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The door opens. The path is lit. A missing piece falls into your lap. The phone rings and the caller is someone you thought of just moments ago. The ever-famous “magic” parking spot opens up. I love it when I seem to just bump into someone I really want or need to see. What are the odds? There are 1,440 minutes in a day. What if I had walked a different route, took an extra minute to read my mail, veered left instead of right? There are 1,439 odds against me bumping into that person…if one goes simply by mathematical calculations.

I have long held the belief that synchronicity in my life meant that I was on the right track on all levels: spiritually, emotionally, intentionally, physically, mentally. I still choose to believe this: the more synchronicity presents itself in my life, the more in line I am with my goals and desires. It’s my equivalent of an “Atta girl!” from the Universe, saying, “Listen up. Here’s proof that we are bringing your desires to you. Furthermore, you are believing and behaving in a way that is helping us to help you!”

Can’t you just hear the Universe whispering that in your ear? In fact, sometimes, it may be yelling at you to pay attention. Need money? Decide to donate a dollar into a Salvation Army jar. Go grocery shopping. Drop a quarter on the way to your car – and find an instant-win ticket for a $100 on the ground as you open your trunk. It happens, and the more in line we are with our vision of what we desire, the more it happens.

Those blessed moments of serendipity and happenstance are no accident. I maintain that there are no such things as coincidences. I find that when I hold clear intentions, a passion for what I desire, and the greater good for those concerned in mind and foremost in my heart – voila! – synchronicity.

We can take this a step further and categorize these synchronicities. There are single synchronicities which may be a one-time occurrence (notice I did not say chance encounter) or an occurrence that may repeat over a span of time. There are series of synchronicities – a succession of them, if you will – when a wake-up call may be needed to move things forward or drive a certain, meaningful point home. There are clusters of synchronicities, groups of them with varied layers of impact and intensity which educe a deeper, more spiritual understanding along with an awareness that the Universe will keep guiding you, perhaps pushing you, with those events as if to say: “Follow this path. It is best”, until you do so. Love offers an easy way to clarify the above.

Single synchronicity (may repeat itself until you are where you are supposed to be): You know someone for a while, think little of it, bump into them at the gas station and wham. Something clicks and your eyes light up and you know this is now a kindred spirit. Or, as with series of synchronicities, they tend to repeat until we ‘get it’.

Series of synchronicities: It keeps happening. You bump into him/her… next, at the hardware store, then passing in the car, now at the supermarket, even walking down the street… but it keeps happening! Events and people seem to align to get the two of you in the same place so the relationship progresses.

Clusters of synchronicities: Same as above, but involving several with more intensity, more depth, more impact – usually centered around a particular theme. These add up to be more than a wake-up call or simple call to action they involve a deepening awareness and a true sense of, “This must be right – it feels right – forget whatever else I might have been thinking – this is right”.

Some synchronicities can be simple, some seemingly against all odds (and we know that is irrelevant), but they add up in ways that may seem downright uncanny! Uncanny enough, that is, to make sure you are open, courageous, trusting, and receptive enough to get you to go with that flow and follow that path.

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Eva Gregory is a mentor to spiritual entrepreneurs, Law of Attraction expert, and author. Her gift is teaching spiritual entrepreneurs how to tap into their own inner guidance and merge it with proven strategies to create healthy sustainable businesses from a place of purpose, passion and prosperity.

She was named winner of the Law of Attraction Leaders Award for Best Law of Attraction Coach in 2013 and 2014 consecutively, was named one of the Top 100 Who's Who among Women in Ecommerce in 2012 and named International Coach of the Year in 2006.

Eva is the author of The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity and Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, co-authored with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul series fame.

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  1. I have read your piece a couple of times. It is so true. You have put into words what I know for a fact. Thank you, Eva.

  2. Thank you Eva,it is what I have believed for a long time. I have never believed in coincidence or at least ,if it does happen ,then it has a different ‘feel’ to it
    I once liked someone who I know had a family in the background and thought of him constantly. one day with my thoughts full of him I walked through a department store in my town.
    Who should I see walking towards me but he,his girlfriend and their baby,nowhere near where he lived. My fantasies then just evaporated,and it was fine. On the reverse I have loved someone for about 5 years,seemingly unrequited.The synchronicity was very strong. The friendshio ended badly and then afew month ago he turned up at my gym 40 minutes away from where he lives. This went on for several months but I know that I need to let go as he hasn’t been for awhile so I guess he has met someone new. I can see the signs but he never has! ……Good luck with your work and writing!!

