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When I was a young girl, barely in my twenties, my grandmother (then eighty-nine) turned to me. I still remember the look in her haunted eyes: “I’m so afraid of dying,” she said. I didn’t know what to say. I fled. For years it lay on my conscious that I had let her down.

Today, years later, I’ve had so many personal experiences with angels and spirits and the invisible guardians that watch over us that I wish I had a second chance. I wish I’d said, “It’s all right. There is no death. You are eternal – even your personality survives. All you do is shed the physical shell.” The fact is, when you come to terms with your own death, everything else in life is easy.

You ask what I’d tell someone if I were lying on my deathbed. It would be this. Angels surround us, darling, guarding, guiding, helping. They come in any form in which they can be received: as dreams and intuition – the tap on the shoulder that says “Go there, not there!” They come as accidents and marvels of coincidence, as animals (especially dogs, it seems), and as other people. You will be walking down the street and hear just the words you need and sometimes YOU will act as an angel to someone else, often inadvertently, perhaps without even knowing you just saved a life or offered someone hope. Moreover, occasionally, rarely, they come in their own radiant and magnificent form, and when you see one you will never forget.

There are three marks of an angel, and everyone agrees on these. First, they come with warmth, safety, light. “Home!” cries your soul, slinging itself toward that divinity. Second they always say the same thing. “Don’t be afraid,” they say, “We’re here.” They never say, “Boy, what a mess you’ve made of things now.” And finally, you may not quite believe you saw it (was it your imagination?), but neither can you forget unlike dreams and normal memories, a visitation of an angel doesn’t fade with time. How can you learn to see them? You ask. You simply ask: “Show yourself,” you say. “I want to see you. Let me know that you are there.”

St. Gregory said, “In this visible world, all dispositions are executed through invisible creatures.”

Are our senses guided by angelic thought? The important thing to note is that some information transcends our routine levels – analysis, reasoning, logic, which we are taught to trust. Intuition, second sight, these unusual means of receiving information, are not open to us all the time, and some people have more access to these routes than others whether by practice or by accident, they become conduits through which special information may be passed. It is my belief that it has something to do with love.

We all are psychic. We all have paranormal and metaphysical experiences. We all have angels loving us, who want more and better for us than we can possibly conceive: a cavalry of angels riding to our aid.

We all have God hidden in the human heart, for we are made of “godness.” And when you touch that radiance within yourself, you are afire with unlimited joy, goodness, love. You are shining with inner light, and you have the power to change the world.

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"When one listens to Sophy Burnham it's like a light in one's life. She is absolutely magnetic." -Marie-Monique Steckel, former President France-Telecom.

"What she has to give people comes not just from her luminous words - though her language is wonderful - but even more through the holiness of her presence, because she takes people into an experience that cannot be expressed in words but is carried somehow in her radiance." -John Sack, author

"One of the most enthralling speakers I have ever heard..." -Rod MacLeish, author and TV producer.

A seer and mystic, Sophy Burnham, award-winning playwright and author of 12 books, eight plays, and scores of articles and essays, is best known as the author of A Book of Angels - which touched millions, sparked an angel "phenomenon" of books, films, angel stores and interest around the world in the spiritual dimension. Her works have been translated into 22 languages. Her first non-fiction book, The Art Crowd, was a New York Times best-seller and changed the way people perceived the contemporary art world. Since then two other books have appeared on the New York Times and many other mainstream best-seller lists. She has written five novels and is a prolific public speaker - on subjects ranging from including angels and mysticism tocreativity and writing.

She has appeared widely on radio and television, including Larry King Live, Oprah, Good Morning America, CBS News, and many others.

As Executive Director of the John F. Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays, she worked closely for five years with famed Broadway producer Roger Stevens, giving away money to theaters to produce new plays and to playwrights to write them. Active in the Washington, D. C. theater scene, her play Prometheus was produced in 2002 at the Studio Theatre in Washington, DC.

That same year two new books were published: The Treasure of Montsegur, a novel about the Cathars, and The Path of Prayer -- named one of the 50 best books of the year by Spirituality and Health Magazine.

As a psychic or trance-medium, Sophy Burnham offers personal "Illuminations." She is a Reiki Master, and a Spiritual Director, with certification from the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Direction in Bethesda MD.

Her book For Writers Only (which is not only for writers) is about creativity.

She is a member of the prestigious Cosmos Club of Washington, D. C., where she has served on the Library Committee, Art Committee, House Committee and most recently the Admissions Committee.

"Sophy Burnham teaches with a rare combination of sweetness and impassioned fire that make her one of my favorite speakers of all time. Her lectures are nothing less than life-changing."

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  1. I think you were my angel-inspiring me to go on and follow your lead, for I see me in you, What one person described as sweetness mixed with fiery passion. Thank you. Blessings.

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