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Some of the most important things to me are…

To be authentic. Just be yourself, love yourself, and everyone else will love you. When we love ourselves it spills over and makes it a lot easier to love everyone. We get the feeling there’s only one of us here.

To be grateful. Opening our eyes in the morning and being alive on this beautiful planet is already a miracle worthy of dedicating the day to thanks and appreciation. Once we start, there’s no end to the gifts to be grateful for.

To be generous and available. Living in gratitude puts awareness on our cups being full. When we appreciate the abundance it overflows to all we touch. Instead of lack of, there is plenty of time, energy, compassion and creativity.

To be open, curious and respectful. Like the many different flowers in a garden, there is beauty in variation, diversity in oneness. We are the many faces and expressions of Spirit, the Spirit that unites us. Instead of seeing differences as limiting, let’s look at them as an invitation to explore and appreciate our similarities. We come in so many flavors: colors, traditions, religions, ages and species. There is something to learn and love in everyone.

To live with the attitude that “all is welcome.” What shows up in our lives isn’t as important as how we live in the face of it. Life is full of surprises, blissful joy and heartbreaking sorrow. To be here, right now, with what is, is an opportunity for healing ourselves, each other and all of creation.

To give it all we got and surrender to thy will be done. We work and live in alignment with our values. We pray and are part of a prayerfield, an energetic flow of love for ourselves, each other, the Earth and the Divine. There is a trust in God, Universal Energy or Mother Nature or the Spirit of Life—the Spirit that spins the planets and beats our hearts. We do all we can and trust in what is beyond our control.

To be of service. We are stewards of the Earth and to all of life. What moves us into action? How can we be used? Where will our passion, skills and resources make a difference?

To be in the present moment. To honor this moment as sacred and to express our love in all we do. If you have been thinking of calling someone, do it. If it’s time to forgive and be forgiven, now is the time. Don’t wait to say I love you.

To treasure our friendships, relationships and communities, to be witnessed and witness, and to be listened to and listen with all of our hearts is one of the greatest gifts. To be held as we are in love, acceptance and kindness. To look into another human being’s eyes and know that you are seeing and being seen by the eyes of God…Namaste, the God in me sees the God in you.

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Celeste Yacoboni is passionate about helping people discover a deeper experience of the sacred in their daily lives. Ordained as a Minister of Walking Prayer by the Center for Sacred Studies in Sonora, California, she facilitates healing and transformation through her unique approach to spiritual direction and her mastery of a number of healing arts. Her work focuses on guiding and supporting people through transitions by creating a space of awareness, presence and inspiration, which integrates body, mind, spirit and emotions.

She maintains a thriving private practice in Santa Fe, NM in which she facilitates healing and wholeness through Massage Therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Qigong, Women’s Breast Health, Plant Essences, the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono, and the inquiry “How Do You Pray?” Her book How Do You Pray? is an interspiritual prayerbook and resource guide to an emerging global spirituality which embraces our religious and spiritual diversity.

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  1. Very glad I read and shared your post this morning… most delighted and grateful! Wishing you well.
    Keep up the good work!

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