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Spirituality is the most important and fundamental aspect of living that improves all areas of someone’s life.

Focusing on developing your spirituality allows you to be the best person you can be and opens up your senses to a whole new world. Spirituality allows you to listen to your inner voice and feelings as well as connecting with your angels and loved ones through prayer and meditation to help you feel loved, comforted, and to help guide you through uncertain times.

Your inner voice, commonly known as your intuition, is constantly at work giving you feelings and notions that can lead you to a more positive and fulfilling life. These intuitive feelings can come as an upset stomach when warning you about a situation, or can come as sudden rush of energy telling you to “go for it!”

Intuition allows you to feel a situation on a deeper level so that you can receive information on whether it will benefit you or not. It can also be recognized as inner knowledge of positive opportunities coming into your life before they happen.

Refined intuition enables you to feel the presence of those you love in spirit around you. It will bring the comfort and reassurance of “just knowing” that your loved one who has passed is there by your side.

Prayer connects you to the unbounded timeless level of creation. You can pray to your God, your angels and your loved ones on the other side. Every religion believes in prayer. Praying is your direct connection to the other side, where all your guardian angels and loved ones watch over you. Your departed loved ones are never lost, they are always there.

When you think about them and reminisce about the memories that you hold close and had shared with them, they are frequently felt standing next to you. When you see things that remind you of them, know it is another reminder that they are with you.

Angels are celestial beings who are eternal – call on them to provide you with comfort and support. When you are hurt or crying know you can reach out with your thoughts to the angels and begin to feel them easing your pain. This is something anyone can do – ask and begin to feel their warm loving presence surrounding you.

Meditation is also a key to your spirituality and opening up your senses and awareness. Meditation allows you to calm your mind and enter a deeper relaxed state to relieve stress, tension and anxiety. It helps to bring you to a mental alertness where everything is calm and peaceful transcending the active level of life.

Spirituality has taught me that dead is not dead. Death is a doorway to the paradise of God where we can sense and feel our departed loved ones all the time. It is wisdom and an awareness that I wish more people were able to recognize and use.

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Matthew Fraser is a highly respected psychic/medium on a daily odyssey into the spiritual world and back, with a personal mission to re-connect families, friends and loved ones across the ultimate divide both through his shows and his new eBook The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability.

Matthew is both a clairvoyant and a clairaudience and he uses these powerful skills to help others, and to bring peace and comfort to the living. He has done readings around the globe in both private settings and sold-out live events, and everyone agrees that this 21-year-old superstar is the “real deal”. The word most used to describe Matthew is compassionate.

This is apparent both in his professional and charitable work. Matthew provides free assistance to help find missing persons and for police investigations. He also donates his time to and the New Hampshire Cultural Awareness Council.

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