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When you are inspired to do something, whatever it is in you that calls to be expressed, answer the call. Be bold; cross the threshold into uncertainty with the joyous anticipation that you are in fact stepping into your magnificence. And that whatever results will benefit you and others, otherwise you would not have been inspired in the first place.

Most of us will not have our life play out in the public eye on Earth’s big stage. Most of us will not discover a cure for a major disease or invent something that changes the way we live. But we are all significant and relevant; otherwise we would not be here.

Too often we judge ourselves against the life path of another. However, each life path is unique to the Soul that has chosen that specific life. Each life provides exactly what that Soul needs to live in full expression and experience of Self, otherwise that path would not have been chosen.

Each person’s contribution to humanity lies in each living their respective life in full expression of who they truly are. Honor and respect each person you encounter in your life experiences for the path they have chosen and you will be likewise honored and respected.

As you each live in full expression of who you are in each moment, you serve as an example to others of what is true for them, of what they are fully capable of creating and experiencing.

When you assume you are stepping into your magnificence, and you hold the expectation that magnificence is what will result, your magnificence will be your experience. If what you experience does not appear to be your magnificence but appears challenging or difficult, know that it appears as it does as an opportunity for your magnificence to be revealed and experienced by you.

Stepping into your magnificence gives notice to the Universe that you are willing to follow the inspiration you were given. When we boldly follow the inspiration the Universe responds accordingly, because that is what the Universe is compelled to do.

We would not be inspired to do something if it were not intended to be.

And if it is intended to be, all for it to be, will be provided.

Stepping into our magnificence requires the desire and willingness to courageously move beyond having become too comfortable in our discomfort to fully trusting the process of life. It is the knowingness that when we take that joyous leap of Faith, all is provided for what we desire to create and experience.

Cross the threshold into uncertainty by stepping into your magnificence with the joyous expectation of all of the goodness life has to offer. Look at life with wide eyes of wonder and curiosity. Expand your awareness to all that is happening around you and within you, and know that it is all happening for you. Be the blessing you desire to see in the world and you will be likewise blessed.

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Jim is a highly respected business leader, entrepreneur, certified life/spiritual coach and inspirational speaker. For the better part of 30 years he has inspired others to higher levels of understanding and achievement through workshops and presentations throughout the United States and parts of Europe resulting in richer, fuller, more rewarding life experiences.

Most recently his passion is the exploration and application of spiritual law as it applies to prosperity and overall quality of life which has resulted in the writing and publishing of his new book, The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression.

Jim currently lives in Aldie, VA, just outside Washington, DC, where he continues his writing, speaking and coaching.

To learn more about Jim and his work visit or follow him on Twitter @inspired10

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    1. Thank you Claudia, I greatly appreciate your words regarding this article. It is my intention that it be inspirational and encouraging. We are all far more powerful than we allow or give ourselves permission to be.

    2. Jim,
      Thank you for providing another way to look at the daily challenges of life. Sometimes having just a little encouragement can change the way we look at a certain situation or obstacle. Learning how to take time to develop strong solutions and plans is the only way to stay calm during tough times.
      I am enjoying the book and will have questions for you at a later date.

      1. Pat, thank you so much for your comments. Each persons perspective on life and what they are facing each day is based on their thoughts and beliefs about life and themselves. When we take time to see other perspectives and look at what we accept as true, we see that there is always a different, and perhaps more beneficial way of looking at life and that we can choose different life experiences anytime we desire.

        I look forward to any and all questions you have about The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression.

  1. Jim, your article brings to mind one of my favorite prayers,
    May today there be peace within.
    May you trust God that you are exactly where you
    are meant to be.
    May you not forget the infinite
    possibilities that are born of faith.
    May you use those gifts that you have received,
    and pass on the love that has been given to you.
    May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
    Let this presence settle into your bones,
    and allow your soul the freedom to sing,
    dance, praise and love.
    It is there for each and every one of us.

