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Make time for your hopes, dreams and goals.

Five years ago I had a life-altering experience that has contributed to the person that I am today, the adoption of my daughter, Mia. As my love for her grew, so did my hopes, dreams and goals, which were no longer just for me anymore but also for my daughter, husband, family, friends and the global community at large.

With the demands of our busy lives it is so easy to lose sight of our hopes, dreams and goals. At every turn we are distracted by text messages, cell phone calls and mounds of junk mail.

Each day I steal a few minutes to focus on myself and what I can do to make a difference in the lives of people around me.

As morning breaks and the rest of my household are still sleeping, I sit peacefully in my favorite chair, close my eyes and meditate. I pause for a moment on all areas of my life that I would like to enhance and end with good thoughts and wishes for my family and friends. Meditation helps me to gain new perspectives on stressful situations, manages my stress, and helps me to focus on the present.

In the kitchen I spend time preparing a nutritious breakfast that is good for the body and the soul. A balanced diet gives us energy, a healthy body, clearer skin and a longer life. Just a few minutes each day to consider and plan the meals that I prepare helps to keep me and my family fit and well.

Battling with rush hour traffic used to be a time of intense frustration. I have learned to let go of the fact that I cannot control traffic jams, road work and numerous other delays while driving into the city. Instead, I turn on my local radio station and enjoy the ride listening to world news or my favorite music.

At work I close the door to my office so that I can spend a few minutes to work on the rule of 5, as outlined in Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles. I do five specific things that will move my goals towards completion. Eventually, no matter how large the goal, by following the rule of 5, I will reach it.

As the work day winds down, it is time to focus on family. Before the rush of preparing dinner, answering voicemail messages, and sifting through a mountain of mail, I rejoice in the precious time that I have with my daughter. It is such a joy to spend a few minutes reading a story, telling jokes, dancing around the kitchen or simply sharing stories about our day. Together we are creating memories, and strengthening our bond.

As night time falls and I kiss my husband goodnight, I close my eyes and consider how grateful I am for all that I have been given.

We all have hopes, dreams and goals. Take time each day to dream big and do big!

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Sarah J. Remington is a socially responsible entrepreneur and co-owner of Me Two You, Baby Gifts That Give Back. She founded Me Two You on a simple idea: With every baby blanket purchased, Me Two You gives a baby blanket to an orphaned child.

In addition to Me Two You, Sarah owns and operates Hampshire House Design, an interior design firm dedicated to helping clients create attractive spaces. With 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial interior design, Sarah guides her clients through all aspects of the design process.

Sarah holds an Interior Design Degree from Newbury College, Massachusetts. Her professional credentials include membership in the American Society of Interior Design.

Her study of Feng Shui and her experience with international travel throughout North America, Europe, Africa and Asia is reflected in her approach to design.

Sarah was born and brought up in rural Cheshire, the heart of the British countryside, and now resides in a Boston, MA suburb with her husband and daughter.

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  1. Thank you Sarah for inspirering me to focus,and meditate. I have a friend,and we text,call or email each other every day,about mediatating. We have been doing it for 50 days in a row.We’re doing it for 90 days. That is where I focus on my life today. Then I can get spiritual with humanity,and the caous of what they do to this planet,and what lives on it.Crulity.Then I can do the oppisit of what goes on in my life,and community,spiritual.
    Thank you Sarah.Lots of Love

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