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What I have experienced in my life has shown me that love is real, and that we are here on Earth to experience love in action through living our Vision of life. I am not referring to love as in the Cinderella story which requires one person to complete another. Rather I now have a clear awareness that love is a vibrational energy that transcends our lives from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Love starts with self. Learning to overcome one’s own self-blame, shame and guilt is the starting point to self-love. When I release negative thoughts and past regrets, I am then able to live in a place of acceptance and deep gratitude for all that has gone before me. From this space I am free to be the observer and watch miracles occur in my life, thus creating what seems like magic around me.

As my love for self expands, so does my love for others. When I release judgements of others I can see everything in life as a mirror for myself. Additionally, I can see the gift in each experience, whether it be myself overcoming life threatening illnesses, relationships ending or my birth family taking me to court over money. The gift I have received from all these situations is a more complete and expanded version of myself.

At times in my life, I have also experienced unconditional love. This was first shown to me with the birth of each of my three children, those bundles of pure love wrapped up in baby bodies. I also experienced unconditional love in some of my near death experiences. In particular, when I was offered the opportunity to return home. I literally saw a light and various departed loved ones who encouraged me to return. More recently, I am experiencing unconditional love from the countless number of people who support me consciously and unconsciously, known and unknown, as I travel the world.

Our eyes are truly the windows to our souls. We look into each other’s souls when we connect through our eyes. Glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses create barriers to how we see. My own eyes expanded when I was able to go without glasses. I now connect on a level that goes beyond words. My eyes have continued to expand to see auras and vortexes around people. The more clearly I see myself, the more clearly I see the world.

My desire and my request is for each person to expand their own vision, to embrace their life’s purpose and to serve others from this place. Give yourself permission to love yourself, love others and explore your full potential. Life is not about survival or being mediocre. Life is about living the highest version of your Self, and choosing to live from love. The change you have been waiting for is within you. That’s where miracles occur.

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Barry Auchettl is a Life Visionary who has faced life threatening illnesses from a positive and ultimately grateful viewpoint. After he personally overcame the need for wearing glasses, Barry foundered Eye Power in 1997 to help others change the way they see in terms of Eye (sight) and I (self). Barry has a Masters of Education looking at the detrimental effects computers have on eyesight and what can be done about it, and was the keynote speaker at the Vision Educators conference in Los Angeles in 2015. He is the author of “In One Vision” and “The Scan Charts” and is the creator of an online Vision Improvement program called “Eyesight Essential” and a collaborative relationship board game called "Conversations: an inspirational game”. More on Eyesight Essentials can be found at

Coming from a business, teaching and healing background, Barry also specialises in combining practical skills, intuition and muscle testing for individuals and groups. Using a technique he developed called Light Body Alignment, he is able to release conscious and unconscious sabotage programs that stop us from achieving abundance and healthy relationships. Barry has three wonderful children who span the globe and now considers himself as a citizen of the world. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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  1. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU, Barry for this simple, and TRUE message, which totally resonates with me… THANK YOU! The one very important take away for me is “STOP THE JUDGMENT!” of self and others… just STOP! I realize that “judgement”, like any other WORD creates the experience of that WORD. Therefore if I do NOT judge there would be NO experience of judgement. And, if I only LOVE, then LIFE will reflect that WORD: LOVE in, as & for me… in my experience of LIFE! Reading your message CONFIRMS my realization which was recently revealed to me, last Saturday exactly! I BELIEVE I AM RIGHT, and thank you for CONFIRMING IT! This is LIFE reflecting back to me my WORD! Wishing you a truly AUSPICIOUS NEW YEAR & DECADE 2020, Barry… to you and your LOVELY family! Elle????

  2. Releasing negativity and accepting things as they are help lead to a more constructive, open-minded viewpoint. Self-love is so important. If you are not comfortable with yourself, how can you be at ease with others? Good post Barry. Thanks.

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