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Never see yourself as less than others.

Never think that they must know more than you do.

That they have a better brain, and that they are way cooler.

Don’t spend your life thinking people are automatically wiser and smarter than you. They are not.

You are actually quite the person.

Brilliant. Inquisitive. And with a darn big heart.

Start seeing yourself for the first time as you really are.

A true warrior.

A spectacular soul that has a very special journey ahead.

If you do, that is when it will all start to unfold.

Dreams will leap from your imagination to your reality.

Love will come back.

Work will become divine.

And at the end of it, you will learn that nobody is better than you.

You are just used to seeing yourself from a place of weakness.

You are used to be told that you don’t have enough resources to make the impossible possible.

But it is not true.

I wish we were born with a special letter in our crib.

A letter with the truth of who we are so our parents could read it to us as a lullaby. When we are infants we are not told to listen to the voice of our soul. Nobody mentions that inherent voice.

I know you are no longer a baby, and you have lived on this earth for many years, but even now these words will serve you and help you see your own light. Recognize your own magnificence.

So if these were the last words I said on this world….I would want them to say this:

You are spectacular beyond your wildest dreams.

Nobody could ever do what you are here to do.

When people look down on you, look up at the stars because that is where your home is.

When you see yourself as less, know that you are more than you see.

More than you know. More than you can ever imagine.

Listen in. Can you hear the voice that has been telling you this from day one? It has been silenced by the world around you.

It’s time to be quiet and shut the noise from the outside so you can hear the voice you were born with.

You have to trust that quiet voice, it has been telling you that there is more for you.

Believe it.

This voice comes from your soul’s journey.

And it speaks the truth.

I see you.

I know who you are.

Now in order for this to work out, you have to start seeing what I see in you and you have to spend time every time listening in.

And the world will change.


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Christina's personal story + fresh approach to 'life after loss' has garnered international attention. She's been featured as a Woman Working to Do Good in the White House Blog and was named the Leading Mom in Business by StartupNation. She blogs about life after loss on Huffington Post, one of her blogs have even made it into the most popular list on Impact.

Christina's first book — Second Firsts: Live, Laugh and Love Again — was released by Hay House on November 4th 2013.

As the founder of Second Firsts, Christina spends her time speaking, coaching and helping thousands of people to rebuild, reclaim and re-launch their whole lives — using the most powerful tool for personal reinvention: the human mind. Before creating Second Firsts, Christina worked as a therapist + crisis intervention specialist. But after losing her husband to colon cancer, Christina experienced the agony of sudden loss, firsthand. With two daughters in tow, she began the tender process of transforming her tragedy into a new career, a renewed sense of purpose, and a life of joy + laughter. Second Firsts was born. But as she points out: "This has never been about my story. This is about the work of Re-Entry. It's about choosing to dance, laugh, love + live again."

"If you're lost. . . if you're gone. . . if you can barely absorb the words on this screen. . . I want you to hold this truth in your heart: when it's your time to go, you won't wish you'd spent more time grieving — you'll wish you'd spent more time living." Connect with Christina — and 87,000+ Second Firsts fans — on Facebook and 22,000 followers on Twitter.

For more information, please visit

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  1. Christina, thank you, I just needed to hear that today.You gave me the answer on how to respond to someone who mistreated me. Love the inspire me today, very uplifting!

  2. Thankyou you Christina. I do belive the amazing me. I do love me, which enables me to love you.
    Again thankyou..

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