  3. Eva – so nice to see your insights being showcased in another publication. I have a long distance synchronous relationship with a niece who is in prison. I send her articles weekly and she often writes back and says “How did you know I needed that message right now?” Always delights me.

    1. Hi Virginia. Thank you! And how incredibly beautiful that you have this relationship with your niece who can glean what she needs at just the right time from what you share with her! Definitely a higher power at play.

  4. Thank you! I always find that Synchronicity is the universe’s way of telling me that I am on the right track. The energy that you feel when you are experiencing it is wonderful. Though when you aren’t having synchronicity moments we sometimes don’t take the time to realize it. Thank you for the reminder.

  5. Our whole family believes strongly in this…A funny event just happened to me while reading this article…
    We almost never use synchronicity; it’s too hard to wrap your tongue & brain around… I was sitting here trying
    to think of the word we always use; lo & behold the very next sentence supplied it for me ” serendipity”.
    Talk about synchronicity & serendipity….It was just too neat not to share. Thank you all for this article

  6. I am overwhelmed with the strange happenings in my life. I could write several books about all the strange occurences that are happening with me. However, I am different in this one respect, and that is- I don’t want these ‘messages’. I’m scared of the strangeness of it all. I just don’t get it. I don’t get it at all. Sometimes I feel like a cloud is above my head anticipating my every move. I do not delight in these moments like the other people seem to.

    1. Hi Loretta, it is not surprising that you would be scared of experiences that seem unusual and out of the ordinary and yet there can be such magic and inspiration within them. Set clear intentions that you only want surprises and delights in these experiences and look for the evidence of that! I’d be interested to know how you go with this.

  7. I am very glad I came across your post.
    I am a young 23 year old lady who just happens to have gone to a National Night Out event that includes all types of men in uniform.
    I was a volunteer at that event for a college organization that I am part of. Anyways, my girl friend and i had been excited about this event because we are single ladies and well men in uniform is never a bad idea lol. So as the day was approaching i planned out my outfit and it was going to be an outdoors event but not something in which you have to dress a specific way, therefore, i decided to wear some cowboy boots with some skinny jeans and a tshirt of the university i am in. It is so strange because fast forward i was not expecting to see the border patrol’s mounted unit be part of this event. Well since we got there my girl friend kept saying ohh look at that one and look at this one but no guy was catching my attention UNTIL we walked around and came across the men in horse. Ohhh my! Thats when i set my eyes on a very very handsome man. I would like to say that he was maybe in his early 30s which may be old for my age but there was just something about him! I even told her “hey i want to go touch him” she gave me a dirty look so i said “yes i mean him not his horse” which sounds is not something i would say!! I was even shocked i had said that. Point is we make ourselves to where they’re at because well i had to i was attracted to him and only problem was that some flag banners were dividing the parking lot from the field, him and his coworker were in. That’s the only thing that kept me from going straight on to him but a kid decided to go speak to them. To my advantage my organization group somehow appeared and our president decided to talk to my handsome man and the rest with the other rider. I was shocked that i was able to get my way! I even took selfies with his horse but sadly i did not converse with him much but i dont quite remember what the horse did that he said “you make him shy” that was like what does he mean by that?? However, what i did find very funny and very synchronous was the fact that when we were with him a lady shows up and says can i touch him and he said ” oh of course you can touch me” and i just stared at my friend in disbelief! what!? those had been my exact thoughts just a few minutes ago! it was as if he was answering my question lol. So before the night came to an end I made sure to go see the “horse” once again and to my advantage another kid saved the day because for whatever reason they were not choosing the other horse and the kids parent were taking him pictures so my only thing was to go touch this horse one last time to be closer to him but my friend said “oh you should take a picture next” to my advantage he was actually riding the horse this time so i got a picture where im cheek to cheek with the horse and somehow it looks like he’s checking me out or so my facebook friends say when that was going on he actually said another thing about the horse he said “he got comfortable” I am so silly that i answered ” i can get comfortable too” its so sad that my nerves did not allow me to talk to him. I have no idea why i feel so happy when i think about him maybe i am being delusional but I really want to bump into him again! and reading your post reminded me that anything can happen! Therefore, if its meant to be it will be and I will come across him again. I just love how he looked, his sense of humor and it is very difficult to find someone as handsome as he is and not be conceited! I believe that through synchronicity I will bump into him at least in a corner store.

