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Your life is a seed and life is a series of seasons.

What do I mean by this? Well, imagine that Planet Earth is a huge garden and that each individual life is a seed. A person’s environment becomes their garden and each person is their own gardener.

If a gardener does not understand that his seed needs to be protected in a safe garden environment and nurtured regularly; or that it will only sprout after a cycle of seasons passes, he might starve his seed, dig it up prematurely or let other gardeners or bad weather prevent it from blossoming.

The same goes for life: We must protect ourselves from harmful environments and the people, things, and situations that don’t nurture us. We must not force ourselves into situations before the season is right – because when we are patient, protective and nurturing, our life seed will blossom peacefully, effortlessly and gracefully.

I have found that having the awareness that my life is a seed and life is a series of seasons has helped me to expedite the self-actualization process, with minimal drama. Having been one who neglected my garden on numerous occasions in my youth, I can tell you from experience that moving towards your goals in harmony with life’s seasons is much easier and much more peaceful than not.

When you don’t protect yourself and your life, you leave it to the fate of the elements and as we see in nature, sometimes they are not kind. The elements can come in many forms, including stormy relationships, cold employers, or clammy health.

Sometimes these can’t be avoided, but sometimes they can with awareness and conscientious effort. When you protect your life from the harsh experiences that you can avoid, you have more time and resources to focus on building the life that you deserve and blossoming into your best self.

In our consumerist society, pop-culture dictates that money is our most precious commodity, but I do not agree. Money can be made and lost, but time is something that cannot be reclaimed. Time is our most precious commodity.

When you don’t protect yourself and your life from destructive forces, you waste your time. You give your time away, or you let people take it away from you, and by giving away your time, you give away your life.

Think twice about how you spend your time and be a good gardener; take care of your life seed. Nurture it and keep it safe, be patient, and allow it to grow in its own time.

If you are prudent and flow with life’s seasons, when the time is right your harvest will be better than you could ever imagine and you won’t have to compromise your integrity to live in abundance!

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Kongit Farrell is a Strategic Life and Relationship Coach, and author who specializes in individual and couples counseling. She received her B.S. in Communication from the University of Southern California, and her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. She applied her knowledge while working for the Clinton Administration in the Communication Office. She was then appointed Commissioner for the Department of Public Social Services where she advised Los Angeles County Supervisors on issues of policy regarding welfare and other social programs that serve marginalized populations. Kongit worked at Pacific Clinics for four years as a mental health therapist for clients with severe and persistent mental illness and now devotes her time to completing her hours towards licensure as a marriage and family therapist, writing, and building her private practice in Los Angeles.

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