The Freeing Power of Love


If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...

  • Love.

    Love freely.

    Love without limits.

    Love without condition.

    Love as a soul unchained, as one who is not shackled by the pains of a yesterday. Love as if there existed no threat of incurring heartache in return. Love from a heart that refuses to be encased in ice, from a heart that defies imprisonment behind the iron bars of mistrust.

    Rather, let your heart beat as wildly as the wings of the starling against an apricot sunset. Love in the dreamy way of an awestruck child. Love in the starry-eyed way of artists, who drink in the world’s beauty and become drunk by it.

    Place no limits on that love. Demonstrate it at all times. Let it be a symphony that stirs your soul, a battle cry that beckons you to extend compassion to all—with no regard to culture, creed, and other statuses that separate us more than they do unite us.

    Instead, be a manifestation of the highest and purest forms of love. Think kindly of others. Assist those in need, even in the most trivial of gestures. Use your gifts, talents, and skills to bring hope and healing into a world that so often struggles under the weights of despair and discouragement.

    Smile at strangers in passing. Speak only what is helpful toward uplifting a kindred spirit. Speak with the knowledge that every utterance has the potential to serve as balm for a weary soul.

    Remember that your words possess vibrations, and that these vibrations can either create worlds of peace between yourself and others or cause disharmony and destruction. Knowing this, choose your words wisely.

    Never serve pride above love, as pride will never serve you well. Embrace vulnerability and express your love at all times. Proclaim “I love you” as if tomorrow may never greet you. Hold hands with the dear one beside you to remind them of your affection. Envelop others warmly.

    Abandon all pride, all misgivings, and all unforgiveness. Such burdens can only tire the soul. Cleaving to them will bar fulfillment and love from entering the heart. Part with these things. Set yourself free of them. Then, experience the unfathomable peace that awaits you.

    Wherever your journey takes you, cherish the love you have to offer others. Rest within its warmth and let its tides instill in you overwhelming calm. Remember that no single person nor situation can ever steal your joy. It is yours to part with as you so choose—keep it instead. Share it. Show it. Live it. Find sanctuary in it. Be strengthened by it.

    So that when your time has come to transition from this life, you may look back on the years behind you and experience bliss in your soul at having lived a life of radiant, joyful, and world-changing love.

    Lily Velez

    Lily is a life strategist, award-winning speaker, spiritual mentor, and the author of an upcoming novel about forgiveness. She graduated cum laude from Rollins College with a degree in religious studies and further studied at the University of Chicago Divinity School and the University of Southern California School of Social Work.

    Lily is passionate about helping people discover their life purpose and deepen their spirituality. From her website, she offers life-changing tips each week that help her readers upgrade to the best version of themselves.

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