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The God of the Universe breathed power into you. You are alive. So live. Because you have received power from the greatest Power you have the ability to overcome, to move forward, to effect change, to make a difference. Do not squander your power. Certainly, joy comes when we extend compassion and service. But sometimes. Sometimes you have to come first. We worry it’s inappropriate, selfish, or even narcissistic to ever consider putting ourselves first. For whatever reason, sometimes we relegate ourselves to the end of the line. Maybe we feel we’re not worthy. Maybe we feel undeserving. Maybe we feel ashamed. But make no mistake, you are worthy, you are deserving, because you matter.

Accept the possibility that in order to live your purpose you may need to put yourself first for a while and that’s okay. It is difficult to show compassion and strength when we refuse to value ourselves or extend compassion within our own lives. God would not have breathed the power of life into you, if you did not have great purpose. When you’re reluctant to leverage your purpose and your power to make a difference in the lives of others, you’re missing out on opportunity after opportunity, after beautiful opportunity. You matter, you are capable, and you have purpose—but are you willing?

Do not let fear or safety lull you into an icy existence devoid of ever experiencing what it feels like to live your dream or to help others accomplish their own. If you’re an architect, build your masterpiece and then help others build. If you’re an artist the canvas awaits the fruit of your imagination. Mold something, sculpt something, paint something, and then extend the brush to those around you. If you’re a speaker, take the platform, share your ideas with the world and then listen as the world speaks back.

Listen, listen, and listen some more. It is never selfish to share your gifts. After all, a gift is not a gift unless you’re giving it away. God gave you permission to dream and to live your purpose when He spoke your name, and breathed the gift of life into you. You matter.

Do not be anxious or live in fear of pursuit of your dream, and do not sentence yourself to a lifetime of regret for never having helped another human achieve something they once thought was an impossible task. Anything is possible, and you have the power to prove it, but are you willing?

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Dr. Chester Goad is a university administrator who works with college students with disabilities. He is a former K12 principal and teacher, former US Congressional staffer, and established blogger. Chester co-authored Tennessee's “Dyslexia Is Real" bill, and has spoken on dyslexia and issues related to disability from Appalachia to Africa.

Currently Chester sits on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, and the Board of Directors of the Association on Higher Education and Disability.

Chester is author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling book, “Purple People Leader” and promotes leading without bias.

He also uses community service and non-profit service to foster understanding. His "Purple Project" concept brings people of different political backgrounds together for community service.

A leader in education, non-profit advocacy, parenting, access, policy and faith, Chester has been quoted in major newspapers, magazines, and media outlets. Chester attributes much of his achievement to his ADHD, which he says maintains his creativity and youthful perspectives. He and his wife live in Tennessee with their teenage son.

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    1. Thanks so much! I was worried some might think the message of spending time focused on ourselves was selfish, but we can’t help other people if we aren’t our best. Thanks for reading!

  1. This struck a chord with me as I have just done an introduction reiki course and quite relevant to be reminded that God breathed life into us

  2. Very well known, Chester😊👍! I totally agree with you… We need to not be afraid of taking the time for ourselves. We are just as important and when we take this time, we are able to be there for others.

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