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We are beings of energy and light. The energy within each one of us carries a vibration that can be felt and/or sensed, with a polarity of low and high. The higher end is where we connect with spirit and our higher self along with other high vibrating energy like love, joy and abundance. The lower end is where negativity resides with anger, fear, sadness, illness and suffering. If your life does not match what you desire, raising your vibration can change it; forgiveness is the way.

Life is too precious to squander our time living unhappy, angry, sad or just plain stressed out. The energy of those low vibrating emotions will only serve to attract negativity into your life; like energy attracts like energy. To raise your vibration, and begin to have the life you want and deserve, you must change that vibration by letting go of what no longer serves you. That is done through the act of forgiving.

Forgiveness is not about condoning the hurtful behavior of another, it is about loving yourself enough to move on — and it starts with you. The most effective way to begin the journey out of darkness is to forgive yourself first. Guilt and regret will only hold you down, set yourself free and lovingly accept your past; with gratitude for what you learned from each experience.

We are far too hard on ourselves and we pass judgment on our own actions more harshly than we would anyone else. The negative things we say about ourselves and our lives only lower our vibration even more. Any change we desire must start within, because when we reconcile our own feelings about ourselves first, doing so with others is so much easier.

Once you have accepted your past actions and decisions, you can move to other situations and people, letting go of each one to make room for something more positive. Meditation is an excellent way to tap into what needs to be released and forgiven. Allow spirit to guide you and follow it with an open heart and mind. The relief you feel will start to yield results in your physical life and you will experience a profound change in your perspective.

When we raise our vibration with forgiveness, we align more and more with the energy of unconditional love. A side effect of forgiveness and unconditional love is compassion. You will no longer feel pulled to judge yourself or others, because you truly begin to understand there is a reason for everything and that you must respect the path of another, even when it is not one you would choose for yourself.

The less we judge, the less those negative feelings will drag our energy downward. A practice of consistent forgiveness will keep your vibration high and your life in balance. Love yourself enough to focus your time and attention on the positive and let go of anything negative: FORGIVE.

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Gina Sendef is an independent Spiritual Self-Help Author and Angel Intuitive. Writing is her life long passion. Her first book, Truth Works: Divine Life Lessons for Kids of All Ages, is a self-help book geared towards reading age children, teens and young adults. The premise for Truth Works is to undo harmful affects that exist when our children are taught traditional life lessons like "life is not fair" or "money is the root of all evil". The goal of the book is to undo this programming at a young age, ensuring the subconscious belief system for our children is optimistic, safe and secure. She also created Angel Works as a means to work with the positive and loving energy of the angels and provide people with guidance that will improve their health, uncover their life's purpose, enrich their relationships and enhance their lives.

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