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Love fully. Laugh daily. Be silly. Embrace your dreams! Feel gratitude for the simplest of pleasures. Discover the beauty of silence. Spend quiet time alone each day. Live from your heart not your head. Keep a gratitude journal. Be an inspiration to others. Shine your light for others to follow.

Be more – do less. Release fear. Allow yourself to receive the blessings of life. Living a joyful life is a choice – choose wisely. Release the shackles of self-judgment.

Step outside your comfort zone. Take baby steps each day toward the life of your dreams. Believe in the truth that anything is truly possible – because it IS! Discover the wisdom within! Be prepared for life’s curveballs and remember to duck.

Remember that you are not your past or your mistakes. Release the mistakes of the past and carry forward only the lessons they contain. You have the power to rewrite your story at any time. Journal daily.

Surround yourself with those who honor the best in you. You are a unique gift to the world and you are meant to shine. Follow your passion and you will never dread going to ‘work’ each day. To make a new friend – be a friend.

In every relationship, both personal and professional ask yourself “How can I serve?” Reach out and support the dreams of others. Join a Mastermind or two and connect with those who encourage your dreams. Imagine the possibilities then create them.

Live your life – not the life others imagined for you. Be a spiritual warrior! Embrace your Higher Power. Connect daily to your source. Live a juicy, joyful, passionate life. Your passions are your guide to your divine purpose – follow them. Write your ‘bucket list’ and cross things off each week.

View every interaction as a path to growth. Find your ‘tribe’. Look at every life experience as a tool to reconnecting with your authentic self. Visualize the life you desire. Create a sacred space in your home. Give back. Pick a cause and support it wholeheartedly.

Discover your unique passion and mission and bring it forward to make a difference in the world. Surround yourself with those who lift you up. Release those people or things that prevent you from shining your light. Believe in the power of forgiveness. Open your heart to see the divine beauty in everyone.

Read publications that inspire you to live from the inside out. Tune in to the wisdom and insights of those who have walked the path before you. Ignite your passion! Honor your body and feed your soul. Nourish your relationships. Maintain balance. Be your own best friend. Embrace change.

And most importantly – love yourself! You are perfect just as you are!

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Best-selling inspirational publisher, Host, and Authentic Marketing and List-Building Catalyst Linda Joy is one of today’s premier voices in women’s inspirational publishing. Her six multimedia brands serve over 44,000 women and close to 24,000 social media fans who embrace her message of love, feminine wisdom, and self-empowerment. Ms. Joy is passionate about encouraging women to rediscover and reconnect with their inner wisdom, and empowering them to live deeper, more authentic, inspired lives both personally and professionally.

Linda is the publisher of Aspire Magazine, the premier inspirational digital magazine for women, as well as the Creatrix behind Inspired Living Publishing, which has published six chart-topping best-selling books including Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness and Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: CultivTing Joy.  Both books went viral with Choosing Happiness even bumping Tony Robbin's book as well as Oprah's Book Club Pick Ruby out of first place. Other bestselling books include Embracing Your Authentic Self and A Juicy, Joyful Life. Their fifth collaborative book Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Opening to Gratitude & Grace will be released in August of 2016. Over 180 visionary women have become bestselling authors thanks to these sacred projects and the support and expertise of Inspired Living Publishing’s heart-centered team.

Inspired Living Publishing recently announced their new hybrid publishing division that will provide visionary female authors with a proven publishing and marketing platform as well as exposure in front of their ideal audience.

The first book of this exciting new division is scheduled for release on May 24th. Being Love: How Loving Yourself Creates Ripples of Transformation in Your Relationships and the World by Intuitive Psychologist Dr. Debra Reble (foreword by Marci Shimoff) is already garnering praise from leaders in the industry.

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  1. Jacqueline , thanks my friend. Learning to love ourselves fully is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves <3

  2. Such an amazing spirit you are Linda! “Honor your body and feed your soul” – love that! Thank you for the Monday inspiration 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing so many words of wisdom, Linda. While they are all important, taking baby steps each day is probably one of the key things. Just asking oneself: “What one step can I take today to move forward towards creating my dream” can be a great help, and especially helpful when life gets tough or we get overwhelmed.

