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Think about this statement: “Nobody ever changes, we just reveal more of who we really are”.

Have you really changed over the years or have you just EXPANDED? Did you really get rid of those parts that you didn’t like or are they still there, in the background, waiting for you to retreat to a lower state of mind, energy and consciousness?

Change has been a topic I’ve studied for many years and I have concluded that nobody really changes.

People hate it when I say that. They’ll quote some new age text such as ‘the only constant in life is change’ blah blah blah.

Why are people so obsessed with changing who they are? Can’t they see the perfection of themselves and their world?

This is what I think is happening…

We’re born awake, powerful and open-hearted. Then we buy into the belief that we’re not.

Then we spend the next few decades either avoiding feeling how bad we are (addiction) or trying to remove the layers of badness (trying to change).

Eventually, we either go numb (live life from our heads) or awaken to the realization that who we are is, was and always will be perfect, wonderful and good, and requires nothing in order to give and receive love.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could skip the bad bit and go straight to our hearts and live there? That’s what I’m passionate about and that’s what I love to do – find the quickest way for people to live life from their hearts. Maximum impact, minimum input.

Now, I’m not talking here about the inner drive we all have as human beings to excel, to be better and to grow. That’s healthy good and fine. I’m talking about a different part of us that drives us to be more because we think we’re less.

When working with the mind, it’s really easy to think we can change. ‘Make new choices, achieve your goals, create better results, change your beliefs‘ etc. Change is everywhere. However, the heart operates differently. It operates from who you ARE, not what you do. It’s not interested in your story, your achievements and successes – it cares about awakening to this present perfection.

In that space, the changeless quality of love is ever present.

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Christian Pankhurst brings a fresh energy to the personal development space. His gentle knife-cutting clarity has inspired thousands of people from around the world to access deeper levels of joy, intimacy and connection across all areas of their lives.

Christian, after working as a Chiropractor, studied with some of the most well known leaders in the personal development industry and later developed the transformational technology known as "Heart Intelligence," a powerful system of body-mind-spirit integration and healing. He specializes in small and large group dynamics and facilitation (for both in-person and online groups), creating and sustaining healthy, fulfilling and intimate relationships, and establishing heart-centered community worldwide.

In October 2009, Christian won the 'Britain's Next Top Coach' award, receiving votes from 91 different countries. In 2011, he created the Heart IQ Academy which trains personal leaders and professional coaches how to facilitate groups in this method. There are now hundreds of coaches in 32 countries who can be found at

Today, Christian is a sought after coach, speaker and teacher and travels extensively sharing his huge heart, clarity and wisdom. For details on events, trainings and more, see and

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  1. Thanks Christian for these words of wisdom! Do you have any tips you can share for how I can focus on who I am that is so special vs. constantly changing the “weak” areas? I am constantly working on myself: to be a better leader, wife, friend, co-worker, etc., and I feel like I’m putting a lot of energy into it daily.

    1. Hi Ferguson! My name is Sarah and I’m the Academy Director for the Heart IQ Network, posting on behalf of Christian.

      I’d recommend two resources we have that may help you on your journey:

      1) In September, we’ll be sending out a free Leadership Video Training series that will address these types of questions. All you need to do is go to this video and put in your email below:

      2) We also have a free webinar called, “It’s Not What You Think, It’s What You Feel.” You can register for that here:

      Hope you find those helpful! Thank you,

  2. Thank you for your words of wisdom. The problem is like to connect the heart with the mind, then you have beautiful thoughts always, and see how beautiful life is. Thanks.

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