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Loving and believing in yourself is the key to thriving abundantly. When you love yourself—unconditionally—your mindset shifts to the energy of love and abundance. It enables you to have more peace, confidence, and happiness which empowers you. When you feel powerful, your attitude changes from pessimism to optimism, and, you will attract more uplifting people and experiences in your life.

To have self-love, appreciate who you really are. You are much more than your physical self. You are a magnificent spiritual being within. Your true essence is that of pure, positive energy, love, and light! You are of infinite worth. It is your divine birthright to live a joyful life filled with love, happiness, peace, and prosperity.

If you struggle with loving yourself, it’s most likely because you judge yourself for mistakes made or because you don’t feel valued or validated due to childhood experiences. You can change those memories by forgiving and forgetting. Forgive yourself and others in order to “let go” of what bothers you.

It doesn’t matter what your past was, what matters is where you are now and where you are going. Make peace with your life. Shift your perception of the memories that trouble you by creating “new memories” that have happy endings. Doing so will lighten your heart and bring peace to your mind.

Making mistakes is a part of the expansion process; it’s how we learn and grow. If you didn’t slip-up now and again, how would you know to improve yourself to be able to fulfill your destiny? How would you come to love and believe in you? You wouldn’t.

Just as young children triumph over the pains and obstacles of learning how to crawl, walk, and run, so it is when you overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs. When you love yourself fully and believe in your unlimited potential, you will feel compelled to accomplish that which you feel inspired to do.

Think Lovingly of Yourself

If you struggle with loving you, notice how you talk to yourself. Habitual negative self-talk will keep you from fully embracing your authentic self. Stop the habit of self-loathing—it does not serve you—feelings of negativity only generate self-doubt and fears, which will keep you stuck miserably in an emotional rut.

Speak kindly of yourself. Set goals and follow through by honoring your word. Write down your positive attributes and affirmations, then read them daily. See yourself living as though you’ve already achieved your goals. Each morning awake with an attitude of love and gratitude, give thanks for all that you are and tell yourself, “I love being ME!”

When you love yourself completely, life will reflect back to you how you feel. You will attract more of what you want in all areas of your life. Believe in yourself! It’s your time to shine! Love and trust in all that you are to create the life of your dreams!


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Carol Whitaker is the author of Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams. She is a highly sought after Holistic Lifestyle Fitness Coach, and is well-known globally for the permanent transformation she creates in her clients’ lives. Carol is an in demand Motivational Speaker and an ongoing featured expert on national media and online websites. Carol is happily married mother of three. Connect with Carol on Facebook to receive her health, fitness, & happiness tips and by following her on Twitter. Visit to learn more about her transformation services, along with practical tools to discover how to unleash your power within to live the life of your dreams.

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  1. I find it very easy to forgive others, but very difficult to forgive myself. I tend to hold myself to higher standard for some reason. Thank you for a great article Carol!

    1. I appreciate your kind comment, Jim. It is often more difficult to forgive ourselves than it is of others, but thankfully it is possible. The more you practice forgiving yourself the easier it becomes. You can try this simple exercise to learn how to forgive yourself: take a piece of paper and fold it down the center, on the left side write down what you want to forgive. On the right side adjacent to each experience listed, write down the life lessons learned and how that experience enriched your life. Then tap on your heart chakra (middle of your chest) and visualize each experience, but with a “happy ending”, and say, “I love and forgive myself fully. I value all that I am. I love being me!” Take three deep cleansing breaths. After you go through your list calm your mind and allow self-love and acceptance to flow through you. Next, rip the paper in two and tear the left side of the paper into small pieces and throw it away. You can save the right side of the paper and refer back to it if you choose. This will shift your energy at a core level to enable you to truly forgive yourself and move forward with confidence and inner peace.

  2. what positive uplifting words! you made my day and made me smile! Thanks for shining your light so brightly for others.

  3. “You are much more than your physical self. You are a magnificent spiritual being within. Your true essence is that of pure, positive energy, love, and light”! The statements I resonate with. Thank you for sharing your passion for life.

  4. Your inspiration today was so moving and positive a lfe i try to live each and every day and it works I have been alone for 8 years moved to a new community created a life I love and practice each and every thing that you share and I’m grateful for all I give all I do all I have and who I am that is my information every single day thank you for your beautiful amazing article I’m going to print it and read it often

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