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My success continually astonishes me. I feel very blessed in my life. So I ask myself, what does success mean to me? What does it look like, feel like, and especially, how does it feed me and those I influence.

To be in love with life itself: that is success to me. I feel successful when I am in the state of thoroughly relishing all that the menu screen of life reveals to me. I feel successful when I can laugh at the crazy dishes that life presents.

A key to being in love with life itself is to live in the magical field of creation. Yes, the magic is always present. Seeing from the perspective of the Soul that lives in the magic and operates from the magic is vital these days! And it is fun and allows us to know that all is truly well, regardless of how things look on the surface.

The second key is to live from the heart and Soul. For fifteen years I have helped people at the level of the Soul and I find that moving beyond the field of emotional trauma and drama and accessing the gifts of the heart and Soul is the key to transforming our patterns of disconnection, where all our wounds stem from. My first book, Soul Mastery; Accessing the Gifts of the Soul, and my second book, Soul Radiance, Bring Your Soul Riches to Life are exciting means to bring us into the place of igniting our life from the magnificence of the Soul. The opulent power inherent in creating from the joy of the Divine is truly what it means to live a spiritual life!

Let your Soul take you where you long to be! Know that it is connected to all of creation. As you connect to our Soul, you can be sure that the whole universe supports your success, as does all of creation. How easy is that!

Another hugely important piece to your love for life itself is your openness to listen to your Soul’s voice. To listen with the heart is to listen as we listen to the breeze blowing through the branches of the trees. The Soul’s voice is always available. It lives in the expanded space of our being connected to the vastness of the Divine. When people ask me how I got to be so intuitive and live my purpose so fully and joyfully, I say that my foundation has always come from listening to what my heart and Soul has to say about what is next in my life. I listen by asking, “What is it I want to create? What is it that makes my heart sing, even if I don’t know where it will take me?” As I listen I know I will be in the stream of life held by all of creation, open to the wisdom that is uniquely yours to know and share. It is neer selfish to tend your magnificent Soul!

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Susann Taylor Shier is a dynamic and gifted author, teacher, and intuitive counselor who is committed to inspiring the people of this world to access and live from the magnificence of their soul gifts, strengths and purposes. She offers powerful tools that bridge the soulful and heart-centered self to the vibrant, joyful expression of life. Her mission is to see each individual's Soul destiny known and fulfilled.

She has been gifted with and developed an advanced level of intuitive connection that assists her in working with diverse clients in guiding them to strengthen their intuitive abilities and inherent resources for living a soul directed life. She is a master of intuitive connection for the heart and soul.

Susann invites you to come alive to the power of your magnificent self in her book trilogy: Soul Mastery - Accessing the Gift of Your Soul, Soul Radiance - Bring Your Soul Riches to Life and Soul Reunion - The Return Home from Separation.

Susann Taylor Shier presents Soul Mastery, Soul Radiance and Soul Reunion workshops, book events, trainings and teleclasses, as well as her renowned "Learning to Read the Akashic" records and "Soul Clearing" trainings. She has been featured on numerous television and radio shows and travels across the US and internationally as a therapist and intuitive counselor for clients and groups in person, online and by telephone. 

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