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If you could have all of your dreams come true, what would your ideal life look like? I’m talking about much more than just the job you want, it could be family life, relationships, or any of the things that would be a part of your happiest, most secure existence.

It may seem like an easy question but for the majority of people I work with letting themselves dream seems to be the hardest part of growing personally or professionally. When I ask a simple question like, “What would you like to do?” it is usually met with either “I don’t know” or “It doesn’t matter, I couldn’t anyway”.

However, when I rephrase the question, “If you could wave a magic wand, what would your ideal life look like?” the answers flow easily. Not only do the answers flow easily, they flow specifically with vivid details that paint the kind of picture that takes your vision from grainy watercolor to a high-definition reality.

Thinking about dreaming that way may make it seem easier, so what holds people back from doing it freely? First, a lot of people get lost and overwhelmed in doing what they think they “should” be doing rather than taking the steps to do what they “could” be doing.

Even more often, they work in the jobs or do things because of what other people think they should be doing. Women especially get caught up in what I call the “getting” years: they work on getting the husband, getting the career, the kids, the perfect house, and they lose sight of what they want.

I bet you know what you really want deep down, but confusion and doubt creep in when you attach yourself to what your life should be or what others might expect of you. By allowing yourself to truly dream, you go beyond seeing only limitations and move into a world of seeing only possibilities.

So where do you start? Whether you are working in your dream job or not, or in a good or bad relationship, if you want to make a change, start by giving yourself the opportunity to dream without all the limitations. Be specific. Think about what you’d be doing a year from now. What are you wearing? Where are you? Who is with you? What are you doing? Maybe you are starting a new job, or a whole new life. Just write it down. Don’t hold back.

I bet you know what you really want deep down, but confusion and doubt creep in when you attach yourself to what your life should be or what others might expect of you. By allowing yourself to truly dream you go beyond seeing only limitations and move in to a world of seeing only possibilities.

When I started on my journey towards writing a book, I was initially too afraid to wave my magic wand. I was crumbling under the weight of my “shoulds” and the guilt that came with them. Daring to dream was a courageous move towards uncovering my true beauty. I am forever grateful that I did it!

Now it’s your turn…!

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Michelle Phillips started her career as a celebrity make-up artist, creating a reputation for her ability to tap into the unique beauty of each client. Over the years she has worked with major networks, such as; NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and Fox.

She eventually moved in front of the camera hosting beauty and style segments and soon after became the host of the CBS affiliate’s new morning talk show. Since then Michelle has gone on to become a national television personality combining her wealth of external beauty experience with her training as a Life Coach to provide a strategy for ‘beautiful’ living inside and out, covering areas like; enhancing self-image, overcoming obstacles, goal setting, empowerment, and life balance.

Through her personal journey of triumph over adversity and experiences working with company and world leaders, national news anchors, and top entertainers, Michelle has learned the secrets to authentic success. She has put these timeless qualities into a unique process which led to her book becoming a bestseller weeks before it hit the shelves.

Now her book, The Beauty Blueprint: 8 Steps to Building the Life and Look of Your Dreams (Hay House, 2011) has topped lists in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and Australia, in paperback and Kindle, for over 30 weeks in both the categories of beauty and self-esteem.

Most recently she appeared on The Daily Buzz on the CW Network, Life Love Shopping on WEtv, on the Power of Women Tour with Sigourney Weaver, Suzanne Somers and Barbara Corcoran, and at “I Can Do It!” events with inspirational icons Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. She can also be heard internationally on her radio show on Hay House Radio network and was the Head of Makeup and Image for the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fl.

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