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“They’ll never make it through the night.” That’s what the doctors proclaimed when we were born. As identical twins, born nearly three months premature and weighing just two pounds each, that seemed appropriate, right? They read our last rites and waited.

Nearly four decades later, they must still be waiting. Both of us weigh just slightly more than two pounds now (smirk), and we have had a lifetime to live with gratitude that we actually did “make it through the night.” The road was not an easy one, though, and we have had to come through much adversity.

But because we get the gift of actually waking up every day, we choose to leverage our relationship as twins to continually lift each other up, hold each other accountable, and celebrate with each other and all those around us.

When we write or speak from the stage, we call this being in each other’s “entourage.” The entourage is all about fiercely protecting someone’s dreams. It’s about lifting that person up, picking them up when they fall, celebrating when they fly, and above all, it is about gratefully enlisting the highest expectations for that person so they have the opportunity to live up to them.

But having a sibling relationship as close as ours is not required to have that entourage of support and love every day. It’s actually about knowing what kind of support and love we need and being willing to first give away what we most want.

In this case, it means first providing unrestricted support and love for others, where we will find that others are eager to provide the same kind of support and love for us. It might not be the SAME people, but the ones that matter for you are out there. It could be the bus driver or grocery clerk you see on the way home every day. But there ARE people in the world right now ready to love, support, and encourage you as part of your entourage!

Since we survived our premature birth, we’ve long recognized that we are all “on purpose” in life. It’s your turn to recognize that YOU are on purpose, too. No matter your challenges or victories, you are meant to be here, to share your gifts, to shine your light, to move the world.

And you have an entourage of people around you ready to help you do that. Go find your entourage, and open your gifts to share with the world. That’s what Rock Stars do… and you are definitely a Rock Star.

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As identical twins, Aly & Andrea have spent a lifetime learning to not only survive adversity, but to thrive in it. They faced challenges such as their own premature birth, visual impairment (blindness), poverty, rejection, and even cancer– all in the name of experiencing victories like becoming World Champion and All-American athletes and coaches, corporate spokesperson and commercial actress, international business owner, author, speakers, Olympic Torch bearer, cancer survivor, and the coolest moms ever.

Today, they work together with their company, Rock Star U, to help others find personal growth and fulfillment by using their own gifts and talents (their “Rock Star Qualities”) to shape their World Tours of Success. Aly and Andrea have spoken to thousands and are known as “The coolest motivational speakers EVER.”

Connect with Aly and Andrea by finding them on Twitter @alyandrea or on Facebook at Be sure to check out their blog at!

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  1. interesting: being ‘on track’ every which way, fiercely protecting ‘dreams’
    thanx for ‘CONNECTING’ and connecting ourselves and/to reality, whatever constitutes ‘reality’
    thanx, again

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