will quickly eliminate any negative emotions… because if they can’t rid themselves of fear, doubt, anxiety or depression they have little or no chance to live an amazing life.

This technique is lightning fast so do it now.

Step 1
Think of anything that is bothering you, worrying you, or making you feel sad or fearful. Pick the worst thing you are going through now.

Step 2
As you keep thinking about it, let yourself detect where you feel it in your body. Some people have felt it in their chest, arms, stomach, throat, between their breasts (females), or at the top of their stomach (men store it here a lot). Become aware of where it enters your body.

Step 3
Notice which direction this feeling is moving. It has to move – feelings move all the time. For example, I want you to think about being nervous. When a person is nervous, they normally say “I have butterflies in my tummy”.

Step 4
By now you should be thinking of it, feeling it and know the direction in which it is moving. Now I want you to look at what it is you are seeing in your mind’s eye. Is it a still picture or a movie? Go to (a) if it’s a picture and go to (b) if it’s a movie.

(a) If it’s a picture, place a black border around the edge and move it away from you in your mind’s eye, shrinking it down to the size of a postcard. Then move it away from you again until it’s the size of a postage stamp. Then when it is as small as you can make it, take a deep breath and blow it away until you can’t see it anymore.

At the very same time as you are doing this, I want you to place your hands on the area of your body where the feelings are. Then push the feelings in your body in the opposite direction. So, for example, if you discovered the feelings were in your lower stomach moving up, you would use your hands to move the feelings downward. As you blow the picture away you should also find you have moved the feeling from your body.

(b) If you see a movie playing, pick the worst part of the movie and freeze it. Now you have a picture and can continue with the technique by following the instructions given above in (a).

Step 5
Test the results of your work. Try to think again about THE SAME THING that was worrying you and see and feel for yourself how remarkably different the experience is now.

No other technique has ever got close to removing negative emotions as fast as this one and I give it to you with love and blessing for an amazing life. Never let your body trick you anymore, you make the thoughts that create the feelings… now you can change your feelings about anything in your life.

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For over 30 years Patrick McNally PhD has been teaching people and business how to improve. In his private practice he deals with a wide range of issues, including relationships, parenting, drug and alcohol addictions, phobias, children and many more. In the business world Patrick heads up the Power Training Corporation, a company that provides training services to corporate and small business enterprises.

As an international best selling author Patrick has written five books and numerous papers. His latest book, How To Live An Amazing Life, is a masterpiece full of case histories of real people making changes in their lives that will truly inspire you the reader.

He has a PhD in Psychology, is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, an NLP Practitioner and is one of the worlds leading Change Clinicians and operates a private practice on three continents.

He is a regular media commentator, appearing on Breakfast and Morning TV as well as taking calls from listeners on the many Radio talk back shows he appears on. He has been featured in TV Shows on Fears and Phobias.

He is a Master Public Speaker and uses his sharp wit and infectious humour to its full extent, offering audiences worldwide, laughter, fun, entertainment and knowledge.

He and his team design and deliver Peak Performance Training Programs in Australia, New York and London.

Patrick works with high profile celebrities, world class athletes, international government officials, government departments, politicians and organisations worldwide.

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  1. […] (a) If it’s a picture, place a black border around the edge and move it away from you in your mind’s eye, shrinking it down to the size of a postcard. Then move it away from you again until it’s the size of a postage stamp. Then when it is as small as you can make it, take a deep breath and blow it away until you can’t see it anymore….Finish Steps 4 and 5 on! […]

  2. Hello Patrick..I have been studying for years, hoping to find a process that will rid the reoccurring feelings of being “abandoned/tossed away” etc,… Which I call my personal Hamster wheel moments…And those feelings can jump in quick as a wink, which I learned are usually triggered by a long ago buried “trauma incident” that had locked in place instantly when it happened…. Well today up popped your email…(Bless your Heart)..So figuring I had nothing to lose, but maybe something to gain this time, I went thru the steps…All of a sudden, the exact moment from my childhood, which was connected to that “get rid of me” trauma” issue came into view full force…The tears started flowing immediately, so I knew the target was hit!…..The movie played like it was streaming from Netflix…And It was unbelievable what happened next..I cannot thank you enough for finally being the one person that had my answer…Now I am working on your techniques to make sure that trauma moment is really gone forever and also hoping that any “tentacles” leftover, which reinforced that movie will perish also….Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me hope…

    1. Theresa what a wonderful result for you and thank you for such nice feedback. By the way, once you have done the technique it’s gone. That’s the wonderful thing about doing these steps, without going into the detail, it works….it always works. The great thing you did was you stopping trying to avoid the issue. Everyone does this, without realising people try to put issues (emotional pain) behind them. You finally allowed the memory and emotion connected to that experience to come back so you could deal with it. I loved your description of your personal hamster wheel, now that wheel is well and truly collapsed and you are free. I hope you can share this with the ones you love, everyone needs to know these steps.. Bless you and thank you.

      1. Thank you Patrick for taking the time to reply…After looking at your website, you are a very busy man for sure!..Stay safe…

        1. It’s my pleasure to reply and connect with you Theresa. Please take a look at some of the FREE STUFF I have on my website. I hope you can use some of the teachings there. Stay safe and well..

  3. Patrick – this method for getting rid of those negative thoughts and feelings is so splendidly simple to remember and use. I’m sharing it with my niece in prison – I think she might add it to a newsletter she co-produces.

    1. Thank you Virginia, I’m so pleased you feel that way, it really is simple. As a therapist and author it’s difficult to write down and explain a technique I use with clients and patients I work with daily.
      It’s THE most powerful way to remove unwanted negative emotions and thank you for sharing it with your niece. Bless you.

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