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Energize your imagination to get more of what you want. Be as specific as you can with how it feels, tastes, sounds, smells, to live your dream now. Write your dream down in words that makes you feel good when you read it and read it daily.

Make your dream a priority by setting up systems of accountability to get what you want. Set up a mastermind group, hire a coach, dedicate time every day to focus on your dream daily, offer to help people who have achieved your dream.

Set specific parameters for your dream so you become a filter for only things that you want. Get very clear exactly what you want so when distractions come along that say “I’m more important than your dream,” you can reply, “No thanks. You are not my focus right now. My dream is this. You’re not a match. Goodbye!”

Create anchors in your subconscious that alerts you when you are getting exactly what you want (mind maps, mind movies, your future success stories). If you get really clear about what your dream is and put reminders all around, you will recognize it when it shows up on TV, in conversations, random phone conversations, job offers, new friendships. You’ll start seeing helpers for your dream everywhere!

Organize your relationships in a way that gives you more of what you want. Everyone that you interact with either supports or distracts you from your dream. You can consciously rescript or redirect your new drama or daily life story any way you choose. Write what the character MOM, BOSS or SIDE KICK would say if they supported your dream. What would you write/say back that supports your dream?

Do whatever it takes to experience more of what you want now! If you want that new car, test drive it this week. If you want to partner with a national charity for your business, volunteer to help them first. If you want to be in love, pretend you are in a romantic loving relationship now and dress that way and take yourself on fun, romantic day trips.

Have fun living pieces of your dream, starting today!

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Ruth Anne Wood is the director of Scripting for Success, a goal setting and achievement training and inspirational production company. Her company specializes in group projects and multimedia conversation preserved in digital and hard copy film, audio recordings, membership sites and books.

In late 2009, Ruth was inspired by Barack Obama's Nobel Peace nomination which stirred up many questions about her relationship to the word "peace". Ruth's query inspired the feedback and support of an Emmy award winning film maker, two time Oprah guest, best selling authors, award winning journalists, a national charity's project endorsement and a community of holistic service providers.

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  1. Ruth – this is an excellent article. It inspired me to visit your website. I love what you teach and signed up for your guide, “Transform Debt into Abundance.” I look forward to reading more of what you teach. – Ron

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