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Love is all there is. The energy of love is the basis for all you know. You and every soul were born of love and you and every soul want to vibrate closer and closer to the vibration of love. When you vibrate closer to the energy of love, you become happier, freer, more creative, more joyful, and more vibrant.

Perhaps romantic love is the expression most equated with the significance of love, but intimate passion is only one form. To love is to feel joy and pleasure toward any person, place, thing, or idea.

Love is fire. Love is curiosity. Love is wisdom. Love is seeing beyond the illusion. Love is knowing. Love is creating. Love is bold. Love is strong. Love is eternal. Love is the power of life. Love is the source of all good. Love is the consequence. Love is the reason. Love is being. Love is peace. Love is all.

If you want to live more in the vibration of love to be happier, take a few wise steps this month. These steps sound simple on paper, but they take effort and focus to master. If you follow the prescribed steps, you WILL be happier by the end of a month.

1. Love yourself more.

For the next two weeks, become conscious of your “random” thoughts about yourself.

“He won’t like my idea.” “I’m such an idiot for forgetting.” “I look fat.” “I can’t win.” For every limiting phrase you think, flip it 180 degrees and tell yourself the opposite or restate it with humor. “He may like my idea!” “Oops, goofed! Oh well!” “Hey, a few extra pounds means I get to wow everyone with my sparkling personality and not just my great looks!” “I am a winner!”

It takes focus, but it’s worth it. Let love grow.

2. Appreciate the good in anything and everything.

For example:

You broke your arm. You are tempted to fret about the inconvenience, but look for the benefit instead. You’ve been the only one driving carpool, so now someone else gets a chance to take responsibility.

Fourteen more inches of snow. Ahhh, a perfect day for a fire, hot cocoa, and a game of Scrabble.

Let love grow.

3. Release judgment.

Memorize the statement, “Everyone is doing the best they can within their level of awareness.” And then live as though you know it’s true. People are different. They show variety and depth, originality and plainness. They cry too much and laugh too loud. They show up late and forget birthdays. They eat, they regret, and they love. They live sadly and they live happily.

Among the variety, there is only one truth that they all have in common. They all want to be valued and appreciated. They all want love. Love them. Love them for who, what, where, and why they are. Love them more and you will love you more.

Let love grow. You will uncover more happiness because you intend to!

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After obtaining her MBA, Karen L. Garvey acquired extensive business experience. On 9/11, she "received" simultaneous information about what was occurring, her first experience learning something not through earthly means. Over time, she discovered how to intentionally attune to this connection.

Presently, through this conduit to universal knowledge, Karen provides ongoing insights for workshops, media appearances, and books. She also offers sessions and coaching to clients, enabling them to shorten their success path. Learn more at

For more information, please visit

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  1. Karen’s style and openness brings the truth to new light. Her insight is quite in alignment with another great mind of our times, Ayd Rand. Her pearls of knowledge and wisdom are timeless and of Universal Oneness! I second Strikers message.

  2. Karen, ‘love’ly post. 🙂

    I’ve found that your last 2 items are closely related. Appreciating the good and releasing judgment go hand in hand. For me, releasing judgment is about letting go of ‘right and wrong’ and ‘good and bad’. The more I can allow things to just be, and the more I see everything as ‘good’, the better my experiences get.

    Rather than judge something – as good or bad or right or wrong – I seek to understand it at deeper levels. I can prefer this instead of that, but I don’t need to judge them to prefer one over the other. From this vantage point, I can choose and focus on what I prefer, and let the rest be.

    By not seeking to invalidate the things I don’t prefer, I am able to experience a state of non-resistance and allowing.

    I believe this is the essence of it all. Unconditional Love = total allowing = zero judgment = non-attachment = non-suffering.

  3. Love your heart Karen. Love the quote” when you look for the good in others , you will discover the best in yourself. “ Every human being walking the planet has good qualities and bad qualities. We have to decide which list of qualities we will focus on as we interact in our relationships. I choose to be a good- finder and not focus on being a fault- finder. It’s like magic, the love shines bright on every soul we encounter. Love , Serve and Remember, remember what? Remember to Love and Serve!!!

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