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The greatest lesson I have learned is that we are truly unlimited beings. It seems easy to believe all that we have been told, “Life is hard”, “You have to work hard and sacrifice to get ahead”, “Life sucks then you die” but none of these hold any truth with our soul. When you connect with yourself truly and deeply, life flows and can seem magical.

WE are the ones causing our own limitations. In hearing and getting to know the true us, our soul, we become limitless. Learning to love and forgive ourselves for acting from what we knew up until that point is key. Not blaming others but noticing the effect our mind has had on our life up until NOW makes a difference.

A key ingredient for creating an easy and in flow life is self love. We are truly mirrors reflecting how we feel we deserve to be treated to the world. We cannot live from what others have told us we are or limited beliefs of what we can be and all we cannot do.

We all have the power to fall in love with ourselves for who we are at the deepest level and also to recreate those patterns and behaviors that have not served us. Remember to treat yourself as kindly as you would a close friend that would come to you for help.

We need to turn off the noise to hear our soul and connect within. Go 20 minutes without your cell phone, computer, MP3 players, and TV’s. Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself what you’re grateful to yourself for.

What gifts do you have that you would like to honor more: drawing, cooking, dancing, writing, making people laugh? Ask your inner self to release any limitation you may have and ask for guidance on how to take one step today toward inner peace and flow.

There are no limits. I was ill for over six years and was told I WOULD be in a wheelchair. I was listening to what many doctors were telling me but I was NOT listening to myself. I began being grateful for what I had and forgiving myself for whatever pained me enough in my life that my body had to create dis-ease to cope. I began to show myself love when I had made up plenty of reasons of why I was not good enough and how guilty I felt for losing so many years of my life. My life changed to one with no pain or dis-ease.

We ALL have that power. I truly feel we are ALL healers and it begins with healing ourselves.

Go within, be grateful, forgive, find tools that work for you to feel empowered and learn to love yourself. Your soul is waiting to empower you and take you to a new reality you never imagined possible. We are truly limitless and once you begin to tap into your true inner power you will never look back.

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Jenny Mannion is originally from NYC and now lives in Upstate NY.  In successfully eliminating her symptoms of several chronic diseases in under one month, she found her path to healing. She has since written over 200 articles on healing naturally. She works with clients as a mind/body mentor and healing practitioner using Reconnective Healing.  She also reads and clears Akashic Records for people and properties. Most recently, she has authored the book, A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life which guides readers through 30 very short and easy exercises to transform their lives.

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    1. Thank you Kathy! It was a joy to meet you and your son has brought so much inspiration into my own life. You are a constant inspiration to me as a mom and woman!! Thank you for reading and commenting! xoxo

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Diana. I know you know all these things as the powerful healer you are – and I also know I too need little reminders. Wishing you all the best for the holidays. xo

  1. I understand this inspiration. , and gone through that negative self talk. My life changed about 3year ago, and to begin to be grateful for where I came from, and to where I am today. I have an amazing life, and really like who im becoming. I had the dis-ease of who I though I was, and changed to who I want to be, and grateful for that ability, and williness to change. Thankyou for this inspiration Jenny.

  2. Hi Patrick, I am so grateful you were able to hear your self talk and transform your life. I do feel we all have that ability and though it might be challenging at times the first step is the hardest.. just being aware can feel scary. I remember when I first started LISTENING to my self talk I was appalled at what I was hearing. But it so much easier to change than to stay in that spot of dis empowerment and NOT loving yourself. Congratulations on creating a new life for yourself and I am sending you many blessings for this life! 🙂

  3. thank you jenny~*
    solstice greetings! your writings are always inspirational and your smile is contagious 😉 thank you for your healing touch ~*;-}darlene

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