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Bruce Painter

There are many things I can share with you that can inspire you when you are having a discouraging day or a discouraging week. However, I wish to share with you the biggest key of all to be able to have a life of inspiration and fulfillment.

Knowing and then living your life purpose, more than anything else, keeps the fires going for a life of inspiration. Living your life purpose will give you a life of meaning and a life of direction. To not know your life purpose, also known as your reason for being here, is like not having a destination or a map when you are driving your car.

And in living our life purpose, we have the power to achieve our dreams and goals. I believe you can do virtually anything you set your mind to as long as it’s in alignment with your life purpose.

When I discovered my life purpose and began to live it, my level of inspiration increased perhaps a hundredfold. Life became more vivid. It’s like the lights became brighter, and things came more into focus.

I feel that when I discovered my life purpose and began to live it, I began to arrive in the world. Before being aware of my life purpose, I felt lost and not really present in the world. We are each here for a purpose. Find what your purpose is.

And once you identify your life purpose, live each aspect of your life from your purpose. Align your life purpose to all areas of your life – your career, your relationships, your spiritual path, etc. There are a number of things you can do to begin to discover your life purpose. The following exercise is one of them.

Answer the following questions: Do you have a big dream that goes beyond yourself? Is it something that contributes toward making a better world? Is it something that you are very passionate about? If so, this big dream could very possibly at least be a part of your life purpose.

Take some time to reflect on these questions. Take a walk, or sit down and watch a sunset as you reflect on your answers. Stay with these questions until you are passionate about what you discover. Several changes take place when we conceive of our main dream or life purpose in life. We suddenly have a tremendous amount of attention and focus. And then we possess a new vision of a bright future.

Another thing you can do to help you discover your life purpose: Make a list of what you are truly passionate about – things you really love to do. It could be something you like to do for fun. It could be a hobby.

On your list, there is quite possibly something in the direction of your life purpose, and you can develop it into an avocation or a vocation. It is important to know that your life purpose stems from the essence of who you are.

Each of us has a spiritual essence within us that radiates our life purpose. It is the “real you” within each of us, containing a unique code for our contribution to the world. It is paramount for an authentic life. It is either restrained or activated. Seek it, find it, and once it’s realized, free it, activate it, emanate it, and stay the course.


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Bruce Painter, owner of Bruce Painter Consulting Group, has been a speaker, trainer, and consultant for over 30 years. He has been featured on radio nation wide, and has been on TV programs including "Pittsburgh Live Today" and "Positively Texas.". This media interest is connected to his powerful Amazon best-selling book titled "The Giving Zone. Bruce shows us how to use the power of giving to make our professional and personal dreams come true.

Painter's consulting and training has carried him to a range of locations including Australia, British Columbia, and Hawaii. He and his wife Shoshana Painter, who works with him, live in Frisco, Texas.

Bruce works with leaders and Independent Business People who want to create breakthroughs to grow their

business and who want to create breakthroughs to achieve their personal goals.

Another side of Bruce is his hobbies which include ballroom dance, and hiking. His past experiences include archeology in Peru, and a parachute jump.

Bruce is also Executive Producer and host for his own internet radio program - The Giving Zone. In addition, he is creator of The Giving Zone Game which teaches children that giving is fun.

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