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Under the umbrellas of intention and authenticity lie core values we can foster which will help lead us to, and maintain, the ultimate state of happiness – to be happy with yourself. Values such as integrity, compassion, empathy and trust are the cornerstones of personal growth and fulfillment.

Living with intention simply means to be mindful that your actions are purposeful with forward movement. You intend to be compassionate, you intend to forgive, and you intend to choose love. Shed your expectations of others. No one is perfect, nor should you expect them to be. Flaws can build character; acknowledge them and strive for growth over perfection. Because the places we grow mostly exist outside our comfort zone, we must continually challenge ourselves to try new things and take risks. Take a stand for what is right, even if you stand alone. There is no point in pursuing popularity, if you can’t live with yourself.

Intend to help others, not change them. When someone reaches out, give them something to hold onto, even if it is simple, compassionate words of encouragement. Advise, model and support others knowing that everyone has their own personal journey and lessons to learn – some of which my come from you. Practice empathy. The ability to acknowledge another person’s feelings is a powerful gift of validation that you can give often and freely.

To live with authenticity is to not let others define you. You should never be in conflict with who you are, and who others expect you to be. Be true to yourself without worrying about trite things like “fitting in” or being judged. Authenticity is about acknowledging and honoring your unique gifts and utilizing them throughout your life.

Trust your instincts. They will serve you well. Your instincts are a powerful accumulation of knowledge and experience that you can’t always articulate but are burned into your subconscious. I believe blind faith can be equally as dangerous as it can be up-lifting. Seek to know, not just believe. And when there are no answers, trust your instincts.

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Unfortunately, people hurt each other. You deserve to be free from the weight of resentment and anger. Forgiving can be a gift of peace to yourself. Be mindful not to over think, relive, or obsess over outcomes out of your control. Wanting, wishing and hoping for something to be different will never make it so. Accept, even when you can’t understand.

Finally, never forget your dreams. It’s ok to put them on the back burner as life unfolds in unexpected ways. But while they are there, let them simmer. Stir them up every now and then, and when the time is right, bring them forth and pursue them with passion.

Be humble, be grateful and always be mindful of fostering the values that lead to your higher self, and the ultimate state of happiness – inner peace.

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Adrienne Werle-Austermann is an accomplished artist, writer and art educator who now adds entrepreneur to her resume with the creation of FanMasque. FanMasque is a face paint that functions like a spa facial. It is all natural/organic and  a healthier and superior option to the toxic products on the market that can cause skin irritation, breakouts and staining.

As a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC, her career has crossed multiple disciplines which include graphic design, advertising art direction, writing, painting, and art education. She is an independent blogger for The Huffington Post and the author and illustrator of  the award winning children's books The Sleepy Star.and The Sleepy Star Goes to Heaven.  She is a mother of two and lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

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  1. Nice one Adrienne. I do all of them today. I forgave myself afew years. I cried for a couple of hours, because it hurt me so bad. After that, it was easy for me to forgive everyone else. I did alot of work on myself, and came out of it spiritspiritually. I care about humanity, and have empathy for anyone who is struggling with life.
    Your inspiration reminds me to use the spiritual principles to everyone, including myself.
    I hope you to use them also.
    Lots of love

  2. Your words resonated with me, especially “living with intention” as well as authenticity. I find that when I do not set my intentions for the day, it can get away from me andI can easily slip into the “procrastinating/mindless” lull, which ultimately makes me mad at myself. When I do set my intentions for the day, and when I have followed them to fruition, not only do I feel proud and further inspired, I also then fully enjoy any downtime for myself, as it is well-deserved then!

  3. Beautiful words and inspiration. I was feeling kind of lonely this morning and was looking for a way to inspire myself. Your words: no sense pursuing popularity if you can’t live with yourself gave me that. Thank you.

  4. Hi …great article.And I agree in principle.My query is that sometimes when people are critical of you or give you feedback – they are right and its you that needs to rethink and listen to them so how should you react to that and still keep your self esteem – any wise words please?

    1. Michelle, yes, we are not perfect and constructive criticism is always important to take gracefully and reflect on. You keep your self esteem by being able to tell the difference between what is constructive and what is just mean and hurtful. If it’s constructive, then be thankful the person cared enough to share it with you to help you grow, there is no shame in that. If it’s just hurtful, then that says more about them than you, and not worth your time thinking about.

  5. So nicely said and I can totally resonate with that. I recently ended a relationship while I was still in love. It was a great lesson on how to forgive and love yourself. Not to get attached to the outcome. Trust everything will work out for the best.

    1. Relationships are hard, because you are only half the factor in them. We have no control over others behaviors, thoughts, or actions. We can only control our participation in them, and how we let them affect us. Always take care of yourself first, relationships come and go without warning and you want to be your best self when they do in either direction!

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