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Many folks fish with a big hook of memories that have a reference point not of their choosing. Before they could assemble their fishing tackle of thoughts, a whole bunch of people came into their fishing grounds when they were born and indoctrinated them.

They gave them a large variety of negative bated thoughts and educated them to net in toxic thoughts into the memory banks. If we tried to let the catch of toxic thought free, to swim away from our minds, they constantly maintained that it is wrong to free doom and gloom. They told us that we would go to hell if we disobey rules and regulations that are man-made nonsensical doctrines. They said it is only normal to worry. So it is… but it sure ain’t natural.

Many of the great philosophers of the past were slain because of the truths they spoke. Even today, the “Free Press” restrict the views of many spiritual thinkers for fear their newspaper’s sensationalism may be exposed and folks would stop buying their baloney. They are master-baiters of negative news. They keep reeling out all the dirt they can find, leaving most of the beautiful deeds of humankind unreported.

Oh yes, we are hooked all right, caught by a right hook of the Devil’s playmates who live in ignorance of the truth.

A great writer by the name of Lewis Carroll wrote, “Big fish have little fish on their backs to bite them. Little fish have smaller fish and so on ad infinitum.”

Negative thoughts feed on negative thoughts. Positive thoughts of love and joy feed on positive thoughts of love and joy. Therefore, here is your choice. Do you want to fish in a cesspool of worry, anxiety, fear and greed?

Alternatively, do you desire to live in an ocean of celestial magic that transforms the sharks of evil into dolphins of love, that transforms the barracudas of misery into the whales of joy, that transforms the tentacles of jealousy and hatred into the angelfish of peace and harmony? Which do you want to be hooked onto?

Here are ten fresh caught thoughts for your intellect to catch.

  1. Don’t let Love and Joy be the big fish that got away from your life.
  2. Net your true self-worth in this world.
  3. Help others find a shoal full of cheerfulness in their lives.
  4. Become a starfish and light up the world with your creative talents.
  5. Eighty percent of your body is water; therefore you can swim in the wholeness of universal truths and fish for goodness.
  6. Tackle life’s adversities with new found vigor and flair.
  7. Flow in a sea of tranquility that is your eternal cosmic home.
  8. Fill your mind with waves of joy, as you now become all you dreamed.
  9. Recognize you are cast in God’s Spiritual Image.
  10. Reel in mother nature’s inherent love and listen to the father of your evolving creation.
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Michael Levy is known as a professional optimist. He is an international talk show host, philosopher, poet and the author of ten inspirational books. His latest book is Cutting Truths. Michael's poetry, essays and investigative journalism enhance many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health and wellness maintenance, stress eradication, wealth creation and development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry.

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  1. Michael – well stated. Particularly enjoyed the analogies to fishing and water. Great word pictures. Thanks.

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