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At every age and every stage of life, we find ourselves in times of great glory or in utter despair. Whether we are toddlers learning to walk or turning 40 or 60, we all have the same experience: the opportunity to risk. To take a leap of faith. To go beyond that which we can see clearly and leap into the life we’ve imagined.

It’s our time, every time these moments occur. It is up to us to determine just how we will experience every setback, every win, every frustration and every adversity.

Even in the darkest of times, you can live the life you know you were born to live and make a difference. It can take a lot to leap forward. When you are unsure, uncertain, unclear and perhaps feeling ill-equipped, you can do it!

Leaping takes everything you’re made of. This one action is filled with courage, optimism, trust, joy, love, ease, grace, peace, gratitude, patience and faith.

It is a recipe that is easy for every man, woman and child to mix together and experience at life’s fullest moments:

Let Go. Connect with others and let them into your life. We achieve great things in our lives through collaboration with others. Allow the people in your life in and appreciate them and their support for who you are.

Enthusiasm and Excitement.
 Engage in life. Really dig in deep and enjoy the life you choose to live. Energize your Heart, Soul and Spirit with the delight, wonder and true joy of what you love to do. Feel the excitement of the energy when you are absolutely on your game and ready to make it through anything to achieve the goal you have in mind.

Act. You’ve got to move and act on your dreams, desires and visions of what’s possible. As the famous quote from Goethe says: “…the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.” You can do it! Even in the worst of conditions, when you feel as though you can not do another thing, can not take another step, can not take another breath, deep down in the core of your being and who you are, you can stand up, fill your Heart and Soul with your true Spirit and move forward effortlessly. No matter what has befallen you, you can do it!

Power. Your power is rooted in the passion you have for what you do and how it benefits others. Your true love for it brings us all closer to peace in our hearts, in our minds and in the world around us. The power we seek to propel us forward in our lives is fueled by our passions and our purpose. When a man, woman or child has passion, there is nothing, nothing that will stand between this person and the outcome they seek.

Leap into your life. Live it to its fullest. Today is your day. This is your moment. No matter what has befallen you up until now – you can do it! Anything that you desire, the possibility for it is endless.

“Go… live the life you’ve imagined.”

You can do it!

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Jennifer’s purpose is to inspire people everywhere to leap into their lives and live the life they've imagined. She believes it's in every one of us - we CAN do it.

Ms. Wilkov is known as the "Make It Happen" girl. With nearly two decades of strategic planning and business development experience in corporate America and real life business ownership as a serial entrepreneur, she knows how to take any project from where it is to where you want it to be through proper planning, effective networking and sound marketing strategies that work.

A best selling award winning author, film writer and producer, and creative consultant for projects that ignite her passions, Ms. Wilkov is dedicated to helping individuals understand our world through books, films, blogs and other media with a positive message.

Jennifer generously shares her talents, skills and insights with uber entrepreneurs, authors, filmmakers and other creatives to bring the rare combination of a strong business sense with a creative flair to every project.

As a motivational speaker, Ms. Wilkov inspires and motivates audiences everywhere to let go of their fears, get rid of their roadblocks and leap into the life they've always wanted to enjoy. A Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), she brings her knowledge, wisdom and experience to the core of helping others live the life of their dreams using simple techniques and engaging exercises.

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  1. i think that your connecting risk-taking with living optimally is truly wonderful: thank you, thank you

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