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Do you hear something inside? Your inner voice may be speaking. Your special inner voice is like a feeling, sense, or a knowing trying to guide you to choices that are in your best interest. It urges and prods you to do or not do something, haunting you like a ghost in your heart until you heed its prompting.

Sometimes, you may not be sure whether you’re sensing your true inner voice or whether you’re sensing your own emotions, logic, or other internal interferences. You may even feel torn between your own preferences and your inner voice. Finding your inner voice takes practice as well as trial and error, but the more you listen to it, the more you learn to trust its guidance.

You may have times when you want your inner voice to speak to you, but you hear nothing. When your inner voice doesn’t speak, ask yourself if you’re really listening. If your answer is yes, then any choice you make is acceptable and you don’t need special guidance.

When your inner voice does speak and you don’t listen to it, however, sooner or later, you have regrets. From your regrets you learn lessons, and life is about learning lessons. So whether you do listen or you don’t listen to your inner voice, every choice you make is an opportunity to learn a lesson.

You can choose not only your actions, but also your beliefs. You can choose to believe anything you have ever been told, to question teachings, or to think for yourself. At any time you want, you can choose to change your beliefs.

You are responsible for your choices and in control of them which means you have power. You have a choice of whether you use or misuse your power to help or hurt yourself or others. You may even fear your power, try to avoid it, or believe you don’t have any power, but you are in control of your choices.

If at any time you want help with your choices, ask for internal and external signs, and listen to your inner voice. Signs include the exact people and resources to help you. Your inner voice can guide you to those people and resources and to the actions you need to take to implement your choices.

Throughout life, you’ll face ever-changing situations that include challenges, triumphs, surprises, disappointments, grief, sorrow, and happiness. Simultaneously, you always have your inner voice guiding you. Your inner voice wants you to choose what is best for you. Your ongoing choice is whether or not you choose to listen to it.

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Terry L. Wynne is the founder/owner of The Professional Edge, an organization specializing in career counseling, coaching, training, writing, and voiceovers. She has worked in the fields of business, higher education, criminal justice, private industry, government, mental health, and information technology.

For over 25 years, she has provided career counseling or career coaching to over 2,000 clients ranging from entry level to CEO. She has also provided training for national and state conventions, corporations, professional organizations, colleges, universities, technical schools, and cruise ships. As a writer, she has written training materials; commercials; audio-visual presentations; brochures; and articles for web sites, newsletters, newspapers, and magazines. Terry has hosted her own talk show radio program as well as been a guest on a number of local radio programs and is a voiceover talent.

Her credentials include:
• Specialist in Education Degree (Ed.S.)
• Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.)
• Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
• Board Certified Coach (BCC)
• National Certified Counselor (NCC)
• National Certified Career Counselor (NCCC)
• Master Career Counselor (MCC)
• Master Career Development Professional (MCDP)
• Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Terry enjoys ballroom dancing, international travel, writing, and photography and is passionate about helping people improve the quality of their lives.

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  1. This article made me think of my own inner voice, and whether I pay attention to it. Thank you, Terry, for putting this into words. I printed the article, so I could reference it later; I sent it to others too. Gail M

    1. Hi Gail,

      Thank you for taking time to comment, letting me know that the article make you think, and sharing it. I had to find my inner voice which took years before I could listen to it! I hope the process is easier for you.



  2. Thank you Terry for this reminder of the power of turning within to receive guidance. In a world that changes constantly and is driven by social mores and conditioned beliefs, trusting the internal guide is a must!

  3. Very well said and very true. It is sometimes difficult to recognize your inner voice but it always knows and is speaking to you. I would like to share this on Facebook

  4. This is a great article by Terry Wynne. She explains a most important process very clearly and concisely – something very simple but yet very few of us do. Her words are very important for me to hear and I’m sure others also. We all have that wise voice within us, and so few of us pay attention! Thank you Terry for your wise words. You’ve helped me so much with this great reminder. Please write more!

    1. Hi Corbina,
      Finding the voice and listening is all we have to do, but both do take time to learn to do. I appreciate your liking this “reminder.”

  5. Thank you Terry for reminding us that not only do we have an inner voice but we should learn to listen to it. For me, my innner voice is the Holy Spirit of God, who gently nudges me to listen and pay attention. It takes time to learn to listen, how to listen and how to discern the right answer. Great article!

