If I could share all the profound words that have been shared throughout the years, the most honest and powerful words would be ‘Honor thyself first, before you attempt to honor others.’

When we take time to actually get to know ourselves and spend quality time nurturing our feelings, thoughts, and emotions, we, in turn, will be more of a blessing towards others.

It’s a wonderful experience when we embrace and respect ourselves to the point where only love lives and all those other useless and judgmental attitudes have vacated. When we teach our spirit to dance and rejoice with those around us, our lives will feel more peaceful.

To love and honor our Higher Power, family members, and those we come in contact with every day, makes for a world that has been created and filled with harmony. When others feel your energy, they may be attracted and want what you have.

To raise our consciousness to be the kind and gentle spirits we were created to be, we would be very instrumental in making our environment here on earth healthier and more peaceful.

As a parent, it is our energy that creates stable individuals. Good energy allows our children to feel safe and able to be creative and free. When we show each other how to be gentle and kind, we invite others to fulfill their lives with dance, peace, and creativity.

To establish healthy boundaries, between each other, we encourage everyone in the family to be clear. When we communicate with one another, we should empower each other to be gentle with their words, and available to listen to what the other person has to say.

As we love each other within the family dynamic and exhibit pure respect towards one other, we allow the family to walk in harmony. It’s wonderful when we share our thoughts, but it’s also lovely when we allow ourselves to be still. Communication and respect are the most powerful equations that may leave others knowing the importance of what they have to say.

We all have a lesson to teach. We should not minimize others who have joined us on this planet. They were divinely chosen to come to spread love, joy, and communicate in love. If we are not seeing that within ourselves, family or friends, it may be time to take a look at our life journey.

We are all here for a reason – and may that reason be to bring joy to those around us. When you understand the importance of directing positive energy to everyone around you, to touch those you come in contact with, without expectations to return, please remember that you may be the only happiness someone feels. We are to bring the light to a dark world. We are here to enlighten one another and embrace the tenderness that surrounds us.

Embrace your environment. Love yourself. Enlighten your children. Make the world a better place.

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Lisa Hein is all about making a difference in the world. As the author of The Book ~ I'm Doing The Best I Can! (They won't always be cute and adorable), she shares her parenting journey with the hope that other parents will learn from her trials and tribulations.

As a motivational speaker, she has spoken to parents and entertained audiences throughout the world about changing our destiny by changing our words and thoughts.

Lisa's passion is sharing her personal journey and the wrong turns she made through parentdom! Her humor allows parents to see that life doesn't have to be so serious. Her real love is to share new ways of thinking and falling back in love with ourselves. "There is such a pure way of allowing our children to express themselves and have fun with their parents when we honor and respect ourselves," she says.

As the former radio talk show host of Everyday Parenting, she says she spent most of her time researching the top experts she felt would share crucial and positive techniques that helped parents become the best mentors possible.

Her love for God is overwhelming. Her life has been restored and her passion to be all that He wants her to be is what is most important. When she decided it was time to become quiet and humbled herself before Him, she began feeling His presence. Lisa says, "Having the Lord front and center in my life really does allow me to be all that He meant for me to be."

She was invited to share her expertise in Amazon's International Bestseller, and number one Hottest New Release, Ready, Aim, Excel! along with 51 other top experts and motivational speakers such as Dr. Relly Nadler, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Dr. Ken Blanchard and Dr. Cathy Greenberg. The book shares expert insights and is a weekly guide to personal and professional leadership.

For more information, please visit lisarhein.com

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    1. Thank you Jason for allowing my words to touch you. I’m humbled and grateful to reach out and share words that leave others feeling loved and respected We are so important in the eyes of God and it’s really cool when we realize that we feel what we feel and learn what we learn because we have chosen to open our spirit up to receive.

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