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Life is nothing but living with nature in a natural and divine harmony. If we know to how to transform our life in such a way that we live in harmony with nature, we can enjoy a wonderful and amazing life. It can help us not only improve our quality of life, but also the lives of all other fellow beings we come in contact with, because our positive mindset emits positive energy. Living in harmony with life itself makes you energetic, enthusiastic and bubbling with joy. Accidentally, you learn how to love yourself, and if you love yourself, you accept yourself as you are. Through this, you also learn to love humanity.

The saying goes like this, “If you learn to love a country, you love one country. If you learn to love a community, you love a community. If you learn to love a family, you love one family . But if you learn to love yourself, you know how to love all of humanity.”

There is no hard and fast rule for learning the “art of living”. It changes from person to person.  As every new river is a new challenge for a swimmer, like that, every person has their own “art” to live which they develop through their surrounding environment. However, some things are consistent for all the people- to have faith in God, to search for truth through our own wisdom and to love everyone.

It has been a matter of debate since the beginning whether God exists or not. But in practice, most of us accept his existence. Based on different religious and spiritual books, God can be perceived differently. But one common thread exists- God is always with us. He always gives divine energy which transforms our lives extensively. Therefore, we should never feel alone.

We usually act according to the knowledge gained through our parents, or through the books we read. We do not judge whether it is true or not. Therefore, we live a borrowed life, based on the knowledge of others. We do not use intellect to decipher what is right or wrong. We usually accept our old traditions as fact. We do not do critical and meaningful thinking for ourselves. That hinders our inner and unique way to live our life based on our own experience.

This is the most valuable gift of nature. We generally do not understand and forget its value due to being preoccupied with daily mundane work. If you love your own life, you come to know that all things are given by God, for our benefit. All human beings, and all living things are interconnected. Understanding this helps us connect with nature and with one another. This is what is called the “ART OF LIVING”.

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Mr. Kumar is the Chief Manager In Bank of India. He has interest in almost all walks of life and loves to share views gained through experience. He writes on almost all subject of art.

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