  6. I agree with everything Terry has said. I’ve used my inner voice to guide me for most of my adult life. If I’ve made mistakes, and I have as everyone has, I only have myself to blame. As she said “You are responsible for your choices and in control of them”.

    1. Cliff,
      Sometimes my inner voice has led me to great pain, but from that pain has come my greatest growth for the best. I just wish I had known earlier how to listen.

  7. Terry: Great article! It is vitally important for us to listen to our inner voice. In the busy world of today, it’s easy for things to “crowd out” the inner voice. So, meditation can also help us get back in touch with our inner feeling. But, the inner voice is always there for us when we need it.

  8. Great article, Terry! We run so fast on the task treadmill that we often forget to pay attention to our inner voice, our ultimate guide and genius. It’s always there and we can cultivate a connection to reach out anytime! Trust your voice!

    1. Hi Stacy,

      “Trust your voice,” as you wrote is the perfect mantra. I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for reading the article and for sharing.


  9. What a wonderful article Terry! I wish we taught our teens and young adults to listen to their inner voice. It is tough for us. It must be super tough for them. It is never too early to help young people practice listening to themselves. It is never too late to remember we have an inner voice to listen to. Tnanks for the reminder Terry, truly appreciated!

    1. Hi Irene,

      You make an excellent point that we need to teach teens and young adults about finding and listening to their inner voice. You’re a good person to do that! Thanks for your comment and for reading my article.



  10. Terry hit the nail on the head with this article. She is concise and to the point without ever reaching ‘preachy’. And in this article she explains what we all grow to know, you have an inner voice, listen and be responsible for all of your choices. She also reminds us that we always have a choice. Bottom line, trust that inner voice because that voice IS you!

      1. The Inner Voice that ‘is you’ is the one connected to the Divine (as you and others stated). But there are SO many voices in my head (always have been) and I’m guessing others are like me. Do you have any suggestions on how to separate the Inner Voice that is ‘me’ from the others masquerading as me? You said it took you time, and was sometimes painful. Is there any way to avoid this in favour of a shortcut? Or is this just the nature of awakening to our connection to the Divine, and all we can do for teenagers, young adults, and everyone else is to make them aware of this process? Perhaps, you could write another article and address these questions, Terry. Hope so.

        1. Hi Julian,

          Thank you for wanting to hear more from the Divine speaking within. Yes, discerning which voice is the Divine one is difficult but time is also a good teacher. I so appreciate your interest and comments.



  11. Terry Wynne, your article rang true for me and reminded me of the difference between just “hearing” and actually listening to your inner voice! Every time I have CHOSE to ignore my inner voice, I have come to regret it! Thanks for putting this important choice into perspective!

    1. Hi Gabriele,

      I like the ideal of what “sounds” right and “feels” wrong. What a descriptive way of putting it! Thanks for taking time to read and to comment.



  12. Terry, I enjoyed reading your article about the inner voice and wholeheartedly agree with you! I have heard that inner voice many times over the years and it has always taken me in the right direction! The trouble is that we sometimes ignore it or just don’t hear it because we have so much going on.
    Thank you for making me aware of this! .

  13. Oh, so very true, Terry! I love seeing you talk about this. And, just yes: “It urges and prods you to do or not do something, haunting you like a ghost in your heart until you heed its prompting.”
    I love the old story of Vasilisa the Wise, where the intuitive voice comes as a literal doll in her pocket, giving her guidance. I write about that often!
    Thank you for this!

    1. Hi Susan,

      Like you, I think the inner voice keeps knocking on our heart and I’m so glad you appreciate the article. I appreciate your reading it and commenting.

      Best always,


  14. Wonderful article and so true. My greatest challenge is listening to my inner voice but I am learning. Barbara G.

  15. I loved your article Terry. My inner voice has guided me over the years. It’s something that perhaps people need to have a gentle reminder to heed as they travel through our media infused lives of today. We often forget the need to quiet our lives and listen.

    1. Hi Becky,
      Many people are commenting that they use their inner voice to guide them which works so well as long as they listen. I’m glad you do! Thanks for taking time to comment.

  16. Hey Terry–GREAT article & something I work with my clients on as well. Its something that I have practiced for years & yet it is always good to be reminded of it. So many of us get so caught up in out “thinking”, that we dont take the time to quiet down & LISTEN. Thanks so much for sharing this wisdom! All the best, Craig

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