  2. I love the article. What would be your advice to someone that needs to recover the strength and courage to achieve a dream (inspiration) or goal that somehow feel can not be achieved?

    1. AnaMaria, thank you for your question. First I would say that there are no dreams or goals that we are inspired to reach for that cannot be achieved, otherwise we would not have been given the inspiration to go for it. For me it comes down to trusting in who I am and trusting that if I am given this inspiration to experience something, everything I need for the experience will be given to me, even if I have no clue how to bring it about.

      Put forth the intention of what you want to experience, declare it to the Universe, then put yourself fully in the midst of the experience now as if it were already happening and pay attention to what is happening around you that offers the opportunity to bring your intention into your reality or lived experience.

  3. Thanks for a thought provoking article, Jim. It brings to mind an issue I’m having with a child. How do I honor and respect him for the path they have chosen, if I feel that path is not serving him well? Thanks again.

    1. Val, thank you for reading this article and for your question. The first thing as a parent, and I am one, is to realize that the life of our child, the life of anyone other than ourselves is not our responsibility. Yes, I understand as a parent that we want the highest and best for our children, however we have to at some point realize their life is their life, just as ours is ours. Our parents had to do the same with us. Just as we would want others to honor the path we have chosen, we need to honor the path they have chosen for reasons we might never know or understand.

      I was listening to an interview one time where a brief story was shared that I found profound. The interviewer was asked by the guest if he had an issue that they could discuss that would benefit the audience.

      He said no that his life was moving along nicely. The guest said, everyone has something that is a concern. The host said, well I have a teenage daughter that is about to start dating, and the whole idea of her being out, possibility of drinking, etc.

      The guest asked, do you believe that you are being watched over a power much greater than you? Do you believe this greater power will always have your back? To which the host answered, yes.

      The guest then asked, do you believe your daughter is also watched over by this same power that is much greater than her? To which he answered, absolutely.

      The guest then said if you were meant to live your daughters life then you would, however it is not yours to live. Guide her the best you can, love her as much as you can, but always have faith that she will do the best she can under all circumstances.

      While this is difficult to do, we have to trust the process of Life and understand that each one of us are here to have our own experience of life, and sometimes that means having some very difficult and challenging experiences. However, if we can accept and embrace that everything life presents is always for our benefit, even though it might not appear so in the moment, life becomes less of a struggle.

  4. Jim I’m constantly amazed by how you bring forth such simple yet profound truth in such easy to digest language. I believe your concept of “stepping into your magnificence” is something that needs to be taught to every school child. This is an important basic foundational place to begin teaching from not only how to navigate one’s life but how to bring out the best we have been blessed with to make a living which in turn feeds our planet and our very souls. Thank-you for continuing to step into your magnificence and inviting others to follow in your wake.

    1. Jeff, thank you for such beautiful words. It is in each of us stepping into our magnificence that we serve as an example to one another of what we are capable of being and experiencing, and perhaps most importantly, who we truly are.

  5. Absolutely wonderful article and interview, Jim! Your words of wisdom will continue to inspire many for years to come because you are one of those who are truly living your life purpose and doing what you are here to do. Love and blessings to you along the way.

    1. Thank you Pamela for your wonderful comments. I believe that what I have been given to share resonates with so many because there is a deep understanding, a knowing, of who we are and what we are here to experience and share. Many blessings and love to you as well.

  6. Thank you for sharing such a profound and inspiring article. Reading it came at the perfect time after a challenging day. I needed to read your words and remember what it is all about. Now I’m going to read your book, again! You are brilliant and gifted and grateful for YOU!!!

    1. Sandee, thank you so much for your kind words. It is always gratifying to know that something I have written can make a difference in someones life. And I too am grateful for you!

    1. Patrick, thank you. Knowing that what I have shared has inspired you and others is what keeps me inspired to do what I do and to be who I know myself to be.

  7. Jim,
    Your message of being yourself & living in the fullness of whatever that is resonates with me…that is how I’ve chosen to be…Congratulations on your achievements! Bonnie

    1. Bonnie, thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and am grateful you found something with which you resonate in my words. All the best..

