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In this very instant, right where you are, you have everything you need to create the life of your dreams.

In fact… You Have Too Much.

We live in the most abundant times in human history. We’re so blessed, we’re stressed.

  • We have so many clothes, we often experience Apparelization: the stress felt undecided, frozen in our closets, paralyzed by our apparel.
  • Most Americans cannot fit their car in their garage.
  • Storage is a billion dollar business.
  • Our children have more toys and gadgets than their room was designed to hold. We get angry with them when it becomes a mess. But wait, who bought them all the junk?
  • We have so much food, that for the first time in human history it’s more difficult to keep excess fat off than it is to keep from starving.
  • We have “junk” drawers, closets and attics.
  • The endless barrage of information/entertainment streaming into our eyes hypnotizes us.

All this excess serves as one big distraction that takes our time, money and energy away from our hearts’ true desires. I call this stuff Chotchky: anything that does not support your life’s highest purpose.

In the blink of an eye we have done the miraculous. We have altered our environment to meet our needs. Millions of years of hunting and gathering have come to an end. But it’s in our DNA. We are still motivated by fear of “not enough.” And, ironically, that fear is now killing us. The next faze in the evolution of our species will be to alter our consciousness to match our new environment so that we no longer feel our purpose is to acquire more or die. Then peace of mind, joy, fulfillment and bliss will become the norm.

It’s simple.

Take all of the wasted time, money and energy you once spent on “Chotchky” and re-divert it into your passions, your dreams, your love relationships, your very soul, and watch as your life transforms right before your eyes.

Ah, but here is The Challenge. Our culture is working against us, creating a false sense of “need” that triggers our ancient fears. We are exposed to approximately 3000 advertisements each day. The underlying message of nearly all of them is,You are not good enough as you are. You are not safe. You are not lovable. You need this thing first. And so we get more “Chotchky” to try and fill the false sense of emptiness our own culture has created.

But now you know!

And awareness is everything. Start by understanding that you already have more than you need and that you are a miracle beyond comprehension, worthy of your own love. Then, write down what your “perfect life” might look like. Get clear! Next, begin practicing the art of subtraction. Get rid of all the excess, the clutter, simplify. And finally, re-divert all the once wasted energy, into your life, your masterpiece. Do this for you, your children and the Earth.

Your soul awaits.

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Barry Dennis is an author, musician, poet, inspirational speaker, coach and minister.

In ’89, Barry performed in Gorky Park in Russia at an international Peace Conference for over 500 ambassadors of peace representing 15 different countries around the world. That week the Berlin Wall came down.

From 1993-2004, he also traveled the country delivering his program “Say Yes to Life” for schools and youth groups teaching the value of making positive choices.
In 2005, Barry founded Celebration Church, an independent New Thought church in Portland, Oregon. Within 3 years he grew the church to be one of the largest progressive, open churches in the country with a congregation of several hundred people each Sunday.

In 2010 he founded a whole new movement called “Coexist Celebration.” Coexist meets several times a year in a variety of locations, celebrating all faiths as unique expressions of the one truth — LOVE. Priests, Rabbis, Monks, Ministers and teachers of all faiths join together in the common goal of peace, peace of mind, and “peace of planet.”

Barry has recorded 3 original music CD’s and written over 250 short stories. His first inspirational book, The Chotchky Challenge, published by Hay House has been met with rave reviews. He has recently been featured in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Huffington Post to name a few. Maria Schriver has named him one of America's leading “architects of change.” Barry is one of the most sought after radio and television show guests in the human potential movement today.

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  1. Thanks for some very good reminders Barry. I have way too much ‘stuff’. Go through purging now and again. End of the year and decade seems like a good time to do it again. So much of it is the variety of “I may use this paperwork information someday”. My husband would be delighted to see file cabinets is ‘his’ garage gone (smile).

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