    1. I agree Marianne! Taking baby steps is how I’ve transformed my life over the last twenty-four years and birthed sacred projects like Aspire Magazine. I would envision what I wished to creat or transfer and then take the first small step toward that dream! It allowed me to focus on that one step instead of the fear. Thx for sharing your wisdom

  4. My favorite one: In every relationship, both personal and professional ask yourself “How can I serve?” It’s how I run my business – and what I need to emphasize more in my personal life. GREAT article. I’ll be tweeting and sharing on my Facebook page so others can see it. Thank you, Linda! =)

    1. Jill, SERVICE is a big one, in my life and business. In fact it is one of the five principles, that I and all my brands embrace, that makes up my 5 Feminine Success Principles. You can read more at… Where I go into more detail in my free gift. thank you for sharing my friend!!

  5. Loved every word Linda! You’re an inspiration and radiant light in this world.
    “Live a juicy, joyful, passionate life. Your passions are your guide to your divine purpose – follow them.”

  6. Tina… Thank you my Aussie friend. You know all about living a joyful life… I’ve been following your ‘joy sprinkle trail’ for quite awhile… Happy that our paths have crossed! Xoxo

    1. Monday morning blessings to you Kelly! Remembering to PLAY is an important part of a balanced joyful life— keep up the salsa dancing my friend!

  7. Loving the words of wisdom, Linda. “Be more-do less”- wonderful! Especially, “Live your life – not the life others imagined for you.” Following MY heart and spirit always leads to joy. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Shann! I believe we all have access to our inner wisdom and unique brilliance when we allow ourselves time to BE. You, my soul sister, are a shining example of feminine wisdom. (((HUG)))

    1. Happy Monday Debra! Ease and grace… my daily mantra. Each of my ‘golden nuggets of wisdom’ come from living, learning, falling, getting back up (multiple times), and learning to enjoy the journey called life. I’m happy my words touched and inspired you in some way. 🙂

    1. Aww thanks Donna! Happy to hear that my words touched you. I agree… learning to BE instead of DO can be hard… but with baby steps you can get there. It’s a gift you give yourself and the benefits of doing so ripple out to all that you touch. xoxo

  8. Beautiful and thought-provoking list! I love it. Here’s one of my favorites – “Look at every life experience as a tool to reconnecting with your authentic self.” Yes, yes, yes!

    1. One of my fav’s too Dina! When we shed the false masks and labels we take on over the years and allow our authentic self to shine through … THAT is when we can truly serve, create, thrive and shine! Keep on shining my friend!

    1. Teri… self-love is a big one!! For many years the love in my heart was always directed outward.. it wasn’t until I allowed myself to receive the same love that I gave others that I began to heal, and thrive. I wish the same for you and all women! xoxo

  9. Beautifully put, Linda. These all are lessons I’ve learned going from “who I used to be” on the way to “who I am now”. I’d have to say the hardest one was “Love yourself for who you are.” So much got easier after that happened! You’re always an inspiration, thank you!

    1. It’s a hard one for many women Theresa. As I shared in my response to Teri above “For many years the love in my heart was always directed outward.. it wasn’t until I allowed myself to receive the same love that I gave others that I began to heal, and thrive. I wish the same for you and all women!”

      Loving ourselves fully is a journey but one worth taking! So glad you have taken the journey too!

  10. Love this! And, I love that you mention reading inspiring publications. Sometimes people don’t realize how the media they consume affects their happiness. It makes a huge difference to make it positive. 🙂 Thanks Linda!

    1. Kristi you nailed it my friend! We are what we read, think, believe and surround ourselves with and that includes the media we read or listen to. That’s why I am passionate about all my brands being a source of inspirational, empowering content and wisdom that supports and inspires women in living an inspired life- personally and professionally. That’s why I am honored to be the Featured Luminary here at – another positive uplifting platform transforming lives. 🙂

  11. Oh My Goodness Linda! So much incredible wisdom jammed into one perfect piece! I’m printing this out and hanging it on my wall!!! I love and adore you Linda! Thank YOU for shining your light and for everything you bring to this world for all of us! Both here and in Aspire Magazine…I treasure you!

    1. What a beautiful note to find Stacey! Thank you my friend for being who you are … your presence in my life is such a gift! I am honored that our paths have crossed! (((HUG)))

  12. Linda, Such beautiful words to live by and thank you for sharing your heartfelt wisdom. I’m actually going to print this out as well and give to all my clients and put on my wall! It is so important to surround yourself with those who lift you up and support you and letting go of those who don’t with love and compassion. Thank you Linda! Your light shines on all the world!

    1. #SoulGiggles… so happy that you find my words so inspiring! It’s so true Martha that we need to surround ourselves with those who lift us up. As I transformed my life over the last twenty four years and began surrounding myself with more and more heart-centered positive women who I describe as ‘bright lights with big hearts’ everything shifted. Today, I am blessed to serve, work and play with a sacred circle of such women including YOU who are shining their light in the world. #SoBlessed

  13. Linda, you do inspire me. You are a gorgeous model of a woman who is always learning, healing, adjusting, leading, and serving, while also caring for herself and pausing to enjoy life. I consider you an honored mentor.