  8. This is an incredibly inspiring message, as I believe many of us struggle with crossing the threshold of uncertainty from time to time. Thank you for your words of wisdom, Jim.

    1. Flo, how wonderful to hear from you. I trust all is well. Thank you for your comments. Your comment about my gift of giving will manifest itself a thousandfold is already taking place. What I want everyone to know is that this receiving of what life has to offer is available to everyone when we allow it into our lives. All we have to do is be true to ourselves.

  9. Thanks Jim, a little inspiration, cranks up the motivation that leads to taking the action necessary to toss some fears aside and to try some of those things those little voices in your head want you to experience. I am doing it.

  10. Thank you Jim for continuing to share your wisdom with the world. I find this to be so wonderfully true, and you state it so well: “We would not be inspired to do something if it were not intended to be.
    And if it is intended to be, all for it to be, will be provided.”
    Your words always make me smile, and stoke the fire of inspiration in me.

    1. Thank you Valerie. Your comment about my words making you smile and stoking the fire of inspiration in you makes me smile and stokes the inspiration in me to continue doing what I do and being who I am being.

  11. Enjoyed reading this, Jim. Your point about how we tend to judge ourselves based on the life of someone else is so true. That alone keeps many from following their own inspiration.

    1. Barbara, I totally agree with your comment about our judging our selves against another which then prevents so many from living in full expression of who they are and in following the inspiration they are given. Thank you..

  12. I enjoyed the article and it comes at a time in my life that I am at a crossroad. What other suggestions would you recommend to have to reach a level of personal peace and success?

    1. Tracey, isn’t it amazing how what we most need to hear or read is presented to us at the perfect time? I love it when that happens. As for your question there are two suggestions; one, without being self serving I suggest you read my book, The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression. You can review my book and order it from What you read in this post is a sample of the message contained throughout the book.

      Secondly, if you haven’t done so I suggest you subscribe to This site offers so much information and inspiring messages. You will also be introduced to folks who will have and offer what you need most when you need it.

      And lastly, know that you are fully capable of creating and experiencing personal peace and success. There is nothing GOD/Spirit/The Universe wants more than our joy, peace and happiness. And because this is what is desired for us, all that we need to have these experiences are fully available. Blessings.

      1. Thank you Jim. I will check out your book and I didn’t think it was self-serving because it addressed my concerns.

  13. Very true….your word help me to realize that I can’t judge myself against others standards….Super Mom, Super Agent etc. Very calming and reassuring…..Thank you .

    1. Melissa, if we are to make any comparisons, which I do not suggest we do, it is always against what we are capable of doing and being and not against someone else. We are all on our own life path perfectly created to have the experience of life we are intended to have. Allow it, enjoy it and embrace it. Most of all, enjoy, embrace and love who you are every step of the way.

  14. Thanks Jim. I enjoyed the article. I have found that i need that push to step out of my comfort zone and try to do something greater than i thought i could. Your words have encouraged me to once again take that step. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Don. Grateful that what I have written has inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and into your magnificence.

      Something to consider, there is nothing you can imagine that you are incapable of creating or experiencing, otherwise you would not or could not have imagined it.

  15. Jim, I enjoyed the article. As I read, i couldn’t help but remember that I’m never afraid of failure, because failure comes with life’s lessons and an opportunity to better oneself. Stepping forward into unfamiliar territory is often uncomfortable and a place in which I have grown the most, and often surprised myself with how far I am able to soar. My concern is what to do with those people in life who create doubt and try to hold one back from reaching their potential…any suggestions? Keep writing – love the sharing!!

    1. Thanks for your comments and question Gay. Simple answer to your question, those who create doubt and try to hold others back are not your responsibility nor should they be your concern. You living in full expression of who you truly are, and doing and being what you know in your heart is in the highest and best for all, including yourself, serves as an example of how wonderful and beautiful life is, and can be. Those who are open to seeing what you are showing them through your beingness will change, those who are not will not, until they are ready. Blessings.

