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If this was my last day on earth, my words to all of you would be is to live with an open, wise and compassionate heart. Please do no harm: to yourself and to all beings. Please recognize the sacredness of life and cherish it. You may want to consider being a vegetarian so you don’t contribute to hurting animals.

Respect the earth and treat her with care. Live simply. Grow a garden. Walk in the woods. Enjoy your friends and be of service to others. The secret of love is that the more you love others the more you will be loved.

Practice mindfulness everyday. Why not be fully present in your life since the only moment you ever really live in, is the present moment. Be mindful in daily life when you are eating, walking, talking, being at work or at home. Remember, the moment you realize you are not present, you are. The moment you recognize you have been trapped by your thoughts, you can begin to step out of the trap.

Practice S.T.O.P. from time to time.

  • S – Stop for a moment.
  • T – Take a breath in and out.
  • O – Observe and acknowledge what is actually happening right now in your body, thoughts and emotions.
  • P – Proceed on with what you are doing.

You may be surprised in what you discover out about yourself when you STOP. You may have your shoulders higher than your ears. You may need to stretch, eat a snack, or go to the potty. See what you find out about yourself when you stop from time to time with mindfulness.

Explore your mind, investigate its workings and bring inquiry into your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.

Practice R.A.I.N.

  • R – Recognize what is actually going on in your thoughts, emotions, and sensations.
  • A – Allow them to be. Acknowledge what you are feeling.
  • I – Investigate your feelings. What is really there?
  • N – Non-identify with them. They are just mental events and are not a full definition of who you are.

From these inquires, you may begin to ask important questions such as: are you living the life you want to be living? If not, what do you need to do to make changes? Who are you without your story?

Practice Loving-kindness and Compassion….

  • To yourself.
  • To your mentors that have helped you be the best you can be.
  • To your near an dear ones such as family, friends, and your community that support and love you.
  • To acquaintances and even to strangers since we are all in this life together. We all experience the ten thousand joys and sorrows.
  • To all sentient life living in this world.
  • To all beings throughout the universe.

Dare to expand your mind and open-heartedness and live with kindness, virtue and integrity. Open your heart to deep self-compassion and to all living beings. Let there be peace and begin it with you. May all Beings be at peace!

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Bob Stahl, PhD., founded and directs mindfulness-based stress reduction programs in three medical centers in the San Francisco Bay area. A long-time mindfulness practitioner, Bob lived in a Buddhist monastery for 8 1/2 years and has completed MBSR teacher certification at University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

Bob also serves as an Adjunct Senior Teacher for Oasis – the institute for mindfulness-based professional education and innovation of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Bob is a co-author of A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook.

For more information, please visit

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  1. Tell lions to stop eating antelope, cats to stop catching mice, or chimpanzees to stop hunting the smaller monkeys they eat in order to get hormones. Your intentions are good but your logic fuzzy. Man didn’t develop to where he is by vegetables alone. Have you ever heard of a vegetarian tribe? I don’t think so. Best wishes.

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