  14. Beautiful! This leapt out to me today: ‘In every relationship, both personal and professional ask yourself “How can I serve?” ‘ That’s easy in my professional life. Sometimes I get caught up with “life” and forget this simple shift that allows everything to open and the love to flow. Thanks for reminding me, Linda!

  15. Yes to all of it! Could not agree more… my favorite (well it is hard to pick a favorite but my favorite for today!) “You have the power to rewrite your story at any time.” Thank you!

  16. Good morning Laurie! I’m happy that my words served as a sacred reminder for you to step back and ‘recalibrate’. Life gets so busy that I get excited when the universe sends me a sacred reminder because I use it as a way to check in, see where I am and reset my internal compass. Thanks for stopping by Laurie! xoxo

    1. (((HUG))) so many women have loved and supported me over the years that the work I do in the world is my divine gift to pay it forward. Love you my friend!

  17. A beautiful manifesto for living your best life wrapped up with a glorious big bow – love yourself! You are perfect just as you are! Thank you Linda <3

  18. What an inspiring post Linda! Perfect thing to read to start the day and week off. These are beautiful reminders to receive all the love, beauty, joy, peace and meaning in our lives and to be of service in an open hearted and loving way to ourselves and the world! Thank you so much for shining your light so brightly and giving permission to others to do the same!

    1. Thanks Kelley! As you know … when we nurture the love, beauty, joy and meaning in our lives… it expands! Keep up the work you are doing in the world to remind women of self-nurturing. Such an important message! Keep shining!

  19. Linda, what a powerful post filled with goodness and inspiration. These are true words to live by to have a big, beautiful and joyous life.

  20. So many powerful nuggets of wisdom! Thank you for sharing! Here is the nugget I am going to focus on this week: Believe in the truth that anything is truly possible – because it IS! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  21. There is much in this post that inspires, and what stands out for me is that we have the power to change our story any time we choose. Leave the past behind, focus on where your heart says go, and write a new chapter! Thanks for the wisdom!

  22. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! “Surround yourself with those who honor the best in you. You are a unique gift to the world and you are meant to shine.” personal favorites. You are the best Linda JOy!

  23. “Love fully. Laugh daily. Be silly. ” You could have stopped there ~ but no you continued on with brilliant insights. I love being reminded that Silliness is Inspiring! Indeed, when you can be silly, you deflate or get rid of any worry ~ they can not co-exist. Thank you for this reminder!!!

    1. You’re welcome Laura! So true Laura that silliness and lightheartedness are a great antidote to worry and stress. Allowing ourselves to giggle, laugh and show up fully is a great way to embrace life. Xoxo

  24. Wow! It’s taken me a long time to finally find a slot where I can add my kudos to this long line of “Joy lovers”! How exciting! I loved your shared words, and am marveling now, of how quickly the Universe answers our pleas, as I just wrote out, in a note to someone, that I “didn’t know how to promote myself” and “didn’t know where to look”–and you showed up! Surely, there is a website in here somewhere so I can get your attention? I will look right now…and thank you, again…Charlene Potterbaum

  25. I knew as soon as I read the first few words, “Love fully. Laugh daily. Be silly” that this would be an article that would definitely be inspiring – and I was right. The are so many insightful statements that I’d be hard pressed to identify my favourite, but “Remember that you are not your past or your mistakes. Release the mistakes….” is definitely near the top of my list and something I need to remind myself of often. Thank you Linda for brightening my day and providing such sound wisdom.

    1. Karen… That’s one of my favs too! I carried around the baggage of the past for many years… Until one day in my early forties I realized the choice was mine. I released the weight of shame, pain, regret and self-judgment and embraced my truth… That I am perfect as I am… As are YOU! Wishing you a life of lov, light and laughter!

  26. The most powerful thing about this post for me is not the advice Linda gives, which is spot on, but the fact that this is how she lives her life. She is truly a shining example for all! Love you, Linda!

    1. Mary… LOVE you too soul sister! I do my best, like we all do, to live life from my heart, love fully and be of service. I love the fact that when we’re ever off course we can hit the ‘reset’ button and begin again. Keep on shining YOUR light Mary!