    1. Michelle, thank you so much for investing your time in reading and commenting on what I have written. It is when people like you comment on what I have written that inspires me to continue. Blessings.

  16. Jim, I have known you for a very long time. Whether it be on the side lines of the baseball field or in the parking lot of Bed Bath and Beyond. Some how, some way, you always had the right words to inspire me to be a better person. Thank you for your kindness and knowledge you have always shared with me!

    1. Tamara, those times on the sidelines where we had the opportunity to speak, or the chance encounters in the parking lots have never been a coincident but a part of the journey we are taking together. It all beautifully plays out as we designed it to. I look forward to more encounters. Blessings..

  17. Jim, as always your words are so eloquently said and reach to the very core of our souls. During a phase of life currently being experienced, and finding the purpose of my existence, I truly appreciated your words and gentle motivation. “It is the knowingness that when we take that joyous leap of Faith, all is provided for what we desire to create and experience.” All things we do that are new to us are tremendous leaps of Faith; being reassured that we can do that is all we need to make it happen. Thank you.

    1. Lisa, thank you for your beautiful words. Each joyous leap of Faith we take with the knowingness that all is provided is another giant leap into our magnificence. Blessings.

    1. Laura, thank you. I too am excited to step more fully into my magnificence as we each move forward with our Wine and Sign events and others I am sure will come to be. Blessings.

  18. As a mother of a young son this is a great message for me to pass along to him as his life journey starts – and for me to remind my self. I can only hope that he is able to cross the threshold and push himself to live a life that enjoys all the goodness.

    1. Whitney, thank you for your kind words. Always know that as you live in full expression of who you are, and as you cross the threshold into your magnificence, you serve as an amazing example to your son of who he is and of what he is capable of doing and being.

  19. Jim..true daily inspiration is what is lacking in this world, so thanks for reminding us that we can all acheive more than we sometimes are told or believe ourselves.

    1. Ken thank you for your comment. You are absolutely correct in your statement that we are much more than we are told or believe ourselves to be. Think of what you or any of us would do if we had complete trust in who we are? The world would be an even more miraculous place.

  20. Jim–your voice is so uniquely you, and I count myself fortunate to have heard so many of your messages in our conversations over the few years we have known each other. I love that you have a platform to share your insights with more people who can benefit just by reading and sitting with these concepts. I really appreciate your thoughts on the idea that when your experience is challenging, it provides an opportunity for your magnificence to be revealed to you. I have lived that and, only in hindsight, can I appreciate what I have become because of my challenges. Thank you for reminding me of the opportunity that challenges create.

    1. Melissa, thank you so much for your kind words, but more importantly for your friendship. I too have enjoyed our many conversations and look forward to many more.

      Your comment about challenges offering the opportunity to step into one’s magnificence is an important one for us all to understand. It does two things, one it allows the experience of one’s magnificence and two, it demonstrates or serves as an example to all who witness that persons magnificence of what is available and possible for them. Much love and blessings..

  21. Very inspiring Jim! Gives one a lot to ponder as we contemplate our life’s mission and journey. I really enjoyed reading the article.

    1. Mari Jo, thank you so much for taking the time and effort to read and respond to my article. I am grateful you found it inspiiring and that it has caused you to ponder life and our respective life’s journey.

  22. What a wonderful article Jim. I am delighted to see you in your fullest expression and your passion to inspire others is in itself inspiring. Well written article! BRAVO!

  23. Jim ~ What role do difficulties play, as we step out and pursue our dreams? And if we have chosen this life, do you think we have chosen those difficulties for ourselves, too?

    1. David, great question, and one that is somewhat addressed in the interview with me on this site.

      First and foremost I believe everything in life, those we label challenging/difficult and those we label good or empowering, are nothing more than experiences of Life. This isn’t said to lessen the impact or significance of a life event, but to put it in the context of ones overall life experience.

