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I have realized that it is often through the darkest experiences where we become the most enlightened. To shun these experiences is to remain foolish. To embrace them is to quickly ascend.

At the age of twenty-six, I discovered that three of my four children were profoundly disabled with Fragile X syndrome, a genetic disorder for which there is no cure. What followed became the darkest period of my life.

Here are the lessons I have learned from the darkness. I hope they will bring you further into the light.

1. I’ve learned that to bear another’s burdens is to lighten your own; somehow, it all works out in the end.

2. I’ve learned that when we turn to one another, we find hope, strength, and the will to transcend our challenges.

3. I’ve learned that when I am suffering, my fellow man suffers also; we are not separate, but one and the same.

4. I’ve learned that faith is not the blind acceptance of things we do not know; but rather the firm trust that what we do know-through spirit-will come forward and reveal what is next.

5. I’ve learned that hope is not a measured commodity, but an expansive and never-ending force which carries our highest light toward magnificent destinations. When we hold this hope, we become undefeatable.

6. I’ve learned that my heart is my center of knowledge, not my head; when I listen intuitively to it, I find endless wisdom charging me forward.

7. I’ve learned that love, light, and hope are like best friends; when I summon one of them, they all arrive.

8. I’ve learned that, indeed, I am great, that I am not weak or powerless, and that when I believe firmly in this greatness, I can rise in absolute readiness for whatever life may send me.

9. I’ve learned that what I hold in greatness, and what you hold, is the seed of eternity; we were all born with it. “I AM” means “WE ARE.” We are.

10. I’ve learned that to “BE” is just simply a directive that means “Give it all you’ve got.” To “BECOME” means something higher: “Go now and receive greater light than before.”

11. I’ve learned that those who seek for something enlightened, like the messages found on, are those who find it.

12. I’ve learned that we are what we create: whether hope or light, fear or sorrow. We are our creation.

13. I’ve learned that to “give” is to “receive”; there is no other reception other than to give. It is paramount to our divine growth.

14. I’ve learned that holding a vision for a better life means that we give a “better life” to others. To believe in their betterment is to receive our own.

15. I’ve learned, or rather I know, that all I am and all I have are simply the light evidencing in physical expression. This light is real, and it resides everywhere. Even in the darkness.

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LEEANN TAYLOR is the mother of five children, three of whom were born with Fragile X syndrome, a genetic disorder causing profound mental impairment and the most common known cause of autism. Her triumphant story of courage, resilience, and redemption beyond the veil serves as the luminous foundation for her sacred work.

She is a champion for hope and uses writing, filmmaking, artistry, and mentoring to teach the eternal nature of humankind. Her story has been featured in magazine articles, online radio shows, women’s networks, and luminary forums.

Driven by a profound gratitude for life, LeeAnn loves serving others. She uses her unique ability to transcend the veil in helping people overcome major challenges and turning them to a path of higher pursuit. She also writes poetry, Celtic music, and is a devoted student of the Divine.

Her writings, wisdom, and works can be found at

For more information, please visit

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  1. Dear LeeAnn,
    I am profoundly touched by this highly insightful article of yours and shall remain ever grateful to you for reinforcing me with those divine revelations that are so fundamental to my existential wellbeing.
    Many Thanks,

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