  27. As I read I thought, “I’m going to print this out and highlight my favorite parts so they jump out at me as reminders!” But by the end I realized every line will be highlighted… So I guess I’ll use several colors 🙂 thank you for the reminder and the inspiration on how to live a life of joy and passion.

  28. “How can I serve?” and “To make a new friend – be a friend” resonate so much with me. After 16+ moves in 26 years, I’ve always made new friends by being kind to others & volunteering in every city/state I lived! I’m still doing that, but now also focusing on being kind to my self, so this was very timely! Thanks Linda, beautifully written.

  29. Loving oneself is the first step to change the world. We all want more love in the world, and it can happen… by loving ourselves firs, and the reste will follow.

  30. Wow, that is one power-packed manifesto for living well, Linda Joy!! You ended it with one of my great life lessons: love yourself. I spent the first 40 years of my life trying to love everyone else, INSTEAD of me! (As you might imagine, that didn’t work so well! lol) Everything in my life began to be easy and graceful, after I learned how to love myself first, and also allowed myself to receive love from others. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us <3

  31. You are a unique gift to the world and you are meant to shine. I like this comment a lot because it reminds me that I need to share my expertise and perspective in a bigger way.
    The entire article was delightful. You sure packed a lot of tips, techniques, and heart-warming words of wisdom in it. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Linda, what everybody just commented about the post, I resonated with- especially loving myself. I see your beautiful smile and enthusiasm for life. You have truly walked the walk and are reaping the fruit of your labor. It has been my joy watching you grow and expand into the life you are leading today. I am so happy for you that you are living your dreams and sharing them with the world. You are my inspiration that dreams do come true. And to think, I was there when it started at the Love and Laughter conferences. I am going to print it also, you said it ALL. Aloha.

    1. Hello my beautiful friend! !! Time has flown by hasn’t it? You were there shortly after #AspireMag was birthed in Jan of 2006 as well as the birth of the Love, Light & Laughter events for women. I was so honored to have you as a speaker and contributor! I love seeing the pics of you and Larry enjoying your Hawaiian dream! (((HUG)))

  33. Thank you, Linda, you pretty much said it all. I believe we should pursue what we feel passionate about. Being aware, taking nothing for granted and truly appreciating my many blessings is so important to me.

  34. Thanks Linda Joy for sharing this amazing article. Our lives are so much more fulfilling when we do what we love and keep pushing through life joyfully! Thanks for all you do!!

    Warmest regards,


  35. Linda,, thank you for reminding us of our unique gift we are here to share. So true, we are not our past or the obstacles weve overcome. These do not define us, but offer the path to who we’ve become. <3

    1. YES!!! We are all here to shine our light and share our unique brilliance. It took me close to 40 years to release the shackles of the past and be able to see that lessons and wisdom from the experiences I went through. Keep shining your light Paula!

  36. I wish i had read this years ago.. but it will always be a timely reminder. It’s so easy to get caught up of the madness of the world and in the way we think things should be.. we often forget to embrace the moment and to be grateful for all that is.. and all that we choose to create when we step into our power and stop wishing for it. You are always such an inspiration to me, Linda. Mahalo.

    1. We can always use a little inspiration to remind us of what’s truly important. It’s why I surround myself with so many visionary inspirational women, like YOU! xoxo

  37. Thank you for the wisdom and encouragement and this reminder… “And most importantly – love yourself! You are perfect just as you are!” The current theme of my life. 🙂

  38. Thanks for adding this lovely dose of inspiration and feminine strength to my day. I especially like the way each “instruction” builds on the others before it.

  39. So inspiring. We need to read this every day and internalized those messages, they are truly life-transforming. Thank you Linda?

  40. Really nice job of collecting so many thoughts and ideas. Loved it and keep inspiring others with your talent.

  41. Linda – your spirited encouragement to live life more fully always comes through in your written words. I especially need to remember to connect with my Higher Power because it does guide me the better direction. Thanks for the reminder of this and to be happy and exhibit vitality.

  42. Linda, this is amazing! So many of your words of wisdom and love are daily reminders to me and for others! I’ve got to print this out and read it daily!!! You are a shining light for so many of us! Thank you for being you and stepping into your light to shine!!!!

  43. Linda, this is not just 500 words, this is your love manifesto! It’s how you live every day and shine the light for others. I’m so honored that our hearts connected and paths have crossed. Thank you for being the light that you are in the world my soul-hearted friend and mentor. <3

  44. Love, Love, Love! Linda, as always, not only do your words inspire and ooze with wisdom, but what a lovely compact reminder for daily inspiration! “Look at every life experience as a tool to reconnecting with your authentic self.”

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