    1. Hi Maddie! Set your intention for what you want. Keep it light and make it a game. And ask to be “surprised and delighted” along the way!

  8. Hey Eva!

    awesome and wonderful article! I’m so grateful you’re sharing this message with the world. I love synchronicity!
    Do you believe in synchronistic numbers? When certain numbers (like 22, for example) shows up over and over again and the mind isn’t sure what to make out of it. Most of me still believes that it’s “just” a mental setting, what I’m looking for.. however, we co-create our reality with our minds right, so the mental setting is playing a part in creating those occurrences of 22 ,creating even more 22’s than would be otherwise. how awesome is that! (what we focus on grows!)

    I’m on the path to finding a way to make a living thru a conscious business… life coaching and doing breathwork, healing people thru love and breath and attention. I’m just starting out and I would love some advice or support. how can we work together?

    Heyo, talk to you soon! maybe 🙂

    lol (lots of love)
    Sebastian Monomosuke Törngren

    1. and thank you again, I’m learning to Trust in the Universe in all regards.. I have been thru so much uncertainty recently, I don’t have a place to live in Sweden, I’m travelling from the US for Breathwork practitioner training, client attraction summit, and now Australia for a Personal Development event, I lost my passport and am now on an emergency passport issued in the US and I still managed to make it here somehow with a lot of support and flow (Divine, I’m sure) and I even got the consulate to issue me a permit to travel thru New Zealand and my intuition says yes!! so I’m going there too.

      I don’t have much money left and I still know in my heart and soul and mind that ı will and always have enough, am always taken care of , held, loved supported… and my trip is worth it, it has a purpose, I’m growing to become who I need to be to serve the world in the most powerful and profound way as a healer leader and teacher. And it feels amazing to know these things.

      yes, anyway. Good to meet you on here, soul sister! <3

    2. Thanks Monomosuke! Yes I do believe in synchronistic numbers, for sure! Would love to know more about the work you want to put out in the world! Where are you located?

  9. Great description of synchronicity and a great reminder to notice and acknowledge all of the magical moments in our day!

  10. Love your article, Eva. I have manifested so many things with little or no effort and I make it a daily practice to make a gratitude list of all the synchronicities I experience. It is so much fun to see how the Universe conspires in my favor when I hold a clear intention and the desire for the greater good of all.

    1. Hi Kat, yes! And nothing like being in gratitude to find yourself experiencing even greater synchronicities in life!

  11. Beautiful and magically precise, Eva! Thank you. We are part of the field. We are in the flow of life. We are the flow. Our intention, emotion and attention magnetize those forces in the field that resonate and they manifest as synchronicity. Simple. Profound.

  12. Thank you Eva! Thank for your explanation. I have experienced now and then ‘synchronicities: single synchronicity, series of synchronicity, clusters of synchronicities. (new words for me). I met a kindred spirit.

  13. Like attracts like and is it any wonder that we have the same name? Um………… Synchronicity works all the time as long as we are aware of where we want to go. Thanks for articulating this subject so transparently and may our roads cross again.

  14. HI Eva,

    Why do I keep bumping into my ex? He broke it off with me a year ago and it was a long and painful process but I’m finally happy again. Then I started bumping into him everywhere. And no matter how much time passed, I still loved him and would smile like a puppy at the sight of him, even though I knew everything changed and nothing would ever be the same. I might be leaving soon and might never see him again. I really don’t understand why this keeps happening. I know he doesn’t love me anymore, so why does the universe keep pushing him in my direction?

  15. Yes, nice read. As a Unity Sound Man, I hear of this all of the time… It is nice to see it detailed out. Thanks.

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