      It is my belief that our very purpose for being on this planet is to have the grandest experience and expression of Self that we can under all circumstances.

      Looking at those we label as difficulties can be made less difficult, not in terms of what we go through but in how we go through them, when viewed as another experience of Life. And each experience of Life allows for another experience and expression of Self.

      In fact, when we are in the midst of a difficulty the opportunity is being offered to fully step into and experience our magnificence. I fully recognize that this doesn’t make an experience less difficult or less challenging, however when the perspective is one of benefit versus that of a victim we will move through the experience more readily looking for the benefit that is certainly there.

      And yes, I do believe we are the co-creators of our life experiences, however, there are random events that take place, for which we were not co-creators, that still offer the opportunity to step into our magnificence and fully experience and express our Self within the context of that random event.

      Thanks again for your question. Blessings…

  24. This made a great read for me today. A reminder to not lose sight of certain goals – and even continue to follow a dream or two. I really enjoyed this article.

    1. Thank you Gary for taking the time to read and on comment on this article. It is greatly appreciated.

      You’re right, We should never lose site of a goal for which we have great passion, in fact, this is what I will just say is an inspiration. And as one of my favorite quotes from my book, The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression, states, “we would not be inspired to do something if it were not intended to be”

  25. So many replies….here is mine too,
    Thank you, thank you for your influence and impact to help change my thinking. And to climb higher and reach longer for those goals I put on the back burner. You are great. Blessings for you from Israel!
    Thank you Jim..

    1. Mary, hello and blessings to you from Virginia to Israel. As I read your comment what came up for me immediately is that sometimes it takes another person to fan the flame of inspiration we have allowed to smolder, yet it is always there waiting for just the right moment to once again burst into flames and burn brightly.

      As you know, you are, and have, all you need to be and experience all you desire. Blessings my friend..

  26. Jim

    Enjoyed this reading very much – like you state in your book, “I am the vehicle, it is through me that the Divine is experienced and expressed” – life involves one experience after another, from beginning to end, and inherent in every experience there is something to take away, and more importantly something uniquely yours to contribute to the world around you, and in this way our existence literally changes the world as we live our lives and interact with others. It is interesting to contemplate that every being that has ever been born has changed the world in some permanent way – whether it is simply the people around you in your immediate life, or whether your impact is farther and greater – and the world changes you in return – I think that’s what you mean by “the universe responds”. The bolder we are at expressing ourselves, and sharing the inspiration we feel, the more the world changes, and the more that flows back to you.

    The natural world has always inspired me, I guess that’s why I’m a geologist and like photography so much – and it represents an interesting parallel to this discussion – the seemingly incomprehensible complexity of the natural environment that we see around us every day, and all the interacting parts and pieces, each one just as important as the other, and not all understood, all express themselves in a simple but magnificent manifestation of the whole – just think of all the divine elements that go into a beautiful sunset that come together with clouds, light, mountains, birds, wind – I’ve always thought of the human experience as oddly similar, the “world” we see around us every day is the expression of the collective thoughts, practices, beliefs, inspirations and actions of all of us, and how each of us lives life, and how fully we express our part, plays an indispensable role in how magnificent the end result, or the “big picture” can be.

    So you can see with this long comment you must have “inspired” me!

    Mike Slivinski

    1. Mike, thank you for your comments. There is nothing more I can add to what you have stated so beautifully. It sums up that we are all connected to one another and all that is, and that our collective thoughts, feelings and emotions are contributing to our individual experience and expressive and the collective experience and expression of life.

    1. Paula, what a great question. I will answer this question as I understand it, I trust it will be as you intended.

      Someone stuck in the “how” is overly concerned with how life unfolds, or better put, how they believe life should unfold and how they should live and experience life.

      Living in this way prevents the full experience and expression of ones Self as it prevents the full experience and flow of life. Our thoughts of “how” are always inferior to the natural unfolding of life and life experiences, which are always perfect.

