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You are a magnificent being. Has anyone told you that lately? Well I’m telling you, you are. How do I know? Let’s just say I’ve had experience in that area. You may not feel like you are a magnificent being, but it’s true.

Your personality is the outside of you and the magnificent being is the inside of you. All of the components to your personality, the enjoyable ones as well as the not-so enjoyable ones, are those you chose to experience this lifetime. They are what make you unique. A fool discounts them; a wise person works with them, using them to an advantage.

One of the best things you can do is get in touch with that magnificent being inside. Many call it your true self. Connecting with your true self is an uplifting experience that will raise your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth.

You are worthy of all of your dreams. If you aren’t experiencing the life you want, it’s not because you don’t deserve it. It’s only because you need to change something on the inside. The outside is a mere reflection of the inside. Inside is where your beliefs reside. They determine the outcome of everything in your life.

You have many beliefs and they are all based on a foundational belief of how you relate to the Universe. Do you believe the Universe is on your side? Do you believe that it is working for your good? This is the core belief that influences all other beliefs.

Many people say they believe the Universe is on their side until something goes wrong. Then they doubt it. And that’s the crucial point—you either believe it or you don’t. As long as you vacillate between belief and doubt, your experience will not necessarily be the way you want it. If you have taken the time to connect with your true self and discover its nature, you will be more inclined to believe that the Universe is on your side.

You must decide on your core belief once and for all. And then live your life accordingly, accepting the consequences. The consequences of doubting that the Universe is on your side, is a life of struggle. The consequences of believing that the Universe is on your side, is a life of abundance, fun, and ease.

Having faith that the Universe is on your side will give you the confidence to move forward. But you must also take action. If you are connected to your true self and have the faith and confidence that the Universe is more than willing to bring your good to you, then you will be inspired as to what actions to take.

As you build your trust in yourself, you will gain more clarity as to what actions will be most beneficial for you. These qualities of faith, self-confidence, self-worth, and trust are at your disposal. You only have to make the choice to use them to become the person you want to be, living the life you want to live.

It’s your choice. It really is. Make your decision. You are a magnificent being. You can have whatever you want. What will you choose?

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Jeannette Koczela began her career as an Impressionist oil painter and has exhibited all over the country. A growing interest in computers led her to become a graphic and web designer. These businesses combined her talents and interests for many years.

Then she discovered her passion for life coaching and found that after a decade of casually coaching colleagues, she decided to train to be a certified spiritual life coach.

Her coaching business, Empowered Spirit Coaching, teaches people to partner with Spirit and raise their vibration to a place of empowerment so they can attract more ideal clients and grow their business. She has created several coaching programs, a home study course, and is a published author. Being highly sought after for her insights and coaching abilities, Jeannette is also the founder of the "International Association of Professional Life Coaches."

The metaphysical and esoteric has always interested Jeannette and she has practiced Transcendental Meditation for 35 years. Jeannette lives in Fairfield, Iowa with her husband, Bob, and cat, Pierre. She is a member of the Invincible America Assembly, a group of 2000 people who meditate together daily for world peace.

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