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I have already spent half of my years in life. Through this journey, I have been happy and sad. I am sad because I learnt the truths about life a little too late. I wish I had known what I know now a little earlier but on the other hand I also know that humans are full of regrets, what we don’t have always seem to be our greatest desire. Marie Corelli succinctly puts it this way, that “No one is contented in this world, I believe. There is always something left to desire, and the last thing longed for always seems the most necessary to happiness” (The Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance).
That said, I am glad to have moved on with this new knowledge. Now I know that I am more than just a man because I have come to realize that I am a manifestation of something greater than my physical self. And because I am a manifestation of something greater, a consciousness of the limitlessness of my abilities has become apparent. This realization spurred me into ventures that I had dreaded in my childhood. Day after day I am amused, as I unfold into a reality that is ruled by the power of my imagination. This new power and knowledge cleared many prejudices in my consciousness which had created self-limiting beliefs. Some times in the middle of the day I’d stop and wonder why this knowledge eluded my consciousness in my formative years? But that same consciousness reassured me that spirit is never too late. Because for every man, there is a time appointed; therefore, now is the time for my awakening.

So here I am, like the men in Plato’s Allegory of the cave. I have found this truth that I am very excited to share it. But when I open my mouth to speak, many look at me and wonder if I have gone insane, others ignore me and pretend not to hear me speak, while the rest avoid me completely. But I care less, as I know my task is to speak. Perhaps a few will be enlightened and when they do, my job would be done.
So, as you read these words, pause and ponder upon every one of them. One day, this pen will cease from writing and then, silence. My Journey is almost coming to a close as I trudge slowly to my place of rest. However, to you I bequeath this gift of knowing; use it now that your bones are still strong and your eyes are far from dim. The gift is this: You must realize that you are not just a man or woman, but a spirit inhabiting a body. That you are limitless in your potential. You can be do or have anything you imagine. You are one and the same with the infinite; you carry the raw omnipotent power of the infinite, therefore you are unrestrictable.

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  1. Pico the Man. I join you in thanking The Maker & Possessor of The Universe for releasing this vial of wisdom. May our hearts receive this treasure that you share.

    1. Oga Solo, Thanks. The more we open up to infinite wisdom, the more we will experience our limitless potentials – no man is destined to be a failure, our thoughts and self limiting beliefs is our stumbling block.

    1. Good thought, Emma. often we believe that we can only go as far as our intellect permits. But there is a world beyond the intellect, a world many perceive to be an exclusive right of just a few, a world many classified as impossible. The truth is, it is readily available for everyone if only they quiet their minds and listen.

  2. Thank you for sharing this…the power of the imagination. And the truth sets us free. It’s all so amazing when we wake up. I’m so very happy for you!

    1. Thank you Cathy. There is more to everyone than we realize and we can only be or do or have whatever our aspirations are only when we wake up to our true selves.

  3. This is Spiritual awakening. Man is a Spirit, has a soul and lives in a container called the body. Dwelling in the physical “existential” realm limits man to the things seen but the spiritual mind sees today belonging to itself a power for accomplishing any and all results in the physical world, greater than the masses could ever dream of. I rejoice with you on your discovery. No time is too late to discover a treasure. God bless you and yours richly.

    1. Good thoughts Ab. We are constantly evolving, in the scriptures Paul, writing to the Corinthians compare this evolution to someone looking in a mirror and is changed into that same image, from glory to glory,” There is no end in our evolution but it has to start with a consciousness and as Charles Haanel says in the Masterkey system that We must “be”before we can “do” and we can “do” only to the extent to which we “are,” and what we are depend on what we think or hold in our consciousness.

    1. Sure Paul. But it’s not allowed in this forum to make email addresses public. You can catch me on Facebook though.

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