      Being concerned with how takes us out of the moment of what is, which is the only moment in which anything can be experienced. We are blind to the infinite possibilities of each moment because of our attachment to the “how”. In essence, being attached to “how” robs us of the benefit and gift of each unfolding moment .

      So, to be more specific about your question, how does one get unstuck? First and foremost is awareness. Be aware of the limits of this way of living and thinking. Be aware of the infinite possibilities available in every moment. Be aware of the “truth” that these possibilities are ours and are presented so that we can “choose” to have the grandest life and Self experiences possible.

      The second thing is trust. Trust that Life, Spirit, Universe, GOD all want you to have the grandest life and Self experiences possible, and therefore always presents the circumstances and means under which you can and will have this grand experience. If you are stuck in how, you limit your experience to what you believe is possible, which in most, if not all, cases is inferior to what is actually possible. Trust that all is always available for the grandest experiences possible.

      The third thing is intention. Set a clear intention of what it is you desire to experience without any thought or knowing as to “how” it will come to be. As above, trust that all will come together for the desired experience in the most wonderful way possible. Have FAITH.

      As I state in The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression, FAITH stands for Fully Allow It To Happen. In other words, get out of your own way. Let life unfold beautifully and naturally while knowing that it always unfolds perfectly, even when it appears that it is not. Again, this is where trust comes into play.

      Is this easy to do when stuck in “how”? No, however it begins with the process of awareness. Be aware of what is happening around you and within you. Trust that life will and does offer everything you need to have the grandest experience and expression of Self and life possible. Set the intention of the experience you desire and then have FAITH, fully allow it to happen.


  27. Thank you to all who have read and commented on “Crossing the Threshold”. I hope each of you will review the comments of one another, for within these comments lies a tremendous amount of wisdom. Blessings to all….

  28. Jim – Your positive outlook and thoughtful insights for achieving goals and leading a rewarding life are thoughtful and valuable – as always.

  29. Very inspiring as usual Jim. What I like about your thinking is how easily each though and idea flows into the next. You have a way of expressing (no pun intended) yourself that makes it all easy and simple to understand.

    1. Dave, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my article. I appreciate you pointing out my ability to make thoughts and ideas come across easily and simply as that is what I always strive to do. Blessings..

  30. “Be the blessing you desire to see in the world and you will be likewise blessed” reminds me of “do unto others as you want done unto you”. Imagine what our world will be like if we were to cling to this spiritual principle. Thanks Jim!

    1. Abla, I do imagine the world in the way you suggest and I trust that it is. If we would be the experience we desire in the world how different the world would be. If love is the experience one desires, be loving, if happiness is the experience one desires, be happy and if joy is the experience one desires, be joyful…and when we are, the world responds in like..Blessings..

  31. A beautiful message, Jim, clearly and beautifully written! Thank you for modeling the boldness you encourage in others by speaking your truth in a way that can help many others. You’re opening us to self-trust and expecting the best, and that is heartening. You’ve given us a wonderful reminder to avoid temptation to compare the unfolding of our own lives with anyone else’s.

    1. Penny, thank you so much for your beautiful words. It is inspiring to me to know that something I am given to write could inspire others to live in truth of who they are. And the key is “trusting in Self” and living in full expression in all that we do. Blessings…

    1. Manuela, thank you for your kinds words regarding this article. I would be honored to have you share the last paragraph with appropriate credit given. I visited the FB page you mentioned and like the messages being posted. Blessings…….

  32. I am reading this as I’m riding a train to NYC for a meditation/yoga/chanting workshop. I’ve wanted to go to this workshop for many years. Something has called me to it but I’ve felt overwhelmed not knowing what to expect from the workshop, questioning the expense and feeling anxious about going to NYC with its crowds, noise and enormity. I feel the synchronicity (still with some anxiety) of reading this article as I’m taking this step into the unknown.

    1. Tanara, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. What you are expressing we all go through at one time or another, however it is in “stepping into this uncertainty” that the magnificence of life and who we are is oftentimes presented. Enjoy the journey, it is meant to be!! Blessings.

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