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If I could name the biggest obstacle to finding success in life and the joy of achieving our dreams, it would be each one of us. How many of us wake up with discouragement, self-pity, anger at our circumstances, or fear of the unknown?

Perhaps our jobs are monotonous, or our marriages are bathed in tears, or our health is declining, or we have money problems. Life isn’t turning out the way we wanted. We’ve shoved away our dreams in a dresser drawer and slammed it shut. In place of our dreams, we hide in numbing mindlessness – the fog of drug and alcohol abuse, infidelity, or other activities which fill time, but not our emptiness.

What is my solution? Find a spot under a shady tree with the grasses blowing in a gentle breeze and the warm sunshine reflecting on the joyous laughter of children.

Breathe in deeply and let your eyes feast on the beauty of nature and the blessings of God. We are beloved by God, our Father and our Creator. He has never left us, but is ready to overflow with healing and blessings on our broken lives.

What does it take to restore your relationship with God? It takes saying, I’m here, God, please help me. God is waiting for you. He’ll answer.

“If God can work through me, he can work through anyone… Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

We’re all failures at something. It’s also true that we’re children of the God of all abundance and blessing, and each of us is unique. There’s a special talent or gift that only you have and a special purpose for your life.

Don’t sit on the sidelines of life, but reclaim your divine heritage. Begin talking and walking with God. Ask Him to help you make changes in your life and find your dream again.

Do what’s necessary and possible first. Change a job you hate, find counseling for a crumbling marriage, go to a treatment center for drug or alcohol abuse, turn off the TV and get out in the sunshine, exercise in whatever way you can, and start helping others instead of thinking about yourself. Find a body of God’s believers to encourage you in your journey.

Suddenly, you will be doing the impossible. You’ll be dreaming again, reinventing your broken life, and breathing in God’s blessings. Whatever talents you have, go for your dreams. Think big! You are beloved by the Creator of all abundance!

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M.B. Tosi is the author of The Sacred Path of Tears and The Secret Path of Destiny, Books One and Two of The Indian Path Series, which focuses on different Native American tribes during the Indian Wars in the late 1800s.

She has been an editor of non-fiction books and a weekly newspaper. She teaches piano and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and master’s degree in education.

Born in Pierre, South Dakota, she has lived in Alexandria, Virginia; Bucks County, Pennsylvania; and Toledo, Ohio. She has three children and three grandchildren.

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  2. Thank you for the message today. Not only is it perfectly timed (another of God’s incidences) but it is spot on!

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