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In my teachings, the one message that I really want to emphasize is that there is nothing more important than to stay connected to the Power within.

It doesn’t matter what you call it; infinite intelligence, divine mind, God, Presence, it’s all the same, and it is within each and every one of us, waiting for our recognition of it.

When we are connected to source, to the infinite wisdom within, there’s inner peace and a feeling of safety that no beliefs in material or outside powers can ever give you.

Tune into the guidance by stillness and meditation, but also by talking with it, ask it questions and write to it by journaling, and most importantly, listen to it.

When we do this, when we go to source for everything, it brings us to the right place, the right people and you to them, and whatever you need will be given to you, whether it’s money, ideas or other resources that can help you evolve in life and expand in consciousness.

But we have to make a choice and once and for all decide what to have our faith in.

Truth is that there is no lack; only ignorance of our true nature, so when we are aligned with the power within and when we only listen to its guidance and promptings and completely ignore the world that’s talking about doom and gloom, statistics and work economy reports and what not, then things will begin to shift for the better.

The more we go within for guidance the more apparent it becomes to you that this power that guides all our ways always has our best interest in mind.

It loves us and wants only what is good for us and humanity at large.

It’s our true source of supply and everything else good, and once we acknowledge it the guidance and direction to a path of fulfillment will be shown to us and then it’s for us to follow that inner guidance no matter what seem to be happening according to mass consciousness.

Facts of life is not Truth. Truth is that there is a way out of any challenging situation and that is to go within and ask for help and it will be given.

When you make the connection and you stay true to it then no recessions, lack consciousness, or people talking about hard times, will be able to impact you or influence you, because you no longer buy into mass consciousness thinking.

Instead you’re aligned with Truth and have decided to agree only with that.

The Truth of who we are sets us free, and the Truth is within you, and it will show you what to do, bring you things and take you places you would never have imagined once you trust it and let it guide you in all areas of your life.

I invite you to close your eyes right now and ask it to help you with whatever you wish, if you have a a challenge, or a dream or vision for your life, whatever it may be, ask for guidance and direction, sit in stillness and listen and then follow the promptings you receive.

Answers and solutions may come up immediately or later on, but the most important thing is to know that if you have heard your prayer, then God has too, because you are One, there is no separation.

The power within knows exactly what to do. Trust it.

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Maria Erving is a Transformational Coach and Teacher.

She is the creator of membership site where she writes about various personal development topics, flow, intuition, energy, transformation of consciousness and much more.

Maria is the author of Energy Awareness: How to Use Energy to Change Your Life and The Power of Aligned Thought: How The Mind Works and How To Use It and have co-authored in several other books as well as being a contributor as an author on several sites on the Internet.

Originally from Sweden, Maria has enjoyed the privilege of living and traveling in Norway, Finland, USA and India and currently residing in Costa del Sol, Spain.

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