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Bridget Cameron


Taste the sweet nectar of life,
allow it to fill you to the brim.
And, let the joy in your heart,
walk the landscape of your soul,
in the light of wonder,
with grace to guide your way…

© 2016 Bridget Cameron

In a nutshell, just be your authentic self, your true you! You don’t have to impress, ‘put on airs’, diminish yourself to ‘fit in’, or need others to approve of you. You can spend a lifetime waiting for others to approve of you, and most never will, so don’t waste the effort! Be true to you, be true to others, and if you have to pretend to be with others, just to conform and feel accepted, then you will never feel happy. Step out of the crowd, be an individual, find people who you feel comfortable with so that you can be yourself.
Be your best friend, then you will be doing what you love to do, and will love yourself as you are. That’s the key, to love yourself, and no one can give you this greatest gift to yourself.

Life is not only about outward recognition, status, wealth, owning a home, car, fame-material things are only on loan to us whilst we are here, to help us through life, and we can’t take it with us when we die- although society would like us to believe this, and tells us that this is how our ‘worth’ is measured. That’s nonsense and only a materialistic view and value, as we are much more than the material! We are a ‘soul’ in a body, not the other way around.

What is important is our soul’s journey, the lessons we learn, the help we give to others, the growth of ourselves and the manifestation of our highest dreams; what is truly valuable to ourselves, others and the continuation of life on Earth. True meaning and value can only be found through ‘inner recognition’ and ‘inner truth’ balanced with knowledge of ‘what is’, and these truths are valuable beyond all the riches on this planet! Knowledge is light, ignorance is darkness, it is as simple as that!

Follow your gut and intuition, your inner promptings, and if you don’t know something find out about it, as there are libraries, courses, universities, the internet, so many places of learning. Don’t just believe others, the media, politics, religion or a group, because ‘they say so’ or the majority believe so. Find out the facts, you owe it to yourself and to others.

Continue to love and grow and remember to find the stillness within your heart and keep peace with your soul. Acknowledge those who have helped you, and all the others who are doing their best too, to contribute to make this world a better place. Do your best and try to leave this planet a little better than it was when you arrived.

Bridget Cameron

Bridget Cameron is a poet, writer, photographer, musician, composer, artist, counsellor, naturalist. She is inspired by the beauty in nature, in people, music and the unseen. As an artist her work ranges from soul meditation musical compositions and music( she has a youtube channel under her name), nature photography to poetry and children's stories. Bridget's poetry is published at Sydney, Positive Words, Rhythm Earth, Eureka Street,, and she has been guest poet on radio stations 5RPH, 5EBI( multicultural), 5UV ( Adelaide University) and ABC and BBC radio. She has won photographic competitions, was short-listed for the Art for a new age International Art competition and has had numerous exhibitions including, Nature Talk at the City of Adelaide Library, Front of House for Ikons Restless Dance Company's National tour and for the 1996 Celebration of Disabilities National campaign(posters and calendar)and touring exhibition, Exposure Exhibition 2013, New York, Art Takes Paris 2013, The Best of 2014 New York, and has been guest artist on Dahlia's Art Show on SCAT TV.

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  1. Yes beautiful Thank you Bridget for the beautiful reminders 🙂
    Kind Blessings
    Sebastian x

  2. Thank you Bridget! Quote: “Don’t just believe others, the media, politics, religion or a group, because ‘they say so’ or the majority believe so. Find out the facts” unquote.

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