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I have a beautiful friend named Marsha, who has been married to Harry for over 40 years. Marsha says, “When I wake up in the morning and realize I am breathing, and then I hear that Harry is breathing too, then I just know it’s going to be a good day.” Since Marsha shared her morning ritual, I have taken on a similar attitude.

While still in bed, before I move a muscle, I cast a joyful anticipation of all the possibilities the day holds for me and I give thanks for the opportunity to live it. As I move myself from the covers, I say “thank you” to my body for serving me through this day. I continue to do this all day long, thanking my body, mind and soul for the ability to eat, speak, listen, laugh, cry, think, love and play.

It may sound a little simple, but it has come down to that for me. For years, earlier in my life, my happiness was attached to accomplishing something significant in the world. I had many dreams and wanted to follow them all. The best way I found to do this was through my careers. Consequently, I bounced around a lot, searching and yearning for something outside myself.

There were many lessons along the way, but a significant one came one morning when I was driving myself to a job I really disliked. Suddenly I noticed my hands wrapped around the steering wheel of my car and I realized I was the one driving me to this job. No one was forcing me. It was all me – the accumulation of all the decisions I had made up to that moment. In the blink of an eye, I decided that I would change this particular job as soon as I could, but until then, I would make it the best day of my life because I was never going to get the chance to live it again.

That day turned out to be a blast, and all because I decided to make it that way. It was the day I woke up to the power of my inner world and the power I had to change it with a new thought, belief or intention. Yep. It was that simple – a decision.

My past taught me that it is OK to search and not find. Just keep searching until you find your passion or fulfill your dream. If you really want it, you will find it. And, on the way, make each and every day the best day ever. This is the key to my inspiration. Knowing I can inspire a beautiful day within myself first is the most powerful tool I have to inspire a beautiful life – day by day.

So come join me and inspire your own beautiful day by honoring the opportunity before you with a ‘knowing’ that it’s going to be a good day just because you are here and breathing.

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Susan Teton Campbell, an evangelist for great food, began her career in the early 1990's when she went to work with John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America and Healthy at 100. While working with notable health professionals and environmental authors, she co-authored the Healthy School Lunch Action Guide with endorsements from the USDA, California State Child and Nutrition Department, and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. With an award-winning curriculum Susan toured the country, inspiring students to choose healthier foods and schools to serve them.

After years of studying with notable health professionals, and creating menu plans for large resorts and celebrities, Susan began a multi media company, Teton Productions, to produce multi media products for nutritional culinary education. Her first project was Essential Cuisine, a culinary practice combining the best of the essential dietary components of the Centenarian Cultures - a healthy combination of raw, cooked and cultured foods. Essential Cuisine, A Journey From Seed to Soul is produced in a 6 DVD set and e-book.

Convinced that food is a significant factor in the rising epidemic of youth related health issues, her company also produced Teens Teaching Teens, a DVD cooking show starring 16 year old Landon Bell.

"Food grown from the Earth is here naturally to give us the focus, energy, beauty, emotional balance and the connection we need for vibrant health. Let's use the gift our Source created for us and honor our experience by stewarding out body with Earth's bounty".

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  1. Thank You Ms. Campbell..These are wonderful words to live by. I loved reading your post and thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I like to wake and thank God for another day, my body works through his gift to me.
    Allen L. Corte’

  3. Your an awesome woman. The work you do to inspire me, and thousands of people. I thought I had a great life. You inspire me to chase my dreams. I had a bad morning, throwing the blame thrower at my coworkers. My afternoon is going to be awesome, because of your inspiration. I will get on your site, and get some of your cook books.
    You rock. Your the first time I had honored you. Lots of love

  4. Beautiful article. When I awake each day the first thing I do is to thank God for a new day. Then I ask him to give me strength, energy and keep me and my family safe from harm. I am always grateful for everything that I have. I like to keep a positive mind and never give up on making my dream come true. I learned this from experiences that have happened in my life. I also learned how to be this way from a book I treasure called ” The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. Talk about inspiration! Thank you for sharing your post. I will definitely pass it on to all my friends. If only more people had gratitude for life perhaps the world would be a better place. 🙂

  5. aloha, it is ironic that these messages are coming in now because a dream I have been working on for 7 years finally came true – or it was manifested to a level I am thrilled about. Who would have ever known that it would take this long! So, keep it up and be happy as possible along the way! Blessings!

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