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Today’s Brilliance from Matt Fraser

Spirituality is the most important and fundamental aspect of living that improves all areas of someone's life. Focusing on developing your spirituality allows you to be the best person you can be and opens up your senses to a whole new world. Spirituality allows you to listen to your inner voice and feelings as well as connecting with your angels and loved ones through prayer and meditation to help you feel loved, comforted, and to help guide you through uncertain times. Your inner voice, commonly known as your intuition, is constantly at work giving you feelings and notions that can…

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Be a Divine Conduit for Guides & Angels

Do you long to create a direct connection with your guides, angels, saints and holy ones who are continually with us? Are you ready to become a Divine conduit--to step into a place where ascended masters and teachers can communicate with you clearly and completely? Would you like to learn to communicate with the departed--beloved ancestors, friends and family who seek to support and encourage you? Indeed, these are simple tasks, available to everyone! In this intensive, emotionally rich and joyous course, you will learn how to simply and easily create direct connection with the Divine beings who are waiting to communicate with you.

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Angels Surround Us

When I was a young girl, barely in my twenties, my grandmother (then eighty-nine) turned to me. I still remember the look in her haunted eyes: "I'm so afraid of dying," she said. I didn't know what to say. I fled. For years it lay on my conscious that I had let her down. Today, years later, I've had so many personal experiences with angels and spirits and the invisible guardians that watch over us that I wish I had a second chance. I wish I'd said, "It's all right. There is no death. You are eternal - even your…

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Savoring The Journey And The Destiny

Over the course of my lifetime there have been many dark moments - moments of trauma, drama, tragedy and unclarity. In the depths of the dark night of the soul experiences that sometimes have lasted for several years I have found myself again and again on my knees in some way reaching out for support, guidance and a way home to peace and harmony. I've been advised to stay focused on the journey -it's about the journey and not the destination. I've been encouraged to focus on what's good in the moment - truth is that there are moments where…

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Living In The Now

I've been called the "Woman of Independent Means." Funny, but it seems to capture all the vigor and verve of self-sufficiency, achievement and hard core measurable goals which marked my passage and intentions upon entering the decade of the 90s. I determined to change the world, to make quantum leaps in financial gain, to publish and to produce. After all, 40 was upon me and time a'fleeting. Now, closer to 65 than to 40, I realize that the better triumphs have not come from reaching these goals but in the shadows and nuances of missing them. When things have not gone…

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Experiencing More Than Just This Reality

Physics says that there is no time and space, we live in a multidimensional universe and that we are all connected through energy. It's a heady concept, but if, for a moment, you stop to think about it, physics is describing a larger world than we are able to see and feel. If there is more out there, and we can experience glimpses of it, then why not believe that people's reports of connecting with angels, seeing the future, being able to know about things beyond our immediate space, is not really far fetched. Our minds may actually be able…

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Today’s Brilliance from Tammy Mastroberte

Life is much more than a string of seemingly disconnected, chaotic events devoid of meaning and direction. There is a cosmic intelligence - be it God, Spirit, the universe or simply love - that connects us all, and when we tap into this brilliance available to us, a whole new world can emerge before our eyes. Each one of us is a beaming soul encased in a human body - here to learn, grow, evolve and help one another - and when the body dies, this part of us lives on. I believe we come to this physical world knowing…

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