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I have learned that life is truly a gift

I have learned how important it is to be specific about what you wanted because if you are not, something else may be ordered up and it may not be what you wanted

I have learned to listen to my heart and not every person that comes along with an opinion of how they think I should do things

I have learned to be REAL and AUTHENTIC all the time

I have learned that taking care of your body, mind and spirit will help you accomplish your dreams even faster than you imagined

I have learned how much fun it is to be on a great team of people

I have learned how important it is to Do the Right Thing Every Day of Your Life

I have learned how powerful a smile can be

I have learned I don’t have all the answers nor do I need to

I have learned I have to say No sometimes

I have learned how much I still don’t know

I have learned how important it is to just “be”

I have learned and understand now that it is not “the world” but “my world”

I have learned we all have something to share

I have learned that everyone is human and we all make mistakes

I have learned that nothing is more important than love

I have learned that I am proud of who I am becoming and who my family is becoming

I have learned that I am pretty lucky to have parents who love, adored and cherished me

I have learned that I am a little quirky and am grateful for my quirkiness

I have learned that “the difficult takes time and the impossible takes a bit longer”

I have learned that we all have the same basic needs: Love, Variety, Connection, Significance, Growth and Contribution

I have learned I love to laugh till I cry

I have learned I like my own company

I have learned to lighten up and not take things so seriously

I have learned how good saying “thank you” feels

I have learned that my favorite food is that from the earth

I have learned the gift of earnership

I have learned there is no such thing as perfect! Thank goodness!

I have learned I have a lot more to share, to give and to be for me, my family and my world

I have learned just how truly blessed I am

I have learned that I actually like country music!

I have learned that I actually am the hero that I wished for my kids

I have learned that there is so much to learn!

I have learned that I am here on this earth for a reason

I have learned that I am here to be an example of what is possible for everyday people like you and me.

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A world-renowned speaker, coach, and nutritional therapist, Loren Slocum considers herself first and foremost a woman and a mom.

A devoted mother and author of Drama Free Divorce DetoxThe Greatest Love: Being an Extraordinary Mom, and Life Tuneups, Loren feels her mission is to nurture the people around her, be an example for what is possible and give back to her world.

The founder of LoBella, an organization committed to helping women stay true to who they are, Loren is also a lead facilitator for international seminars and host of the Voice America show Life Tuneups as well as a featured guest on many morning and radio shows nationwide.

Loren also believes that we need to go beyond our own backyards and serve other women around the globe. (One example of this is her commitment to the Raising Malawi Girls Academy.) She lives a life of service, whether it be in line at the grocery store or volunteering at one of her kid's schools.

After working with thousands of women over the last 20 years, and coaching everyone from top executives to everyday moms, she believes that all women have the opportunity to find their more balanced, passionate, alive selves. She also knows that in order to be fulfilled in any role (as mothers, wives, friends, daughters) we have to take care of ourselves and learn how to tune in to what we really need.

Loren feels her mission is to nurture the people around her and be an example for what is possible.

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  1. Your an amazing woman, for women. I love all that you learned, in your inspiration. I have learned most of what you have, and work every day to maintain it. You have given my some things to integrate into my life. I hope you have a great weekend, and keep doing what your doing. Thank you Loren.

  2. thank you: you strike me as someone who has gone out of their way to successfully be all encompassing

  3. Wonderful post! Enjoyable to read, feel very good that there are people out there think, feel and do alike me 🙂

  4. Words of wisdom shared with us from your heart, experience, and delight in living life more fully. Thanks Loren.

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