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Fear and love feel the same when first you feel them.

Fear is like moving from a flame, Love is like flying into it.

Love will make you do things only a silly fool would do, but only if it is true love.

True love may appear to hurt, but it will never injure you.

It may stir the senses, but never leave you senseless.

True love will call you to places that you never knew existed.

True love is a stream that always runs in the driest times.

Beware the spider, true but the strongest web is woven by love.

Tease a spider and prevail – you are a -winner, taunt and lose – you become her dinner.

Your destiny is not only to love but to remind others that they too are loved.

There is nothing so easily caught as she who blindly flees.

The second taste of anything is never quite as sweet.

Our children fly over the same banks as the bee but see a different river.

Your children will not wait for you anymore than you waited for their grandparents.

The passage of time can be measured by counting the dying flowers or the opening buds.

Some see death in every life some see life in every death.

Your longest journey will begin the first time you go to say “I’m sorry.”

It is no matter how much beauty you possess, the morning glory will open only to the sun.

If you don’t remember who you are you will not know what you need.

The longer you wait the less sweet the nectar.

The mind always tastes things sweeter than the tongue.

Do not flail your wings aimlessly when you are in trouble.

It is a rule of Nature that all things must slow down in order to gain speed.

Quiet times are remembered longest.

In the sweetest times you will believe that you control the flowers, in truth their perfume and nectar compel you to do their bidding.

You are no freer to spurn them than you were free to stay inside cocoon.

In truth the sun does not rise the earth moves beneath it.

We ourselves are but simple things moving as surely in space reserved for us.

Jealousy is a thief that steals things that were not meant for you.

You cannot catch the wind by hiding under leaves.

You cannot undo that which is already done, you can only learn to do it better.

If you look closely enough you will see a flaw in every flower, but you will surely then be blind to the beauty of the garden.

You will expect more from your young than you produced yourself so you must be more forgiving of them.

You will never truly forgive others if you do not forgive yourself.

© 2008

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Dr. Joseph Mancusi, is one of America's most sought after inspirational and motivational speakers.  Dr. Mancusi presented programs at the White House not once, not twice, but six times.   He has delivered almost 3000 keynote addresses and training programs in all 50 states and 18 countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Argentina,  the former Soviet Union, France, England, Jamaica, and New Zealand.

The NBC Today Show, CBS News, CNBC, and CNN have all featured his work. You may have seen him on MSNBC Hardball or read about him in the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, USA Today or the Los Angeles Times.

Dr. Mancusi serves on the faculty of the Center for Financial Studies and the Institute for Management Studies. A clinical psychologist, he once directed the largest psychology program in the world with 1400 Ph.D.'s for the Veterans Administration.  Currently, Dr. Mancusi is president of the Center for Organizational Excellence, which he founded in 1983.

President Reagan gave him a Presidential Commendation for his participation in the Presidents Commission on Executive Exchange. He was assigned to Equitable Life for a year.  He has numerous "Best Speaker Awards" including being named Top Speaker at 7 National Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conventions.

He has served on the faculty of graduate schools and medical schools in Tennessee and The District of Columbia.

His honors include the New Rochelle Boys' Club Wall of Fame and The Iona College Alumni Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Health Care". The mayor named him an "Okie from Muskogee". The Tennessee Lung Association named him Volunteer of the Year.

Dr Mancusi speaks on Emotional Intelligence, Success, Stress Reduction, Changing Corporate Culture, Going from Existing to Excelling and Men and Women at Work.

With his wife, award winning teacher, Stella Mancusi he does programs on Communications, Relationships, Health and Education,

His website is  He can be reached at [email protected] or at 703-444-5673. His forthcoming website with Christmas Tree Stories and messages for parents and children will be at

For more information, please visit

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  1. THANK YOU, Dr. Mancusi for this most INSPIRING apologue of the Butterfly, which can also be “Life Lessons for Mankind”… IF he CHOOSES to heed them! It so resonates with me during this season of TRANSITION in my life. Thank GOD for HIS BRILLIANCE in you… Wishing you EXTRAORDINARILY EPIC SUCCESS! Elle????

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