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Amidst all the DOING don’t bypass BEING.

There is no rush. There is no need to try to fix anything in this moment. Take a deep breath. Take a second to feel your body. Lean into YOU.

Fall in love with the girl you see in the mirror. She is a friend, a lover, a sister, a daughter, a woman. She is all that and more. Your body is just a container of all these special things, the things you cannot see in your reflection.

Always remember you have a body. Remember before your body gets loud and you have to go into fixing mode. Nurture and nourish, take care of it. Take the time to send it love.

The hunger, the layered stories inside your body, they are here all the time. They speak to you in the quiet moments, the dark moments, the fleeting moments. The stories are wisdom, your guide.

Your body is where your lineages live, the elders you are looking for… and they speak to you when you make time for your BODY, when you’re not busy fixing, running, DOING.

Begin where you are. Right here, right now. Have a deep delicious conversation with who you are… today. Don’t wait to BE the human or the BODY or the woman you want to be, for the one you wish you were. BE her now, and be with her, today and always.

When you know where you are you can rewrite your story so it aligns with your values. You can live and love by your values, dance to the rhythm that holds your body, your family’s body, integrated inside your day-to-day living.

Create a sacred space where you can unravel your stories. Take all the heaviness that isn’t serving you and let it go. Create tinctures for your pain, shame, grief, hunger, and more. Apply to your BODY and give yourself time to heal.

Surround yourself with beauty, with all things beautiful. Surround yourself with those who lift you, who lift your spirits, those who believe in you and who mean you well.

Rewrite your story and live the life that feels deeply aligned with who you are. Your near and dear ones, your children and your loved ones, need to know who you are. By so doing you are serving them in the most meaningful way, so that thru your stories they too may know who THEY are.

This conversation, these words, this powerful message; your body, your inner calling, all these are held in a deep sacred space. This space integrates and transforms you as it holds you. It is telling you: you are unique, you are beautiful, you are enough. It is reminding you that your BODY is a miracle.

Don’t wait another day. There is an urgency, a calling from deep within. Can you hear it? Your BODY is waiting – to be loved, to be accepted, to be held.

Together let’s say: Thank you Breath; Thank you Life; THANK YOU BODY!

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Rani St. Pucchi is an internationally known, award-winning designer and founder of the world-renowned Bridal House St. Pucchi. Her expertise has been recognized in such media outlets as Entertainment Tonight, Harper’s Bazaar, Town and Country, Bride’s, Cosmopolitan Bride and Martha Stewart Weddings.
Rani is the author of three international bestsellers: Your Body, Your Style, The SoulMate Checklist and Your Bridal Style, with an imminent release of her fourth book: Gold in the Cracks: Move from Shattered to Whole and Reveal Your Light.
Renowned for her savvy regarding women’s challenges in relationship to self and others, drawn from having worked directly with more than 20,000 women during her more than three decades in the fashion industry, Rani shares her knowledge and follows her passion to help women abandon debilitating self-doubt and become designers of their own lives. Her empowering personal story of her own lifelong struggle against domestic abuse and life challenges is shared in her memoir, Unveiled: A Celebrity Fashion Designer's Story, which will be released in 2019.
Rani is an Empowerment Coach, an Inspirational Speaker, a Certified Success Trainer and Life Coach. From designing fashion to designing lives, Rani's motto is: Love Yourself. Discover Your Beauty. Live Brilliantly.            In her recent TEDx talk titled: Is Your Body Image Holding You Back? Rani shares her passion of empowering women to love and accept their body.
Rani St. Pucchi is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Medium, and eHarmony’s                                                                                                                                                                                  To learn more about Rani St. Pucchi visit



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"Using her amazing personal story as a backdrop, Rani St. Pucchi mesmerizes audiences with her ability to help everyone learn to achieve success in every area of their lives. Rani’s speaking skills and innate wisdom are commendable. She's the best friend you wish you had, the one who freely shares the inspiring advice you need with the greatest clarity." —Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series & The Success Principles “Rani St. Pucchi is an experienced and gifted designer, an innovator, a pioneer. She is exactly what we need: we need wisdom, we need people, who like Rani open up their experience and let people learn by sharing it. We hear that women need inspiration, we hear that women need power that they can see in other women, to have confidence in themselves. Rani has a deep understanding of how powerful it is to be elegant and classic and proves that dressing your best lends power and shows security in self.” —Edward Tyll,Radio Personality and Host of the Syndicated Radio Show “The Ed Tyll Show” “Written by a true expert, Your Bridal Style goes beyond the trends to help brides define their own individual style. Brides everywhere are looking for advice and guidance on how to plan their wedding with ease. Bridal fashion is personal and intimate. In Your Bridal Style Rani gives you the inspiration to be free of convention—to express your personal view and the way in which you wish to come across on your most important day. Your Bridal Style is a comfortable fit for every bride.” — Jim Duhe, VP/Associate Publisher, Bridal Guide Magazine  

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  1. Love this article. A wonderful message about true beauty, healing and sacredness.

    How we feel about our bodies, our relationship with our bodies is important. Being present with our bodies, accepting and mindfully nurturing our bodies aligns our innermost self with our outermost expression of us.

    Thank you Rani for sharing your inspiring message.

  2. Rani, you highlight, so eloquently, a fundamental truth. We are unbelievably perfect and need to be reminded of it, over, and over, until we get it through our experiences and yearnings!

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