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The purpose of life is to align with our I AM, which is to be who we are. Living in a pure I AM state without resistance or opposition is the highest spiritual bliss.

When we divert from who we are, we get sick. The illness manifests first in the mentally unaligned thought, then can be felt emotionally, and will finally appear as physical symptoms.

The body is the faithful puppy dog for the mind and will always express that something is wrong when the person is choosing to believe things that are not true. The symptoms are helpful messengers conveying the message that we are out of alignment with our I AM.

Any form of medicine that attempts to alleviate or suppress the symptoms without the person understanding the message does the person a disservice, because life is not meant to be symptom-free or painless. It’s meant to help us return to our true nature.

Symptomatic relief is not a sin, but should be reserved to save a life or help an exhausted suffering soul rest from the pain of facing the truth about their estranged self.

Do not be fooled by a medicine just because it is called alternative, holistic, or naturopathic. The only real healing is one that helps a person connect their mind and their body to understand how their symptoms have come about from separation from true-self. The best medicine therefore, is the one that reveals the choices and empowers the way to change the choices we’ve made that are out of alignment with ourselves.

Healer, heal thyself! Only seek out healers who are working on healing themselves in the truest sense. Then request of those doctors to help you do the same. Perfection is not required.

It may be painful, but facing the darkness and the pain of false belief and releasing it is far more effective and powerful than supplanting with the positive as in affirmations or supplements. It allows the universal healing energies to spontaneously flow. This is why medicines like homeopathy, Holistic Counseling – the Vis Dialogue, and other root-cause oriented medicines are the most effective and long lasting solutions for good healing.

The unified field theory of modern physics is true. All is one. Each of our I AMs are connected to the Great I Am that I Am that is our Creator. There is nothing more important than returning to our Creator. It is the same as the path to return to our I AM. Therefore, true healing is the means of fulfilling our life’s purpose and suppression of symptoms and alleviation of illness without awareness is the antithesis of our most important mission in life.

Being who we are is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and the world.

The Creator is Love and so are we, so to know oneself is to follow how one loves to be.

I choose to be because I Love to be.
So I allow myself to be because I know I AM.

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Like a Da Vinci of our times, Moshe Daniel Block (aka Dr. Moshe) is a Naturopathic doctor, Homeopath, Musician, Author, Inventor, and Hermeticist. He graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000 and heals people in his practice with his cutting-edge counseling technique called Holistic Counseling – The Vis Dialogue. Dr. Moshe then completed the Homeopathic Master Clinician Course (HMC) in 2003. He is a leader in mind-body medicine in the Holistic medicine field and is the author of the inspiring books Holistic Counseling – Introducing the Vis Dialogue (2016), The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine (2004) and Book 1 of The Last Four Books of Moses (2004). He is the inventor of the moe-joe cell, an alternative fuel-cell and energy healing device. He was personally diagnosed with myasthenia gravis in 1995, a potentially fatal autoimmune disease. He cured himself and has become a leader in mind-body medicine, teaching other health care practitioners in his popular course Holistic Counseling.

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  1. Loved how you positioned of the truth of our I AM. As I write in my work on this topic, “As I live in full expression of the I AM, that I AM, life’s purpose is fulfilled. ~Jim Phillips

  2. What a beautifully timely message to connect the mind and the body for ultimate health. Thank you for stringing the words in an enlightening order, easily digestible.

  3. This entry today is spot on for my circumstances. I am resisting using blood pressure medication, despite constant urging from several close, personal friends. I believe I have the ability to rebalance this, as I’ve done before. I recognize that life choices I made for a long time, (excessive alcohol use), contributed to this situation, and I’ve learned from that. The past week has been full of blood pressure spikes, and I’m lost, I don’t know what to do. It’s very difficult here to find a family doctor. I’ve been seeing a naturopath, but at the moment I’m not getting any helpful information. I have the pills on my desk, but I can’t bring myself to use them. :/

    1. Hi Sharon,

      I whole heartily agree with everything said in the aforementioned entry but I would like to add, in my opinion, that is to put only natural things in your body. Myself I am on a WFPB, “whole foods plant based” diet myself and a great site to check out that isn’t trying to sell you anything is It is a nonprofit and was founded by Dr. Michael Greger. I would like to add that I also was a heavy drinker and smoker but since changing life styles along with much meditation and prayer I am healthier with as much energy than when I was 30 and I just turned 60.
      Good luck and remember that the same power that created the body can and will heal the body if you only let it….

      M.A. Stilinovich

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