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Our soul work starts with the ones we love, the ones who know our deepest secrets and our worst fears. These close relationships are the primary stepping-stones to learning how to love unconditionally.

But bringing love and compassion to one another in these dark times is more easily said than done. So often our insecurities, disappointments, or expectations – stemming from our belief that the other person is responsible for our happiness – can get in the way.

No wonder we want to run from or push away the relationships that most strongly reflect our darkness. It’s our erroneous belief that they are the cause of our malaise, when in fact they are merely reflecting back to us the separation that exists within us already!

How can we bridge such separation? How can we become one with those we love, whether they are partners, family members, or co-workers? How can we transcend the endless conflicts about finances, domestic routines, and intimacy issues, never mind the cultural, religious and political disagreements that create even more reasons for us to push one another out of our hearts?

Perhaps we can take our cue from the great 13th century mystical poet, Jalaluddin Rumi, who said: “Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” This applies to our hearts as well as our physical surroundings. It expresses the “Perfect” relationship to others and to Life itself.

When we can be the soul of the relationship that we are in, when we can remember that this person whom we might be upset with just wants to be seen through the eyes of Love, we can change the lens through which we are looking, and instead of seeing only the daily problems and accompanying flaws in the other, we can see their inherent innocence and divinity and our oneness with them.

We can be the soul/love of every relationship if we have the courage to set aside our ego by putting others first and backing down from power struggles a chain reaction is created transforming our world.

Where there is Love, there is no ego. When we make our love stronger than our greed, we will be able to protect each other as well as our Earth. When we make our love stronger than our judgments, we will listen to and understand the unique beauty and intelligence in others. When we make our love stronger than our pride, we will see God in everyone, even our enemies. When we make our love stronger than our criticism, we won’t sweat the small stuff.

When we make our love stronger than our doubt, we will never feel alone. We will have a constant relationship with the Perfect One, who knows our every thought, word and deed, and is closer to us than our own breath. Every day, we will see the whole world and each person in it as a part of us and we will experience the sheer joy of being in the most Perfect Relationship of all.

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At the age of twenty-nine, Devrah Laval - master counselor, facilitator, and international bestselling author of The Magic Doorway Into the Divine - had a life-altering mystical experience along with a profound physical healing that awakened her to her own true nature.

Since that time, Devrah has facilitated groups and individuals to help them more fully realize the potential of their own radiant Self.

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