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Dare to Dream

I am sitting in a self-development workshop. The year is 1989 and I am 52 years old. The leader asks us to think of three things we'd love to do before we die and likely never will. My "Bucket List"... climb Kilimanjaro, climb the Matterhorn and see Everest Base Camp. What, I'm not a climber? Little did I know where those wishes would take me. Fast forward to May 22, 2007. It is 8:08 in the morning and I am standing at 29.035' on the top of Mt. Everest, the world's tallest mountain. Aside from two Japanese people, I am…

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Leverage Your Entourage To Shine Your Light

"They'll never make it through the night." That's what the doctors proclaimed when we were born. As identical twins, born nearly three months premature and weighing just two pounds each, that seemed appropriate, right? They read our last rites and waited. Nearly four decades later, they must still be waiting. Both of us weigh just slightly more than two pounds now (smirk), and we have had a lifetime to live with gratitude that we actually did "make it through the night." The road was not an easy one, though, and we have had to come through much adversity. But because we…

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What we can learn from the ice bucket challenge and Robin Williams’ death

The life and death of two prominent and beloved figures were brought into our national consciousness recently: Lou Gehrig and Robin Williams. They brought joy to the lives of others through their respective careers in the limelight—one a professional athlete and the other an entertainer. They died in different ways. Gehrig died slowly and methodically from an illness that now bears his name. Williams took his own life after a long struggle with depression, addiction, and perhaps a different chronic illness looming in his future. Williams’ death brought surprise and sadness. We still ride the ripples as the media presents…

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Ask A Luminary

How Can I Support My Suffering Sibling?

"My sister is going through a very difficult time in her life with her daughter who is suffering with depression and her son who has a fatal disease. She is usually a very strong character (type A personality). What kind of support or resources can I give her? We just lost our mom and I feel that she may be suffering with depression as well. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks." ~ Pauline, Canada Dear Pauline, I am so sorry that your sister is in the midst of so much grief in her life right now. I'm sure she feels…

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Tips to Stay Calm, Focused and Positive

By Tara Taylor. During full moon cycles we can feel like nothing is aligning; things are not going as "planned" or how we want them to. I always say that patience and persistence is key and that it always makes sense “why” later when things are in a standstill and once the standstill is over, we are always grateful for the standstill. Here are 3 tips to stay calm, focused and positive: 1) Journal out your frustrations on a piece of paper, later that evening burn that piece of paper and say out load “Divine, I now let go of…

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10 Tips to Get Through Hard Times

Each morning as we wake up we have a choice to determine the direction of the day. We can go into default mode and wake up fearful and worried about things like how am I going to pay the bills, heal this relationship, find a job, etc..... or we can make the conscious decision to choose the kind of day we'd like to experience. Many times the events of the day happen so quickly, we get caught up in the drama and we truly feel that we don't have a choice. Things just happen. Bad things happen to good people.…

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A Conversation With God?

About a month ago I sat in front of my laptop with some heavy thoughts on my mind. In trying to figure out a difficult situation, I gave up and just started typing the first statement below. Rarely do I get to a place where I momentarily crash, but I was tired and was venting in frustration. From there my fingers kept typing and here are the  responses that I "heard" in reply to my questions. I'm not sure this came from the Universe, God, my higher self, my imagination or whatever else. What I do know is that I…

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My Top Ten Ways to Find Your Magnificence During Tough Times

Times are tough. We hear it all around us everyday... another business going under, another bankruptcy being filed, another job being lost, another home going into foreclosure, or another pension disappearing into dust. Worry takes a toll as stress builds, creativity suffers, health is compromised and relationships are threatened. To keep with my transparent blogging style, I want to share this with you that this is one of the most difficult financial times of my life. I have always been an independent businesswoman and my background is in real estate, so all of my assets were in what I thought…

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I Have a Secret that I Can’t Wait to Share!

I have the coolest job on the planet. Each day I get to interview some of the greatest and most enlightened people in the world. I am blessed to have created a way to do this and each day I'm grateful for the opportunity to surround myself with such excellence. About three months ago I started to write a book, combining the wisdom that I've learned throughout my life, along with the information shared from our Inspirational Luminaries.  Based on some of the same principles from Napolean Hill's masterpiece, "Think and Grow Rich", the preliminary title for my book is…

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