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The most profound wisdom I have gained since my challenge with cancer and financial hardship 11 years ago is this: We are not alone here.

No matter how dark it gets in our lives or how alone we feel, there is a divine presence, call it grace or a Higher Power, that supports, protects, and guides us through the storm.

The magic and miracles associated with the Law of Attraction or synchronicity appear mild when compared to this powerful, compassionate presence. With minimal effort on your part, you are brought exactly what you need to become your best and accomplish the extraordinary. Life feels sacred in those moments.

Two of the most difficult years of my life taught me about the power of staying focused on the positive and allowing a Higher Power to do the heavy lifting. I did my part to survive, and grace did the rest.

When you find yourself in a challenging situation, call upon the spiritual resources available to you. They are real and ever present. These two strategies have made a difference in my life:

Focus on the positive. Having a positive mindset does not take you out of appropriate negative emotions. However, while you are feeling them, your mind and heart believe a positive outcome is on its way to you. You may not know what it will be or how it will happen, but past experiences remind you to trust the power of positive thinking and rely on a process that works.

When you are willing to accept yourself and the situation without too many critical judgments, you invite the sacred into your life. A divine order will take over, and before you realize what is happening, you are flowing with it.

Surrender the outcome. When you are doing your best and the task still feels overwhelming, you may need to remind yourself to turn it over to a Higher Power. Surrender does not mean you take yourself out of the driver’s seat; it just means you take your hands off the steering wheel and your foot off the gas pedal. You still notice what is happening, make choices and do what needs to be done in the real world while the sacred delivers the outcome. Invoking the sacred, doing your part, and having gratitude for what is working attracts the miraculous into your life.

I want to believe that all of us have had sacred moments when life brought us more than we imagined or requested. Whether you observe these miracles happening to you or someone else, acknowledge them and give thanks when a Higher Power breaks through the illusion of separation.

I have complete trust that a sacred presence is walking beside me. It intervenes on its own terms, not mine, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is there for me and you.

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Sandra Miniere, M.Ed. is an integrative wellness expert, author and speaker.

Sandra offers life and executive leadership coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques consultations, podium presentations, workshops and teleseminars on a variety of inspirational and integrative wellness topics. She is a former holistic body-centered counselor and has been helping people become their best and accomplish extraordinary outcomes for 30 years.

Her new book, A Lighter Side to Cancer – From Wake-up Call to Radiant Wellness, shares her uplifting adventure through breast cancer 11 years. It includes statements by authors and doctors discussing the healing modalities she used to get well, mend her ways and change her life. It also includes the stories of 12 cancer patients who took charge and participated in their recovery. Her Internet book launch is scheduled for October 11, 2012.

Sandra Miniere is an experienced specialist in human development. She holds a masters degree in counseling. In the past she maintained a 20-year private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor; served as the executive director of a non-profit for five years; worked with patients at a health care center; and had articles published in newspapers and holistic health magazines.

Sandra is committed to helping her clients integrate body, mind, and spirit in their quest for extraordinary success, personal fulfillment, inner harmony and optimal health. She uses her highly developed intuition to uncover the core issues underlying a client's self-defeating patterns. Her clients accomplish their goals and visions quickly and easily.

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